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The Kukla is an elemental dragon of earth, tasked to destroy the world at the appointed time. If you want to develop his stats, see Creatures/TheKukla.

He's also one of the users of the Exalted WIKI. This page is not done and will be improved later.

Do you want your work put on the White Wolf Wiki, but do you not want to do it yourself? Give me permission and I'll do it for you.







House Rules




Inquiries and Comments

Hey Kukla, sup. I was wondering if you ever linked my calendar on the WW-Wiki? If so, hit me up with the link. I'm too scared to explore it myself. --UncleChu

I keep meaning to put my stuff over at WWW, but I never get around to it for the most part (I think I have one or two things up, but that's it). If you want to do some of the work for me, I'd be most appreciative. - FrivYeti

Kuuuukla! Or anyone else that stumbles upon this message. I need your help! My harddrive crashed a WEEK BEFORE MY WEBSPACE EXPIRED! I have lost my calendar! Do you have a copy you could e-mail to me? Respond at my Wiki site or shoot me an e-mail at (erased cuz I dont's need it no mo'!) --UncleChu

As it happens, I have one. Let me see if I have a blank one, otherwise, you may have to salvage bits of it. I should do though.
-- Darloth is on the case!
At ease, soldier. DarkWolff had an intact copy and shot it my way. Enjoy your time being devil's advocate over at LiberiLunaris. And Kukla, wherever you may be, I hope you will forgive us for tainting your page with this exchange and not rise to destroy creation with Earth magics. --UncleChu