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Dibra's stats below is designed for The Diamond Age game run by Golden Cat and is thus going to be rather high-ball in scope.

Admitedly, I won't be able to join the game currently. But I can hope that it'll shift to when I -can- join the game. In which case, Dibra is written up and she can play.

And yes, Diamond Age IS a modified 1st edition game, please be aware of this before putting in comments, kay?

~ Haku

Name           - Dibra 
Aspect         - Fire
House          - none yet, Empress' daughter
Concept        - Spoiled bratty princess aka Mini-Mnemon
Nature         - Architect, formerly thrillseeker
Anima          - swirling corona of golden-white flames
Anima Power    - 2 motes to add essence to anima flare
               - does essence damage in unarmed combat
Great Curse    - Valor-based
Earned XP      - +000
Spent  XP      - -000
Banked XP      - +000

Bonus Points   00/30
Backgrounds 6/9, Abilities 10/10, Virtues 1/3, Specialties 4/2
Combo! 3 Charms/3, Merit 3 (Legendary Breeding)


Physical Social Mental Strength oo Charisma ooo Perception oo Dexterity ooooo Manipulation oo Intelligence ooo Stamina oo Appearance ooooo Wits oo


War F 12+10 Life F 19 Wisdom F 09 Archery x Craft ooo Bureaucracy ooo Athletics C ooo Larceny Investigation Awareness F oo Linguistics oo Lore xxo Brawl Performance F xoo Medicine Dodge C ooob Presence C xoo Occult F ooo Endurance oo Ride xo Martial Arts x Sail Melee C xobbb+ Socialize C xxo+ Resistence ooo Stealth o Thrown o Survival oo

Specialties : Melee (Daiklaves!) +3, Socialize (Seduction) +1 Craft : Metal-work, Artifacts, Jewellery

Languages  : High Realm (native), Old Realm, River Tongue

Graces : Heart (effective) 3, Cup 1, Staff 1,Ring 1, Sword 1 See fairfolk pages 105 - 109 for rules on graces

(Essence 3) + (Willpower 7) = 10 (Essence 3 x 4) + (Willpower 7) + (2 Highest Virtues 7) = 26 Bonus Essence : Breeding 6 (+6/+11)

Current Anima Banner Level : Anima Flux : 5-7 - 1L/minute, 8-12 - 1L/3 turns, 13+ - 1L/turn

Essence o o o Willpower o o o o o o o Personal 16 / 16 Compassion Cup oo Peripheral 37 / 25 Conviction Staff ooo Charm Commit 00 Temperance Ring oo Artifact Cost 12 Valor Sword oooo

Health Levels Soak -0 o Natural 01L / 02B / 00A -1 o o o Armour +09L / 07B / 09A -2 o o o Total 10L / 09B / 09A -4 o Charm +06L / 06B / 06A Incap. o Spell +06L / 12B / 06A

                                       Maxed   22L / 27B / 21A
                             vs charms Maxed   19L / 24B / 18A
Combat Die Pools

Initative - Dexterity 5 + Wits 2 + Speed 12 = 19 Melee! - Atk 16, Dmg 12L, Def 13, Rate 5 Dodge! - Dexterity 5 + Dodge 4 + Essence 3 + Hearthstone 3 = 15

Background 00/18 +3(3) +6(3)

Ally o Dawn of Errant Flames, outcaste fire-aspect Artifacts ooo Up to 6 dots, none higher than 3

                     2 - Dancing Flames, fire jade reaver daiklave
                     Spd 10, Acc 3, Dmg 10L, Def 0, Rate 5, attune 5
                     1 - fire jade necklace of cleansing flames
                     Keeps clean, attune 1
                     2 - Flashing Sparks, mountain jade bracers
                     +3 to dodge, +2 spd, attune 4
                     1 - Diamond Scale, mountain jade breastplate
                     +9L/7B soak, 0 mobility, 0 fatigue, attune 2

Breeding ooobb+ +6/+11 motes, -3 anima cost, +3 to kid

                     -2 to disguise, +1 to db socialize

Command o A fang of hired elite mercenaries Connection o House of Bells Henchmen o Graceful Swallow, personal aide Manse ooo Up to 6 dots, none higher than 3

                     3 - Key of Mastery : Invulnerable Skin of Marble
                     3 - Crystal Venom Jewel

Mentor ooo Silver Serenity, fey noble patron/mentor Reputation oo She's the 'next Mnemon'

                     A prodigy in the occult and arts of war
                     scandalously consorts with fey...

