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The Feared Bio, Blog, and Blab Page! (Bwa ha ha!!)

Contact Info

If you reeeeealy have to... ( m o m o n o i m o t o @ n e t w o r l d . c o m )(no spaces)

Biographical Information

Feel free to add in any details, if you wish. Anything I don't like, I'll shamelessly delete...

Name: Suzume (aka Sakura Koujima)
Gender: Female
SP: Lesbian
Age: NoYDB
Location: Better not to Know...
Occupation: College Student, Not-so-"Free"lancer
Most Favorite Thing: My Su!! ^_^
Just Realized: I've been playing games now for about as long as some of you have been alive... ^^;; Sad...
Attitude toward Fictional Depictions of Her Life, etc.:Broad (pun intended) Amusement. Let loose, already. Sheesh! ^_^
List of Languages that will be responded to:

  • English (of several different flavours, even) ('Cause I were BARN an'Mercan, Demmit!)
  • 日本語 (Cause some of my grandparents, and all of my great-grandparents weren't, like so many other people here...)
  • русский (ditto)

Number of things she has had to explain about herself, because people seem to think she'll go off cause she's a LESBO: way to freaking many, already! <sad!> I only bite when you really deserve it. ^_^

We Blog

If I get to it...

Some Definitions

In response to some comments made recently, I think an accessible list of some Terms related to us homosexuals might be appropriate. If you don't see your favorite term here, let me know (Politely!), and I'll think about putting something up.

-"Queen" - Typically a reference to a "Drag Queen", aka a male "transvestite", which, very sloppily defined, is a person who "finds psychosexual comfort or release in wearing clothing defined by their societal framework as belonging to the opposite phenotype" (in this particular instance, a man who wears women's clothing for the reasons given above).

-"King" - The female equivalent of a "Drag Queen", or, in other words, a female "transvestite". Not currently a significant portion of the population, as wearing "men's" clothing is not viewed with a great deal of stigma in western society, and in many other societies, female "cross-dressing" is punished VERY severely (often more severely than male "cross-dressing".) As such, this label is often only applied by those with an historical bent and an anachronistic language pattern. Sometimes considered offensive by modern women in general, and by lesbian culture in particular ('cept when us crazy bitches grow a damn-blasted sense of humor...) This term, in my opinion, is only properly applied in careful speech to women who engage in "male impersonation", the attempt to hide all female qualities and "pass" as a male (cf. Hilary Swank's character in Boys Don't Cry).


Let Loose! ^_^ -Suzume

It's not that frightning, and Russian wow, I have a hard enough learning it and my ancestors were. Where are you attending school and do you have any art posted other places- Jarons20

Действително? Некоторые моих предков, тоже переехали оттуда в Америку. (Wow that was hard. I haven't had to actually type in russian in a while... ^^;) No art, although I do have a theoretical deviantart account. ^_^ -Suzume

Really, are people that scared of lesbians? I was just being polite to find out before I started Wiki-hitting on you. ;P Resplendence

Ah! <Feels considerably less hurt, and very flattered, she thinks...> ^_^ -Suzume
Bwahahaha! Feeling flattered is well in place, my dear, because I am a fine example of the scandinavian geek-hunk, complete with a charming accent and all. ^_^ Resplendence
Wiki sexual tension ... wow .... I know! We can have a subpage for it at SexualTension! It can be like a Wiki version of Hot or Not! It'll be fun!
~ Shataina, wondering if she'll regret this comment
Well I put up my picture, when we have that page I'll put it there - Jarons20
<Could make you regret it, if you want...> >.< But sorry, Resplendence. Not only am I mostly monogamous, but I really am not into guys. (Yuck! Who'd want to be?) As for pictures, ^^; my work situation doesn't allow them. -Suzume
Hmmm. A lesbian who's not into guys. Who would've guessed? ¬_¬ Resplendence
You'd be surprised how many don't seem to catch on to that... ^^; -Suzume
I know how it can be, but it's not unheard of to claim to be a lesbian as an excuse to get rid of guys like me either. It warms my heart to know you're honest. ;P Resplendence
"Sometimes I wish I was a girl." Это возможно позделать... >.> -Suzume
なに? リスプレーンデンス
"そうするのをできるね。" ^_^ -Suzume
実わ、男で嬉しいだ Resplendence
Tension? No, this is how I normally am. :P Go ahead and start that page, but I think I'll spare you all the anguish of lusting for someone who is so far away from most Wikizens. Resplendence

a) Thanks for the encouraging comment on my page! b) I disagree with your definitions of Queen and King above. In terms of dressing as the opposite gender, the active word in "drag queen" is drag. "Queen" is just used in general to refer to very effeminate gay men, and "drag king" developed to be symmetrical to "drag queen". Also, not every male transvestite is a "drag queen", only gay (homosexual or bisexual) men. Straight men are not generally involved in the gay community, even if they are transvestites, whereas drag queens seem to head the gay community in a lot of places (like where I live now). And some drag queens aren't technically transvestites, but instead talented performers who derive no especial satisfaction from dressing in drag. Chances are you probably don't agree with all of this (since I'm disagreeing with you), but I just couldn't keep myself from typing it! I guess because I grew up around a lot of heterosexual male crossdressers and now know a lot of drag queens, and boy, is there ever a difference! -Okensha being rambly

I think you aren't really disagreeing so much as addressing some of the issues that I left deliberately untouched. Not that it's at all bad that they be examined. Quite the contrary. I was trying to "...very sloppily define..." the "typical" reference. Of COURSE there's a massive difference. It's just my experience that most people not well acquainted with non-standard, non-hetero culture have little or no understanding whatsoever, and that a slightly less in depth introduction lets them get their feet wet, before the cold shower sends them running... ^^; -Suzume <who would appreciate any corrections you care to make in a spirit of enlightening the mundanes.>
Hmmm... Starting people off slow - I honestly hadn't thought of that. Probably because I'm a "jump in head first" kind of person. And maybe because I've been studying gender and sex politics for a few years, in the modern and historical context. ^^; I suppose this wiki isn't really the place for me to start posting essays on the subject. Although you know, it's not just the so-called "mundanes" who need enlightening. I used to know a MtF transexual who insisted on calling drag kings drab kings. I think it was her gender-bias talking. ^.^; -Okensha who can't help but wonder if this comment makes any sense