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Ember Days

A Dragon-Blooded game set in the Realm, run by DarkSirenSally (aka Mieu ^_^), starting in the beautiful city of Tuchara. It is Realm Year 768, in the month of Descending Fire. The characters have been invited to a wedding gala in the city, set in the Palace of Undying Embers, a vacation Manse belonging to a prominent Sesus household. Sesus Alon Sunari is to be wed to her betrothed, Mnemon Daruban, and everyone who is anyone is invited! But underlying hostilities run through the party's myriad guests, and during such an inauspicious time -- with Calibration looming -- it seems destined for a disaster to occur!

I already have 3 players, and am not likely taking more. I am a new ST, so am trying to keep the group small and familiar. If this game ends up going longer I may consider adding a player or two. We'll see!

Chara creation guidelines (adult version)

  • Dragon-Blooded chargen, with 25 total BP.
  • Up to 7 extra BP for Social Backgrounds, which may include: Allies, Backing, Command, Connections, Family, Henchmen, Mentor, Reputation.
  • Enemy flaw is great, too, but no Celestial rivals please.
  • No immaculates! TMAs are fine though.
  • Try to be well-rounded, i.e. not too much emphasis on combat. Some social/knowledge would be nice.
  • Sorcery ok, but it'll give you weird looks at social gatherings -_^
  • The PCs have recently graduated from secondary school (about a year ago). They went through primary school together, so should be around the same age -- within a few months, preferably.
  • Yes, we are using Power Combat rules. (In case there was any question :P)

Houserule of Family background: Please, please don't use the silly random chart for your Family backgrounds. Instead, for each dot, come up with an influential family member of your own choosing, a +1 dice pool bonus when dealing with a particular subgroup who would be affected by that family member's reputation. For examples of that see the box on page 279 of Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded.

Chara creation guidelines (teenage version)

For our fun lil' primary school scenes! ^_^

  • Attributes are 5/4/3.
  • 25 dots for Abilities.
  • 1 Favored Ability. You cannot have any other Abilities higher than your Favored.
  • No more than 4 in any Attribute or Ability. Specialties can still be bought.
  • 5 dots for Backgrounds (no arties/manse).
  • Essence 1.
  • 21 BP for anything but Ess and Charms (duh). Use normal DB costs.
  • No weapons/armor on campus unless your character can conceal it somehow. Otherwise, these are provided for you during combat-oriented classes and taken away afterward.
  • Try to make your sheet be in line with the sheet of your character as an adult.


  • Ledaal Catala Milena - Lovely painter and socialite, rising star among high society, with access to gobs of resources and contacts with the Guild and various houses. Her artistic talents help fuel her decadent habits, among other things! (Played by Kraken.)
  • Ledaal Lim-Xue - A humble, well-learned Wood Aspect, scholar of the enigma that is life! Applies the same principles to investigation as he does medicine: with pinpoint precision, keenly aware of the order of things and how disease and disaster upturn it. (Played by Kazuki.)
  • Sesus Alon Sanahra - Fire Aspect and younger sister of Sunari, an eloquent fire-dancing sorceress throwing flaming feathers to the wind! A bit of a black sheep in the primarily political Alon household. (Played by DarkSirenSally.)
  • V'neef Ferox Mazin - Earth Aspect, stubborn survivor with rock-solid defenses. Young commander of the Legion who's experienced a terribly bad streak of pissing off the wrong people. (Whoops!) Leader of the "Dead Man's Talon", since reduced to a single fang. (Played by Raccoon.)

People to meet

  • Sesus Alon Sunari - The lovely bride, a Fire aspect. Politically minded much like her mother, always lavishly dressed and mindful of etiquette, polite yet calculating in all her social endeavors. If anyone is aiming to follow in her mother's footsteps, it is definitely her!
  • Mnemon Daruban - The groom, an Earth Aspect, and a highly ranked officer in the Legion. Devout to the Immaculate teachings, a traditionalist at heart, dignified and perfectionistic. Exceptional tactical mind, which shows in his skill at Gateway, among other things.
  • Sesus Alon - Prominent Senator of the Greater Deliberative, Fire Aspect and mother of Sunari and Sanahra. As careful and attentive to detail in politics as she is in her everyday interactions with others. A shrewd, proud woman who does not show her age in the slightest.
  • Mnemon Barin - Alon's husband and father of Sunari and Sanahra. A Fire Aspect, graduated from the Spiral Academy and now uses his bureaucratic skill to manage the household and keep track of their many holdings and connections. Good natured, he seems difficult to get a rise out of due to his easygoing attitude.
  • Mnemon Darow - Daruban's mother, a strong-willed Earth aspect who in her younger days adventured quite often in the Threshold, including serving in the Wyld Hunt for a time as a spear-maiden and survivalist. Eventually she settled down (suitably threatened with a satrapy post if she did not marry) with a Cathak husband and together they began a Mnemon line of fine strategists and generals.
  • Cathak Charas - Darow's husband and Daruban's father, a Fire Aspected general of the Legion, now retired from his post after having served in and survived the failed Tepet invasion of the North. As a result he has a lame leg, but he walks with such determined pride that it hardly shows. He does not stay on his feet long, though.
  • Ledaal Kuhai Ju-Zhon - An Air Aspect, he is an "old flame" of Sunari that harbors lingering feelings for her, and had hoped to capture her hand for marriage. Unfortunately his family could not compete with the venerable Darow line, but he cannot seem to let go of his desire to have her for himself.
  • Ragara Unmei - The judge presiding over the wedding. She is a Water Aspect, a well-known orator whose eloquent speeches flow with the ease of her native element, adapting well to tense and changing situations. Fair-minded, she has a talent of viewing a case objectively and dispassionately in order to pinpoint the most mutually beneficial conclusion.
  • Mnemon Balefor - An Earth Immaculate, present at the wedding ceremony to bless the bride and groom and their union. He is a man of high Breeding, with few words and fewer temptations. When he speaks his deep baritone seems to be accompanied by a faint rumbling sound, signifying the underlying strength of the Earth.
  • Others, including Ledaal Kemar (an Air Aspected sorcerer) and his daughter Maris, governor of Arjuf Dominion and one of the few unExalts invited to the party. Also, several of the PC's connections, enemies and other NPCs. Peleps Miral and Ragara Sousuke WILL be there; others to appear as I find reason to put them there. Fun!

Places to see

  • Palace of Undying Embers - The exquisite vacation Manse of Sesus Alon and Mnemon Barin in Tuchara. It is lit up by flames in decorative sconces and rivulets, flames that never die due to the Manse's construction. The fire is excess uncapped Essence from the Demesne, artfully arranged into the decor.


Because there WILL be logs. When I am not lazy. We run the game on IRC, mostly because OpenRPG hates me and I hate it (even though I wish there was a better alternative, nyargh) so that means I gotta edit stuff to get it in a proper format. I might store the logs on my domain, though! (Which means, gasp, me moving this page to a different wiki, most likely. But we'll see.)