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Prismatic Arrangement of Creation, a Sidereal level supernatural Martial Art.

Quick facts:

PAoC has 16 Charms, five of which are Forms.

The first four Forms are

Four Magical Materials Form
Demesne and Manse Form
Soul Fire Shaper Form
Games of Divinity Form

The fifth Form, Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form, allows you to combine multiple forms so you can have more than one Form Charm up at the same time.

You can usually at most combine any two random Forms with Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form, but if all Forms are of the four Forms provided by PAoC itself, you can have all four Forms going at the same time.

If you couldn't understand the last paragraph, you aren't yet ready for Exalted: The Sidereals.

Temporary 2e update and revision of the style: MartialArts/PAoC2