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Character Sheet

Name: Ragara Kerzoro
Concept: Former Vermillon Legion Soldier
Player: Tiffa
Nature: Joker
Aspect: Fire
House: Ragara (Outcaste)

Strength: 4
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 3

Charisma: 4
Manipulation: 2
Appearance: 3

Perception: 2
Intelligence: 2
Wits: 3

Linguistics: 1
Lore: 1

Awareness: 2
(*)Endurance: 3
(*)Resistance: 2

(*)Athletics: 3
(*)Dodge: 2
(*)Melee: 5
(*)Presence: 3
(*)Socialize: 2

Brawl: 2

Archery: 1
(*)Performance: 3
Ride: 1
Survival: 1

Melee - Multiple Opponents: 2
Presence - Intimidate in Battle: 2

Artifact: 3
Resources: 2
Breeding: 1
Contacts: 2


Ox Body technique (-1, -2)
Strength of Stone: 2 motes/person
Effortlessly Rising Flame: 1 mote
Dragon-Graced Weapon: 1 mote
Ghost-Fire Blade: 2 motes
Stoking Bonfire Style: 1 mote/2 die
Glowing Coal Radiance: 2 motes


VIRTUES: Compassion 3, Temperance 1, Conviction 3, Valor 3

Essence: 2

Personal: 9
Periferal: 20

Health: 0, -1(x3), -2(x3), -4, Incapacitates.

Bashing: 5
Lethal: 5

Linguistics: Kerzoro speaks High Realm and Low Realm.

Merits and Flaws

Flaws: One Eye (2)
Kerzoro lost one eye to an enemy soldier when he plunged a dagger almost neatly into his face. He then ripped the soldier apart.

Merits: Signature Style (2) ("I'm -so- damn cool")
Kerzoro likes to pose, especially when finding himself surrounded by opponents. His favorite one is: Sword over his shoulder, held with one hand, other hand resting against chin, little smirk on his face. Then he goes ballistic on his opponents.

Expanded Backgrounds

Kerzoro is a former Vermillion Legion Soldier, and as such he knows and remembers some soldiers from his squad and keeps some contact with them. His mayor contact is the Lieutenant Mako Sestis, whom he served under.

Ragara Vina: Kerzoro's younger sister. She's an actual Dynast (Air aspect DB), but keeps some contact with her older brother. To her family, she claims that she wants to bring him back to the fold, but she actually feels somewhat guilty about him leaving, and he has stated that he won't come back until his father apologizes to him personally.
The two are actually good friends, but they keep a show of dealing horribly with each other (he insults her, she insults him back, repeat), which has made the family think that the young dynast has a godly patience to keep trying to bring back that... man... to the family.

Kerzoro owns but a single artifact: A red jade Grand Daiklave called The Bane.
He found it while he was with the Legion; in one of the towns they were stationed. It was on sale in a store, at a ridiculously cheap price. When he asked why it hadn't been sold yet, he was told that the Bane was cursed... it apparently turned against its owner and caused their deaths. To date, it had killed about half a dozen people that had tried to claim it.
Kerzoro took the sword and threw it above his head, spinning. It fell, missing him by scant inches, and embed itself on the floor. He bought it there and then.
He claims that the sword was only looking for an owner worthy enough to carry it, but that it certainly is bloodthirsty. When it's out, he can't help but slay his opponents. He also claims that he has yet to tame Bane, but that at least he can keep it from slaying the innocent.

Flaws: The Bane, like all things in Creation, has a spirit that dwells inside it. This spirit is awakened, and it is horribly, horribly bloodthirsty. It respects the strength of a true warrior or a true soldier, and anybody else that wields it will quickly find himself dead by his own sword.
It loves nothing more than killing its opponents. Should Kerzoro desire to stop the blade from killing somebody, he needs to roll Charisma+Presence (Diff 2). In addition, whenever he botches, he takes 1 level of unsoakable lethal damage as he loses control of the sword for that moment and it lashes out against him.
It will act the same way if used in a way other than to fight (use it as leverage, for example). There's a reason it’s always on its sheath outside battle.

Merits: However, the Bane is still an incredible useful weapon. In its blood thirst, it deals a lot of damage to its targets. 10s count as double on damage rolls.

