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hmm, yah, well, the exalted is good stuff, but this wiki business, well i just don't know yet, but we'll see, won't we? however, i have just begun a very small abyssals game (only 2 players, waaah!) and i am finding myself with many difficult questions... hopefully this place will help me clear some of them up. dammit white wolf! why couldn't you be more clear when you introduced power combat? why must i love you so much despite your often unclear and inconsistant rules? why?

Hi Krendal, welcome to the wiki. In answer to your quesion: It's the crack they lace the pages with ;) - Kraken

Too Much Exalted?

I'm not sure, but I think I've had Exalted on the brain too much lately. Today while eating lunch I saw this Diet Coke commercial with some model walking by a pool (I think it was) and there are this little pink bubbles in the air floating around here. After watching the commercial for a few seconds, I decided she was obviously a Coke-aspected Dragon-Blooded and the bubbles were her Anima Banner...


Nah. While you do have exalted on the brain you haven't reached the danger zone yet. I've gotten to the point where everything, and I do mean everything, gives me exalted ideas. I've even gotten an idea for an entry for TheNexusProject from road kill. Road kill, I tell you! Until you hit that point you ain't had too much exalted yet.

Hmm... I believe I reached that point with the game UnknownArmies at one point... for awhile I was finding connections to UA in anything and everything, up to and including the lyrics of Avril Lavigne songs... but UA is a little off topic for an ExaltedWiki... --Krendal


So since I've got this space, and there seem to be people on this Wiki who don't mind giving me their opinions about things... I'm going to make use of this resource and post all my crap about my game as well as my questions so people can tell me what I'm doing wrong.  :)


Krendal/BurningQuestions Well, since I've got this UserPage and I have all these questions... and I'm not sure what the best page on which to pose them would be I've decided I'll just post them here. I welcome any and all commentary and criticism on these issues, as well as suggestions on more appropriate pages on which to place them.

Krendal/BurntQuestions Well this is for stuff that I've more or less resolved. However, please feel free to take a look and give your own opinion on these issues as well. I seem to be easily swayed the the voices of those with more Exalted experience than I have...