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Please note that the game that this character was generated using the house rules as set in Micah's "Shaking the Pillars of Heaven" game-setting. Celestial Exalted get Old Realm as a language automatically. Also, we get to split artifact points up, buying individual artifacts per artifact background. The other is that extra bonus points are awarded due to ST capriousness when reading the character sheet submission. ~ Haku

Name           - Misa
Player         - Haku
Caste          - Twilight
Concept        - bird freed from her gilded cage
Nature         - Explorer
Anima          - See Below
Anime Powers   - spend 5 motes to roll ess to reduce dmg
Break          - Berserk Rage
Spent  XP      - 000
Earned XP      - 000
XP Spent on    - list

'F' - Favoured          Extra Bonus    2/5     Bonus points    0/15
Abilities      8/8      Backgrounds    9/9     Specialties     1/2


Strength oooo Charisma oo Perception ooo Dexterity ooooo Manipulation oo Intelligence ooo Stamina oo Appearance ooo Wits ooo


Dawn Zenith Twilight Archery F ooooo Endurance o Craft ooo Melee F oooo* Performance o Investigation o Martial Arts Presence o Lore ooo+ Brawl Resistance Medicine Thrown Survival o Occult ooooo

Night Eclipse Specialties Athletics o Bureaucracy F o +First Age lore o Awareness F oo Linguistics *Parries o Dodge F oo Ride o Larceny Sail Stealth Socialize o


Artifact oo Heaven Punisher 'Dragon Sigh Wand' Artifact oo O. Reinforced Buff-jacket Artifact oo Skin-mount Amulet (Aspect Earth pg 80) Artifact oo Key of Twilight 'O. Reaper Daiklave' Ally oo Godblooded Companion 'Miyuki' Cult o She gets some minor worship Manse oo Salt-Gem of the Spirit's Eye (core pg 339) Resource ooo Money she made as a spirit quailer

Limit Break o o o o o o o o o o Willpower o o o o o o Compassion ooo Natural Soak 01L / 02B / 00A Conviction oo Armour Soak 09L / 12B / 09A Temperance o Total Soak 10L / 14B / 09A Valor ooo

-0 o Essence oo -1 o o Personal 12 | 12 -2 o o Peripheral 33 | 21 -4 o Artifacts 12 Incapacitated Remaining 21 | 21

Essence Calculation

Pers. (Ess[2] X 3) + (WP[6]) Perp. (Ess[2] X 7) + (WP[6]) + (Sum of Virtues[9] + Artifact [4])

Dragon Sigh Wand = -4 motes Buff-Jacket = -3 motes Reaper Daiklave = -5 motes


Exceptional Slashing Sword Spd +3, Acc +1, Dmg +2L, Def +1

Heaven's Punisher (Short Dragon Sigh Wand) Acc +2, Dmg 9L, Rate 1, range 30, 4 free shots, 2 motes per shot

Key of Twilight (Orichalcum Reaper Daiklave) Spd +6, Acc +4, Dmg +4L, Def +4

Fine Gelded Horse

Basic Travelling Gear // Outdoor gear.

A few sets of travelling clothes, and a fancy dress

Salt-gem of the spirit's eye (core page 339)


Spirit Detecting Glance - core pg 192 see spirits for 3 motes // scene // simple

All-Encompressing Sorceress Sight - core pg 193 able to look at essence for scene for 6 motes // scene // simple

Spirit-cutting Attack - core pg 192 able to attack spirits for 2 motes // instant // supplemental

Graceful Crane Stance - core pg 193 perfect grace for 3 motes // scene // reflexive

Kiss of the Sun Concentration - PG pg 254 1 mote per die attack // instant // supplemental

Blossom of inevitable demise technique - PG pg 255 doubles damage for 3 motes // instant // supplemental

Sight without Eyes - core pg 154 no visual penalties for 1 mote // instant // supplemental

Golden Essence Block - core pg 166 1 mote per 2 die parry // instant // reflexive

Dipping Swallow Defense - core pg 166 2 motes, full die parry // instant // reflexive

Flawless Handiwork Method - core pg 182 Buy suxx up to Ess + (craft + whatever rolled) at 3 motes per suxx // instant // supplemental


None at this point.

Limit Break

Berserk Rage, Valor: Trigger The character is insulted, belittled, demeaned, or deliberately fustrated.
When the limit breaks, Misa goes into a berserk frenzy, attacking all around her. If there are no viable targets near her, she will devastate her surroundings. If subdued and restrained, Misa will calm down in a few hours.

Anima Banner
Misa breathed in and out, the world around her reduced to nothing more then flames and darkness, her golden red anima flaring and pulsing with the power she had expended over the course of fighting the thing before her.

Breathing in deeply, Misa concentrated, her nascent senses feeling the warp and weave of essence flowing around her and her target. As she concentrated, the golden red bonfire around her flared and grew before flowering open, with petals of golden flames tinted with red, purple and blue to form a complex mandala on the ground, while over her, stood a defiant wolf, forged of crimson gold flames.