Power Combat: The Bane: Grand Daiklave: Speed +13, Accuracy +2, Damage +12 Lethal, Defense -1, Rate 3

Kerzoro is not exactly wealthy, but he owns a Breastplate.

Breastplate: Soak (LTiffa/RagaraKerzoro/B): 4/2, Mobility Penalty -1, Fatigue 1


Kerzoro was born into the Ragara family, and it was soon evident that he was going to be a problem child. He wasn't all that interested in education and gave his tutors quite a bit of a headache. He was sent off to primary school, where he... wasn't really any better, but he proved there to be quite apt with the sword, and in fact practiced it to the exclusion of almost everything else. He was fairly popular among other students, having a natural charisma to him as well as a good natured personality. Much to the despair of his teachers, he also was a bit of a practical joker. He Exalted a couple of years in the school, but that really did nothing to change him.
Even with all that, he managed to graduate from primary school (he knew when to stop and what was too much, if anything). He returned home, to find that his younger sister, born while he was in school, was being taught in a much more restrictive fashion than he ever was... an after effect of him being a rebel. He didn't like it. At all. He argued with his parents about this. Him being a hothead, and his parents being stubborn, the argument soon escalated into a loud fight of insults being sent back and forth. Finally, his father's patience ended, and he loudly proclaimed that Kerzoro was his son no longer, that he was banished from the house, and that he would no longer be welcome there.
Kerzoro left that same day. The only aid he got was from his mother, who actually felt the punishment might have been going too far, but didn't say anything about it. Also, Kerzoro did get his wish... his younger sister's education no longer would be quite so heavy.
Kerzoro left to find his fortune elsewhere, and he finally found his vocation in the army. No legion, however, would take an Outcaste so easily... none but the Vermillion Legion, that is. He didn't mind. In fact, he found that he liked it, among the rabble of the place. They weren't quite so uptight about his behavior or his jokes, and he liked the fact that he had to prove himself among others, whereas being a Dragon Blooded elsewhere would have meant an instant promotion or something. Prove himself he did, a fierce warrior as any.
He rose in position during the years, but overall he didn't change much. Finally, he asked permission to leave... he wanted to see the world outside the view of an army for a while. He did promise that he will be back in a few years, to serve the legion again.


Kerzoro is a bit of a wiseass, a joker, and an overall fun guy to hang around with. He dislikes people with no sense of humor, and also the cowardly (there's a difference between not being able to fight and not fighting out of fear). He's somewhat overdramatic, always speaking loudly and posing a bit (he's actually a rather good actor, one other thing he enjoyed back at school). He also tends to give long-winded speeches about something, to the point that he can get annoying about it. Then he gets told to shut up and sulks.
He sometimes tends to go out of his way to cheer somebody up and make him laugh. He's especially fond of children and likes to play with them, especially mock battles (which he always loses).
However, his good mood and overall funny disposition changes completely while in a battle. He is a soldier, first and foremost, and has seen much death and caused plenty of it. Kerzoro likes a good battle (in fact, lives for it), but he makes no illusion about them being fun. This does not mean, however, that he won't taunt his opponents or stop his overdramatic stunts while in a battle.
Kerzoro styles himself a hero for the innocent, a force to stand between those that would harm them. He is especially fierce when fighting somebody that would seek to harm those that cannot protect themselves, and he goes in a rage if he ever sees somebody attacking children.


Kerzoro is a -huge- Dragon-Blooded, with broad shoulders and strong muscles. He's also sort of ruggedly handsome, a fact that he exploits quite a bit with the ladies (hand on chin, winning smile, other hand inside his robe, hanging loosely). The only thing that mars his face is a scar over one eye, which is permanently closed, and even this, he claims, can win him points over the ladies (although when asked, he will answer that, yes, in fact, that -did- hurt like hell, and that he doesn't wish it on anybody).
Over his armor, he usually wears a red cloak, tied firmly on his waist with a black belt. His sword is in a sheath on his back, and he only very very rarely takes it off.
His hair is short and a fire red in color. His sole remaining eye is brown, but it blazes red whenever his anima is displaying.


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