Resources bbbb little princess has lots of money

                     high resource also pays for monthly upkeep
                      - resource 3 per mercenary
                      - resource 3 for Dawn
- resource 3 for various mounts

Personal Equipment
A select choice of fine courtly clothing and jewellery
> she IS, after all, on the move outside of the Realm

A pair of fine horses for herself and Dawn
> warhorses with good tack, saddle and barding

A yeddim for Graceful Swallow and camping equipment/supplies
> treat as elephant or mammoth in terms of upkeep
> howdah and barding for the yeddim 'Slow Steady'

Mercenary Gear
> Yeddim to carry equipment and supplies
> 5 horses to ride on
> good steel chopping swords and Reinforced buffjacket armour
> bows and quivers of arrows for ranged combat, if necessary

Realm Properties
> 2 manses (air and wood) in the Scarlet Prefecture - maintained by various servants and slaves
> Farmlands around manses are handled by peasantry - farms provide a 'small' influx of income
> A townhouse complex in the Imperial City - currently rented out for a 'small' influx of income

Charms 00/34 charms
Athletics - 4
1) Athletics Die-Adding Excellency!
2) Effortlessly Rising Flames - DB 202
3) Falling Star Maneuver - DB 202
4) Flawless Balance Discipline - Fire Aspect 74

Bureaucracy - 3
1) Bureauctacy Die-Adding Excellency!
2) Bureauctacy Re-Rolling Excellency!
3) Finding the Water's Depths - Water Aspect 75

Craft - 3
1) Shaping Hand Style - DB 192
2) Stone Carving Fingers Form - DB 192
3) Flaw Finding Examination - DB 194

Dodge - 1
1) Dodge Die-Adding Excellency!

Endurance - 1
1) Ox-Body Technique - DB 195

Lore - 1
1) Elemental Bolt - DB 181

Melee - 10
1) Melee Die-Adding Excellency!
2) Melee Re-Rolling Excellency!
3) Dragon Graced Weapon - DB 207
4) Ghost-fire Blade - DB 208
5) Refining the Inner Blade - DB 208
6) Portentous Comet Deflecting - DB 208
7) Deadly Wildfire Legion - DB 208
8) Threshing Floor Technique - DB 209
9) Fire Incites Water to a Riot of Clouds - Fire Aspect 74
10) Spirit-Branding Blade Technique - Fire Aspect 75

Occult - 3
1) Spirit Detecting Mirror Technique - DB 182
2) Spirit Grounding Shout - DB 183
3) Terresterial Sorcerery - DB 184

Performance - 1
1) Performance Die-Adder Excellency!

Presence - 1
1) Auspicious First Meeting Attitude - Fire Aspect 76

Resistence - 3
1) Strength of Stone - DB 200
2) Impervious Skin of Stone Meditation - DB 200
3) Armour Hardening Concentration - Earth Aspect 76

Social - 3
1) Social Die-Adding Excellency!
2) Warm-Faced Seduction Style - DB 212
3) Friend to all Nations Attitude - DB 213

Spells 00/06 spells
1) Emerald Countermagic - Core 218
2) Summon Elemental - Core 219
3) Summon First Circle Demon - Core 218
4) Death of Obsidiant Butterflies - Core 217
5) Ritual of Elemental Empowerment - S&S ???
6) Invulnerable Skin of Marble - Core 218 - variant of Invulnerable Skin of Bronze

Combo! 03 charms
Heaven Smites The Errant Spirit Stance!
1) Dragon Graced Weapon
2) Ghost-Fire Blade
3) Falling Star Maneuver
Typically used in conjunction with the melee excellencies

Be it in silk finery, or jade armour, there is no mistaking Dibra for what she is; a scion of the Scarlet Throne. Her immaculate breeding, coming as a result of being one of the countless progeny of the Scarlet Empress is without compare.

Admitedly, she was conceived during a period when the Empress had both a fire aspected consort as well as a fire elemental concubine. It is uncertain whether her fiery appearance is due to the fiery natures of the Empress' aspect or that of her lovers. None the less, woe to those who imply she is anything less than perfectly bred or that she possess the blood of an elemental.

The teased and tussled locks of golden red that glow in the manner of embers speak of her aspect, as does the ruby red pupils in her eyes that glow red-hot when she spends essence.