Her weapon exhaled with her breath, golden white flames seeking her enemy.

Misa appears to be a young girl in the midst of blossoming into adulthood. On the verge of leaving the awkward stage of adolesence, Misa possess the willowy lithe build that her body hints will blossom into a sleek lithe form that is suitable for a goddess of the hunt.

Her hair is styled in a boyish cut, and for the most part is raven black with dark reddish highlights, at the tips of her hair, that seem to glint like a dark and bloody metal. Her face is boyishly angular, while her emerald green eyes twinkle with curiousity and mischief.

Misa is typically dressed in a stylish white long sleeved blouse woven from a mixture of cotton and wool with a long slender ribbon tied at her color, while her legs are covered by a tan khaki trousers, and a pair of boots that have seen much travel adore her feet. She also typically has on a buff-jacket, which is much faded having seen much use from its previous owners, the stylish and somewhat ornate orichalcum plating on it signifies that it is an artifact armour of some potency.

She carries her orichalcum reaper daiklave in its scabbard on her back and hasn't been seen using it yet... so far, the only weapons she has used in public view are her dragon sigh wand and an exceptional slashing sword.

Her hearthstone is slotted into a skin-mount amulet inplanted just above and between her breasts.

It is said far to the east in the hinterlands beyond the hundred kingdoms, at the feet of the mountains that feed the Meander river, there are still ancient manses claimed by ancient anathema, outcaste dragonblooded sorcerers, all of whom value privacy and being left alone.

Several such manses in a single valley was claimed by a solar, lost to what most people would call sanity. Conversely known as 'Eight Headed Serpent' for his anima banner, this solar by the name of Lucien was born over two hundred years ago in the kingdom of Metallicana (one of the Hundred Kingdoms). After drawing his second breath, he fled to the distant reaches of the east to avoid being slain by the Dragonblooded Wyld hunt.

While seeking sanctuary from the pursuing dragonblooded forces, this solar stumbled upon a hidden valley, which had its presence shielded from those who actively seeked it and those who dwelled in it.

The valley itself was inhabited by a tribe of barbarians, who welcomed the solar as a great god, given his obvious supernatural ability. There was also the way he dealt with their godblooded chief and her patron goddess.

It was also there that he found the ancient manse where his previous self had died, over time, he repaired the manse and conceived a plan to raise his own legion of soldiers to aid in the reclaiming of Creation in the name of the Unconquered Sun and his divine servants, the Solar Exalted.

Given the past treacheries of the dragonblooded, the solar decided to avoid recruiting outcaste dragonblooded to use as the seed for the legion, instead he decided to go with summoning demons and breeding them with the barbarians, who were all too soon brought to open worship of the solar by use of various charms and spells.

By the time Misa was born, the twilight had several strains of essence enhanced bloodlines; from the common demonblooded borne of union between his mortal followers and demon that he summoned from Malfeas, to the remanants of the Godblooded line that he had co-opted with the defeat of the barbarian's former goddess and godblooded chief, and the half-caste that he seeded amongst the barbarians as well as by using the services of summoned Neomah demons.

As a child, Misa was raised in the same manner as her 'siblings' in a communal creche, to worship their solar god king. What knowledge they gained was to serve him.

Misa gained distinction in that as a child, she absorbed knowledge like a sponge would water, while her physical abilities matched those who were breed for a more militant aspect. The only defect that she had was that she possessed a lesser staying power and endurance then the others in her creche.

It was because she wasn't deemed a total failure, that she was slated for the personal guard of her solar master, as her lack of endurance was something that Eight Headed Serpent felt he could breed out, keeping the greater agility and strength and mental accument.

In all likelyhood, Misa would have matured with time, mastering the essence within as her birthright, and in due course would have been used as a broodmare to continue on her bloodline.

Things didn't quite go as planned, and in this case, when things went wrong... they really went wrong in that the Solar was in the midst of summoning a more powerful demon then he was wont to do for his purposes, when it freed itself from the summoning circle. The twilight Eight Headed Serpent fell back from it as most of his essence had been spent summoning and failing to control said demon.

His personal guards attacked the demon in a vain attempt to buy their master time. Their intentions were good, but their power were insufficient, for this was a mighty demon, a being far beyond their powers to combat.

Their deaths were not meaningless as they bought Eight Headed Serpent enough time to get to his artifact weapon and join the fray. Unfortunately, while it did buy him some time... his combat skills were no match for said demon's, and the fight ended in his bloody death... but it was a grave victory for said demon, as he had been grieviously wounded by the Solar in the fight. Even thought he was greatly wounded, the demon was still more then a match for the demoralized demonblooded guards who threw themselves at the demon in hopes of avenging him.

It was at this point that Misa exalted, the vast quantities of essence floating about, ignited something in her. While she had no hope of slaying or even defeating the demon if he had been unwounded, she did eventually manage to drive it off with the help of her former comrades.

