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Welcome, these are some of the dodge charms I've got up, C&C is always welcome

Illusionary Dance of the Sunbeam
Cost: 1 mote per die added and 1 willpower
Duration: Scene
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Dodge: 5
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Flow like Blood
Calling on the fluidity of the essence within them, the solar is unspeakably graceful in his movements, seeming to weave in and out of sight like a mirage. Blows that would land on the solar simply miss as if he were not there.
For the rest of the scene in which this charm is activated, the solar has his dodge diepool increased at a cost of 1 willpower to activate the charm and 1 mote per die added to the die pool. The solar can not buy more die then his natural die-adding limit of [Attribute + Ability].
This charm also allows the solar to reflexively dodge any attack, that can be anticipated, with the amount of die purchased if he does not wish to or can not activate a reflexive dodge charm (such as shadow over water) or does not have a persistent dodge charm active (such as Flow like Blood).

Liquid Orichalcum Defense
Cost: 7 motes and 1 willpower
Duration: 5 Turns
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Dodge: 5
Minimum Essence: 4
Prerequisite Charms: Illusionary Dance of the Sunbeam
Solars and their magical metal take after their patron god in that they seek perfection. A solar with this charm literally flows like liquid orichalcum, dazzling fast and swift, leaving after-images as they move. All attacks against this golden phantom simply miss, striking only the after-images of the solar exalted.
After activation of this charm, a solar can dodge any attack that is not stated to be undodgeable without the need for a roll for five turns. This effect applies to all attacks that can be anticipated and dodged normally, this charm does not work against area effects as it does not provide movement like Seven Shadow Evasion.
This charm is not an absolute perfect defense charm in the manner of Heavenly Guardian Defense, but is closer to the conditional perfect defense charm (Seven Shadow Evasion) with a multi-turn duration.

Peanut Gallery

Please leave your C&C in this section. Thank you.
~ Haku

I especially like the first Charm-- Blade of the Battle Maiden for defense. Not sure if I'd want it applying reflexively against attacks, but I can see an argument either way. -TheMyriadOfShades

It made sense for a Solar to have a persistent die-adder... Also, if you're willing to throw 10 motes and 1 willpower at something, at essence 3, there should be some impressive result. namely a reflexive dodge for something you can see coming. - Haku

Here comes our age-old argument. Seven Shadows Evasion IS a perfect dodge. It will perfectly defend against perfect attacks, such as Accuracy Without Distance, Wrathful Winds Manuever and my charm Fury Strike. It WILL NOT defend against things that cannot be dodged, such as The Titans Icy Breath, Dragon Vortex Attack, Unweaving Method and Cascade of Cutting Terror. So it is a multi-turn NON-UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE perfect dodge. That's cool. That's also something that should be available at Essence 5, like my charm Barring the Gates of Heaven.
There are NEAR-PERFECT defenses, such as that provided by Impeding the Flow and my charms Tide-Barring Stance and Passing Shadow Defense. These may be able to stop non-blockable/dodgeable things (as listed above) but won't stop perfects. Also listed above. if it provides a multi-turn NEAR-PERFECT, then sure, keep the Essence req at 4.
And I like the die-adder. =)~DualMegami, the loveable charm whore
Well... I didn't say it wasn't perfect, after all it allows you to dodge without rolling for a few turns. I merely said it wasn't a perfect defense LIKE HGD (with its perfect beyond perfect parrying of planets, meteors and what have you.). ~ Haku, the attention whore. ^_-
I agree that it's not perfect like HGD, but it -is- what we and the rules define as 'perfect'. Currently, your text is a little confusing, so perhaps somewhere you should explicitly state it is a perfect defense against any dodgable (or area) attack?
-- Darloth
Hmmm... I thought I did... But fair enough. Will change the text to make it clearer.
~ Haku

Illusionary Dance of the Sunbeam: Pretty cool. I like it. Liquid Orichalcum Defense: Honestly, this seems like a bit much. Dodging all dogeable attacks for 5 turns? Over five turns you could stunt back the Essence and Willpower pretty easy, and there are more effective ways of getting both back. Assuming a Parry version you'd have 3 turns of nigh invulnerabliy to get back the Essence and Willpower, so ouch. I'd go with either a turn length perfect dodge or a hanging version, like PoCB. -FlowsLikeBits

Yeah... it would seem not much IF the essence was spent instantly and not committed. And yes, in theory, you could stunt it back in a few turns, but it's a no-gain game if you keep popping it off. Also, it only works on something you can anticipate. Which doesn't seem like such a big deal as usually you'd combo it with SAM, but since it's not instant... no combo. And I didn't really want to give it that much of a roadbump for a super dodge effect, as the cost of getting to this charm IS high; essence 4, dodge 5, and 7 charms in. Yes, a starting character could get it, but he'd get laughed at.

If I had made the charm a single turn, it would have been pretty much nerfed, and I would have linked it off of 7SE with a lower cost and requirement and used it as a roadbump charm, making it something like 'Balwark Stance'.

If done as PoCB, it would be in my eyes even more potent as you can now get a 'perfect' dodge with no worries when you need it, and if the situation is bad, you could pop off a few such charms in sequence, which is just bad news all around. Also, this charm was originally meant to be a scene long charm, but got toned down while I was looking at the sidereal styles and remembering that quote that the Sideral MA charms are suppose to be in theory equivilant to a Solar charm with the same requirements in attributes and ability. ~ Haku
True about the commited essence. Still however, your invulnerable to anything short of an undodgeable attack. An like I said, if you make a melee version that worked the same, you'd be essentially invulnerable to anything short of an undogeable & unblockable attack, and those are really rare. In some ways, this is better than PoCB,as you can't flurry it down. I'd make it higher Essence, maybe 6. I'd decrease the cost if it was a turn lenght perfect. Maybe just 7 motes.(Yeah, SSE cost to much) -FlowsLikeBits