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Belladonna & Blackbird

"Do you think we will succeed? I will give my life if necessary, you already know this. But... Do you think we can do it? People in Creation will still despise us, and Heaven... Your people will come after us won't they? For what we are trying to do..."

She sits in the beautifully arranged garden, among clouds of white and reds and purple, amidst a sea of emerald vegetation. Her hands rest on her knees, legs folded under her as she gazes at the man standing besides her. Her clothes are a pristine dark purple, embroidered with the image of the Deadly Nightshade - the beautiful yet highly poisonous Atropa Belladonna.

"I do not know, beloved. The world needs to be mended from its rifts - I know, as a healer, you can see that much. But there are those who believe they know better what form the world is meant to have. Or who should stand as a ruler... These are the people that will oppose us." He watches the dancing of the colors in front of him, the beauty of Creation spread before his violet eyes. Sliding a hand in the sleeves of his black robes, he takes out a single black feather, gazing thoughtfully at it from above the rim of his black rimmed spectacles. "I do not know if we will succeed. But by all means, we should try. We must try." He releases his grip on the feather, and watches as it flies among the floating petals and swaying leaves.

She stands then, the wind making her loose hair dance around her slender form. She reaches for the man clad in black robes, brushing away a strand of blue-black hair from her face before reaching for his hand.

"Then we will do it. Together. And I am sure others will join us, also. Together, as a team, as a family... We will grow stronger." She reaches and touches his hand, smiling warmly as she presses closer. "Together, we will prevail."

And the feather continues its flight, dancing within a field of Belladonna...

Black Wings and Violet Petals

Belladonna and Blackbird is the name of an organization created by Ryshassa and Alexsei Krauser - a Solar empathic healer and sorceress and a Sidereal funeral priest and teacher. The organization's primary role is that of Creation Fixers - a team of like-minded individuals traveling through Creation to help people and fight those that would put it in danger, as well as trying to fix the rifts they have slowly eroded within the strands of Fate.

Of course, there are those who would also not let such a free-spirited movement to take form. Those that believe cooperation between all Exalt types to be madness, those that believe some secrets should never be known, and those who would rather not share power with anyone else. As such, Belladonna and Blackbird is also a rogue group, sometimes ending up fighting the very people they are trying to protect.

This is a game co-run by the minds behind Ryshassa and Alexsei, DarkSirenSally and Kazuki.

Of Blackbirds and Belladonnas

Black and Violet - Contains information about the game, character creation rules, and similar information.
Feathers and Petals - The members of B&B, the protagonists of this game.
Talons and Leaves - The NPCs, either from within B&B or elsewhere, allies as well as enemies.
Poison Quills - History and Logs, when they are available.


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