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The Bindings of Destiny - A Chronicle Of The Second Age

Five Solars have come to Gem. Each has enemies arrayed against them, enemies who threaten their lives and livelihoods. However, darker portents are in store.

Are their fates their own?

Player Characters

(Don't have character names with me, so descriptions only ftm.)

Brand - A former archon to a Dragon-Blooded Magistrate, he was forced to kill the Magistrate, his lover, when he Exalted and she sought his death. Now he flees to Gem, as far from the Realm as he can think of going, while he tries to decide what to do with his life.
Dejin Aja - A simple woman from An-Teng, her life has been plagued by misery; demons stalk her for reasons she does not fully understand, and those around her suffer and die. She has come to Gem fleeing these forces, and hoping to find a way to lift the curse placed on her.
Tora Ellalore - A former bard of a Dynastic household, she managed to kill a Dragon-Blood when he tried to despoil her. On the run from the household, which keeps the death a secret out of embarrasment, she Exalted defending herself and made her way here, to pick up the remnants of her career.
Baramoth - A soldier of fortune, he was captured by Paragon not long after his Exaltation and managed to escape. With the forces of Paragon still furious at him, he comes to Gem, somewhere the Perfect's arm cannot yet reach, he plans to raise an army of his own, possibly for the Despot, or possibly for himself.
Irin 'Vox' Stephen - The son of a Gem noble household, he saw his house ruined by rivals, with the Despot stepping in only when defeat was assured to let his parents take exile instead of death. Exalting after days of feverish planning, he now runs through the underground, marshalling forces to avenge himself on the people who wronged him.

Supporting Cast

(None Yet, but there will be.)


Story One: Gathering Forces