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An Archive for things I don't want to clutter my main page, but don't want to just throw away yet...

30-January-2005 Removed the following from my main page's comments section:

"Bad Profs. (Make up your mind: Is it a philosophy class, or a literature class, or is it in fact both, and can you TEACH both...)" Oh, its so true. I hate profs like that. -MeiRen

でしょう? I LIKE the guy on a personal level. Very personable. He just sucks at that whole teaching thing... ^^; -Suzume

Do we really need wiki pages for anime and Kanef? Make your references to them direct external links. Also, I'd recommend linking to a page that defines and explains anime rather than ANN, since anyone who is at a level of knowledge on the subject to care about what ANN has to say won't need to click to find out what it is. ISTR Poitras used to have such a page Back In The Day. In any case, those pages don't need to be showing up on the Recent Changes list and should be marked minor edits if you feel a burning need to make them. That's my two cents, anyway. -Ben-San

Sorry! I admit I'm trying to get the quirks of this particular style worked out in my head. I was trying to set up redirect pages, or so I thought. I guess that this doesn't work the way I wanted, so if someone who knows how feels like deleting them, please do. Or you could tell me how, and I'll do it. And the link to ANN is temporary until I have time to dig through their site for a more appropriate link, or until I can think of one on another site that I feel is better. Besides that, though, ANN isn't that bad a site, even for an utter newb to the pretty flickering pictures. ^^; -Suzume
Changed the links a little, now one "Anime" goes to ANN home, and the other goes to their lexicon entry. >.> -Suzume
BTW, I'm a little interested that you didn't object the NoYDB page... -Suzume
Correction: I didn't have any suggestions to make it more useful. I don't think non-Exalted terms should have definition pages for the sake of definition pages, and I especially don't think they belong on Recent Changes without Exalted content. (Hence why I added Exalted content for the particularly egregious "Jump The Shark" page a while back.) Still, even though I think they're bad layout I don't have any particular objection to them as long as they do not take up a name and location which should be occupied by a legitimate Exalted entry (such as, say, "PAoC" for a cutesy slang definition when it should be a clarifier indicating Prismatic Arrangement of Creation) and do not clutter up RecentChanges, the front page, or other central locations. Click "This change is a minor edit" when you create them and I'll never see them on RecentChanges and won't know to kvetch about them. Anyhow, that's just my two cents as a random wikizen. -Ben-San
Yay! Now I have four cents! ^_^ -Suzume

Hi Suzume. You may want to use the Summary box when editing pages, it lets us know what you're doing and respond to comments and such more easily. Unexplained changes generally don't get attention. - Telgar

'Kay. I'm not sure it'll be such a good thing, though, as I've been told that I'm not too good at summarizing. ^^; -Suzume

What's a "Su" anyway? Resplendence

My sweetie! ^_^ -Suzume (Feel free to speculate as to anything at all about me on my bio page. ^_^)
Ah, you mean Su like in スエーティ? Resplendence
Hah! ^_^ <Wishes she had a unicode map, so as to play with kana in the wiki...>
That too! ^_^ Su is for Susan. -Suzume
Wait a minute! Did you really mean to write "sweaty"?! 0.0 -Suzume
No. :P It's an apparently botched transliteration of "sweetie". Windows XP has an excellent input program for japanese built in or downloadable, BTW. Just change the input language for a text field and 日本語を書いて!
ああ、そうですね。じゃ、日本語での。^_^ -Suzume
At risk of sounding over-curious... and if you don't mind me asking... daughter, lover, or mother? (Or something else? And do we really want to know if it's some combination?)
-- Darloth
(Someone who is both one's mother and one's daughter?! Horror! >.< )
Su is my lover baby, for a few years now. ^_^ And I don't mind people asking, but it'd be more fun to see what people were making up. (Since I even made a page where they could do so. <pout> ) -Suzume
Asking us (or at least me) to make things up about a lesbian/bi, Exalted-playing japanese woman sounds like a sure recipe for disaster. Run away and don't look back! Resplendence
<Is hurt>. Okay, I'll put up some clarifications, so as to lessen the fear. ^^; -Suzume

30-January-2005 All of the old commentary has been moved to SuzumeCommentaryArchive, for those that really want to read it. Also, I so glad that the Wiki is back up! I finally found the RPGnet post about this, and lo, all of the old content that seems to have been missing from the backup that Dave posted is returned to me. Thanks to those wonderful people who've restored this treasure! -Suzume

Aha! I remember noticing that you weren't making any edits and wondering if I should like, email you or something, because it's so obvious and wonderful how much you love this site and I thought maybe I should let you know ... but then I figured it would be pompous and presumptuous of me. Welcome back!
~ Shataina
I didn't notice for a while, and even now that I have, I've had to be very parsimonious with my time, between school, trying to actually run my game, helping a friend with his, working on a manga translation project, and, oh yeah, trying NOT to completely alienate my sweetie. ^^; I've been a busy girl... -Suzume

Welcome back. I suppose you being away means there's a chance I didn't offend you with my latest innuendo silliness over at Names? Resplendence

You? Silly? And making veiled statements? Why what ever do you mean? ^^ No. Like I said in reply to Shataina, I've just been really busy... -Suzume

Umm, unless you're absolutely sure the offending party has a total grasp of wiki ettiquette, it's probably not too nice to call them egotistical. We don't want to scare people away. --dissolvegirl

Acknowledged. I do need to follow through with the last step I had in mind with that sequence, which was a "I really don't hate you, I'm just trying to get a message to a whole bunch of people, and you happened to provide the perfect example." followed by a "Your ideas themselves look interesting, though I'll have to look at them more closely to see if they'll work for my game." sort of post to Paladinltd's UserPage. I can only blame being more tired than I should have been after the last of those corrections. ^^;
Besides, it IS egotistical, just from a purely organizational viewpoint, ignoring the specifics of any particular medium. But that isn't a real defense for saying something that has obviously hit more targets than intended. So, my appologies if any of this came across as my being offensive to anyone. It wasn't intended as offense, but as instruction. I did let some personal frustration color that. Again, I appologize. -Suzume

Thanks for the suggestions, again sorry for the clutter. When I have a few hours free, I'll take your suggestion to shift everything into a subheading. Thanks for taking the time to make the comments to a newbie. See you around. - Shallows

This is a really amusing thread that eventually died (sad) about porn in general, and lesbian porn in particular...

