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Yo. For the time being, this is the gaming homepage of "Meigan Ren", a wannabe writer interested in politics, RPGs, and, uh, other stuff. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom if you want to get in touch with me, its probably more reliable than my public email. (

Update 9/15/05: MeiRen/MmeDerring, a Sidereal GMC I'll be using for some of my series.

I am now running an Abyssals game on IRC, Saturday nights half past midnight eastern time. We have room for two more if you're interested.


If anyone wants to game (or just hang out) in Orange County, CA; drop me a line.

Current Projects I'm working on. These are things that have been kicking around in my head for a while that I wanted to start working on in earnest.

HumbleLunars This is my version of Lunars, complete with new backstory, new Charms, et cetera. Its coming along well althoug its got a long way to go.

ThePowersOftheEarth a shiny take on a *modern* Exalted setting.

MeiRen/CLHStyle My take on Cerulean Lute of Harmony Style. In progress.

MartialArts/FallingRosePetalStyle A style I wrote a while back, trying to update it to make it not suck mechanically.

Things I wrote in the past. Some of them are sort of, uh, not so sexy.

MeteorExalted I had an idea. I got bored of it after 20 minutes. I'll probably get unbored with it sooner or later.






PrometheusChains I'm not sure I like how these turned out.

MeiRen/SolarBrawl (just some random brainstorming right now, no Charms yet.)

See also DigAndMeisFailedUsurpationThoughts, a conversation DigitalSentience and I had that seemed worth archiving.

Random Thought

In Time of "The Breaking of Nations"

ONLY a man harrowing clods
In a slow silent walk,
With an old horse that stumbles and nods
Half asleep as they stalk.
Only thin smoke without flame
From the heaps of couch grass:
Yet this will go onward the same
Though Dynasties pass.
Yonder a maid and her wight
Come whispering by;
War's annals will fade into night
Ere their story die.

-Thomas Hardy

That's Exalted. That's the deal the Exalts make with the cosmos: they lose, because they're cool. That's not the deal you see when you play, but that's the deal you see when you write setting. And if you ignore it, your setting sucks. -MeiRen

Visitor Comments

As for Mike Tyson quotes, I liked the "I really dig Hannibal. Hannibal had real guts. He rode elephants into Cartilage." and "I guess I'm gonna fade into Bolivian." ones from that link. So are the Abyssals trying to send the world to central South America? ^_^ -Suzume, enjoying images of cartiliginous elephants...

So. I wanted to IM you for that "Hall of the Mountain King" techno remix you offered, but I need to know your screen name. I'm MetalFatigue0 on AIM and Yahoo!.... --MF