The refined features of her face speaks of the absolute breeding that comes from being an heir of the Realm. Fine-boned, her delicacy belies the fierce power of the essence that lies within her body.

The delicate blush of red on her cheeks, and apple-red lips merely accentuate her creamy complexion.

In the 745th year of the divine Scarlet Empress' rule of the Realm, the mistress of Creation gave birth to a young daughter that she named Dibra.

From the brilliant crimson hair, to the ruby red eyes that graced her refined face, it was clear to all that she would exalt as one of the princes of the creation. A scion of Hesiesh, no less. This notion bore fruit as in the Realm year 752, at the tender age of seven, the imperial princess Dibra exalted as a fire aspect.

Her potent breeding was but the first sign of the great things expected of her. Her rapid mastery of the skills of war, poetry, and the arts of governing was without bounds, a true prodigy. There were some who looked at the speed of her growth and remarked that of the other progeny of the Empress, only Mnemon matched her growth, focussed as it was on the occult.

As a challenge to herself, after graduating from the House of Bells with flying colors, Dibra enrolled herself in the Heptagram to the surprise of the Dynasty. The focussed skill that she brought to bear upon her studies soon had her mastering spell after spell.

At the advice of her instructors in the Heptagram as well as the brotherhood that she was a part of, Dibra set out of the Heptagram after spending less than a year mastery more spells than most students did in their entire scholarship in the august school of sorcerery.

With various gifts from her relatives, Dibra set forth from the Realm and into the Threshold, to test her mettle and to view the Creation that is her inheritence.

Over the years, Dibra and her brotherhood found themselves adventuring after departing from the city of Thorns. Their actions, were with merit. For with valor, various anathema and fey were slain. Cults to the Yozi and various heresies were encountered and scattered to the five poles.

Still, eventually, word reached the brotherhood of the mysterious disappearance of the Empress and the conquest of Thorns by the Dead. It was here that the brotherhood broke up; with her ersewhile companions returning home while Dibra quested in the hinterlands for any possible aid that she could use when she returns home to start a house or claim the Scalet throne.

She has allied with a fey noble, Silver Serenity of the Adamant Court in the east. Her agreement with him could be summed up as a mutual alliance. The strange artifacts and powers of the fey would be used to aid her in her current circumstances as well as in the creation of her house and claiming of her mother's throne. She would aid him with certain objectives he needed done to gain power over his rivals and enemies.

She has also commanded the services of a mercenary outcaste dragonblooded, Dawn of Errant Flames. She has promised, in writing, to adopt the fire aspected outcaste into her House when it is created, eventually.

> Dawn of Errant Flames is a fire aspect, who is somewhat young and naive. She is quite smitten by Dibra, who empitomizes what being a Dragonblooded dynast is all about. She has agreed to serve Dibra as a bodyguard and in other aspects. In combat, she and Dibra tend to enhance each other with Deadly Wildfire Legion, before carving their opponents up.

> Spiral Dancers, a crack team of mercenaries. They manage the impossible on a regular basis, going beyond the call of duty and what should be possible for mortals. The team of mercenaries were former gunzosha and ashigaru soldiers who departed from Lookshy not under the best of circumstances. Still, their skills are highly prized. And Dibra is paying them very well on a monthly basis. With the possibility of hiring them on full time to form the core of her House guards or soldiers.

> Dibra is currently looking for allies and sources of power, she is NOT going to be pushed out of the Realm by those who would place themselves on the throne. If anyone deserves the Scarlet Throne, it's either her or Mnemon. And she doesn't intent for an old hag who fakes her youth to sit there. To this end, she has made dangerous alliances with the fey noble who rules the Adamant court, Silver Serenity. The fey has done more than his share in aiding her; pointing her at possible sources and avenues to power. The fact that she occassionally shares his bed is something that only ties them closer together.
> On Graces, she has had Graces forged for her, to help her better withstand the unearthly power of the wyld and to better understand her new allies. This has made her a little more alien to mortal men, but then... she is more than mortal. She doesn't know that the graces forged from her virtues are now items of power that Silver Serenity owns.

> Invulnerable Skin of Marble is just that, a visual variant of invulnerable skin of bronze. Other than the skin tone appearing like perfect marble, there is no mechanical difference in the spells.

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Anything you'd like to share in regards to Dibra? Haku