In the aftermath of the fight, the solar's former followers weren't quite sure of what to do with Misa. It was clear that she was one of them and that the Master was dead, and she was of the same caste as he before his death and possibly possessing his divine soul, however she was also relatively young and seemed unsure of what to do.

Misa ended the potential political and religious schism by declaring that she would head out into Creation to gather her thoughts and would return when the time was right, with the expectation that the valley and everyone be there and behaving nicely with one and another. Having said that, she armed herself with a small hoard of artifacts and one of the lesser hearthstones from the manses in the valley and left with a godblooded scout who had been outside the valley, gathering information on those outside.

Since then, Misa has been undergoing a crash-course on what is vaguely happening outside in Creation. Together, the two of them sell her services as one of the children of the gods (which one is left unstated), and let people make what assumptions they will of her as most likely a godblooded. Her companion is a godblooded who disguises herself as a spirit quailer or an exorcist.

Custom Stuff / Notations
Charms I wanna get in the future
Essence Syncronizing Mudra
Cost: 5 motes
Duration: Scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Occult: 5
Minimum Essence: 3
Requires: All-Encompressing Sorceress Sight
Beyond being able to gaze at the flows of essence, the solar assumes the mudra to syncronize her essence with that which surrounds her, and is able to directly manipulate the flows of essence with her own essence.

An offshoot of this ability is that the solar is able to affect spirits even when dematerialized and can attack them, however, the converse is also true, a dematerialized spirit can attack or affect said solar without needing to materialize or use any charms. This charm does NOT aid the solar in seeing spirits or the flows of essence. Attempts to attack a spirit without some sort of essence sight charm or artifact results in the blind attack penalty of +2 difficulty to hit said spirit.

Flaws & Merits
Cult - 1 // The bonus gained in this manner are identical, Misa gains 1 temporary willpower very evening.

1) Short Dragon Sigh Wand
Source : Exalted : The Fair Folk - pages 281 - 282(stats)
Artifact lvl : 2 (single), 3 (pair)
Committment : 4 motes (single), 6 motes (pair)
Essence Storage : 8 motes per wand, for use with ability only
Acc +2, Dmg 9L, Rate 1 or 2+, range 30++
+The rate is 1 if single, and 2 if pair.
++Range is absolute.
Recharging the wands = 2 motes spent, 1 mote in.
The weapons need to have their lenses be recalibrated after each scene when used. Recalibration needs 5 minutes, Intelligence + Craft (First Age Weapons), diff 3. For every 5 more minutes, the user gets 1 more die, up to 3 bonus die total.
Failure to repair or missed maintence, gives a penalty of 1 to difficulty to attack and essence cost of attacks.
Botched repairs result in the wand exploding doing normal damage to everything in 2 yards, including user. Artifact is NOT harmed, but now requires work for an hour at difficulty 5.

Valley of the Hidden Wind
The valley of the hidden wind is where Misa calls home. It is a rather large valley nested in the mountains at the head of the Meander river. The valley is fairly large and can support a few hundred people easily. Most of the valley is cleared for crops with streams flowing from the peaks of the mountains, leading to a central lake that is also fed by underground streams. This lake is the source of clean water for the vally.

There are wind-wills dotting the valley for the grinding of wheat and assorted grains into flour. The only indications that this valley was of some import in the First Age is a massive temple carved from the sheer face of the mountain at one end of the valley. It is this temple manse that keeps the valley safe from those who would actively search for it.

There are also two more temples manses located in the valley, one buried deep beneath the floor of the valley of an earth aspect, while the other is actually at the bottom of the lake and is the reason why the lake will always provide pure drinkable water even if prodigious amounts of poisons and toxins were to be dumped into the lake.

The inhabitants of the valley are never considered Extras, given that they were of a hardy stock even before Eight Headed Serpent's arrival, and his breeding and training programs has only made them even more effective in their chosen fields.

The soldier caste are often elite soldiers if not possessing of godblooded, demonblooded or half-caste status. The elders of the valley are often powerful enough to fight young terresterial exalted one on one and possibly win.

Those who can channel essence, which is a surprising amount of the inhabitants of the valley, typical possess artifacts. If weaponary and armour, they usually range from various jade daiklaves, to powerbows and dragon sigh wands as well as jade light or medium armours.

The former patron goddess of the valley is no longer the power she was, the centuries with Eight Headed Serpent ruling over the valley and directing all prayers to him, has reduced her back to what she was originally, a mere fertility goddess of crops. She hungers for her former status and worship, but has no way of regaining said power at this time.

Those who with the ability to attune to magical metals as well as manses are all attuned to the prinary air aspect manse as well as the subterranan earth aspected manse. Currently, no one is attuned to the water aspected manse.

The ruins where Eight Headed Serpent's workshop used to be, is also quite possibly turning into a low level solar aspected demanse, given the amounts of essence spent in that fateful night.

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