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Player in JesseLowe/PirateMonkey game.

Stuff I did:
TonyC/SolarsVsLion - Five Solars. One Deathlord. The Deathlord is extremely powered down, but it's a good example of the minimum you should expect when the PCs finally face down the Big Bad.
TonyC/SolarsVsLionContext - but you probably should read this first so you know the meta-background.
MartialArts/VioletBierOfSorrows2eTemp - Not happy with the STC's version of the style and can't wait for the Sidereal 2e book? Here's an alternative.
MartialArts/WolfAndRavenStyles - If you scroll down to the end, you'll find a 2e conversion of Mapache's 1e MA style.