I just realized something today. the fact that both lesbians and Exalted are on wiki makes this the coolest website EVER! - Paladinltd who's fixation on pornography has consumed nearly the entirety of his social life

Isn'it just? ^__^ -Suzume
Hey, I've always wondered about this... Doesn't the general obsession with lesbians among males and the specific focus in porn disturb you? Resplendence
I don't know about anyone else, but it certainly disturbs me. And I'm a heterosexual male. -Everyl
Umm... How about, "Stop ruining my porn with your male bits!"? This is a really complicated issue, so I'll answer it on my bio page, when I have time to think seriously about it, and give a decent response. -Suzume
Interesting. I'm hoping you have some irrational peeves that will match my own on this issue. ^^; Resplendence
Oh, I should have been more clear - lesbian porn doesn't disturb me. I'm not that interested in porn, period. It's the common male obsession with lesbians, and lesbian porn in particular, that disturbs me. I'll wait until you have the stuff on the bio page up before I say anything more on the topic (not that I have much to say), though. -Everyl
Just gonna agree here. Some things are weird. Admitably, some things I don't want to understand, but hey. --FlowsLikeBits
2¢, because I'm obsessed with gender studies and can never resist topics like this. I think the thing that bugs me about lesbian porn isn't the lesbian porn per se, but the perceptions of it. I'm not a big porn watcher, so I can't vouch for any of this, but I've read and heard from many interested parties that lesbian porn made for men is significantly different from lesbian porn made for actual lesbians -- and that the porn establishment (especially men) was quite surprised when lesbians started making their own porn, in that it was so different from what they thought lesbian porn "should" be like. I suppose there's nothing wrong with that, but I find it vaguely upsetting (and I say only "vaguely" because there are dozens of things in the same vein that I find much much more upsetting) ... <takes breath and resumes point> I find it vaguely upsetting, not even that there's such a significant difference between how actual lesbians prefer their sexuality and how men prefer lesbian sexuality, but that the same men didn't have a clue that there was any difference up until then. I suspect that it bothers me only because I'm generally bothered by the ways in which male sexuality has defined female sexuality in our culture, though, and because I find that men are way more clueless about female sexuality than women are about male sexuality and it pisses me off.
~ Shataina
I imagined you'd feel something like that. It's very understandable, but then again, it is a fantasy for men and was never meant as actual lesbian sex. I'd guess that yaoi is similar in nature, and I know that girls who are turned on by two men having sex have some funny ideas. :P But most fantasies are more or less removed from reality. It becomes a problem when the male heterocentric ideas are so strong as to dominate everything, I guess. Resplendence
Right, exactly. It wouldn't bother me so much if the men in question didn't actually think that lesbians acted the way they wet-dreamed. I mean, sure, I fantasize about sex too, but I don't expect the world to conform to my fantasies (except in certain specialized situations). And I feel as though (some) men do; worse, I've found that women whose sexuality does not conform to (stereotypical) male definitions / expectations often think that they're defective in some way, because male fantasies and male definitions of sexuality, liberation, whatever are such an overwhelming social force. However, I'd better stop talking about this before I (a) fill up Suzume's page with ranting or (b) we start having a real conversation about this, because I might freak out.
~ Shataina
Heh. It's tempting to create a Discussions/LesbianPorn, page just to make you uncomfortable, but I'm nice and put "nowiki" tags around it.  :-p
Also, it would be more than a little bit off-topic for this wiki. -Everyl
I don't know if it makes you feel better, but the stereotypes and false expectations cut both ways. It's not as oppressive for men, but still. I see it even in quite enlightened friends. BTW, I think it's OK to rant as long as Suzume think it's OK. It's her page after all. Resplendence
Trust me, I'm aware of that -- I decided to spare you my pages-long disclaimer about how I don't intend to offend any men and / or lesbians with this, how gender stereotypes suck for men too, etc. It does make me feel better every time I find a man who takes gender discussions seriously, though, so thanks. :) And Everyl, it sounds like a discussion on lesbian porn would make you more uncomfortable than me. ;) I have no real issues with porn, to be honest -- I'm more worried about breaking some furniture during a discussion of gender. I've got some real repressed rage. (Incidentally, it's not necessarily off topic ... after all, you must have noticed the plethora of brothels in TheNexusProject ...)
~ Shataina

Whats this? I leave for two days and I find everyone discussing my obsession! You all want a sit down and talk about WWII fighter planes as well? Its not my fault I'm addicted! Honest! Now if you will all excuse me I have to go and cry! - Paladinltd

Maybe it's for the best there weren't any lesbian fighter plane pilots in WW2... Resplendence

Sorry about all this Suzume! I totally didn't see this entire thing blowing up in my face. Paladinltd- who intends to keep his pornograhy addiction to himself next time!