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Welcome, these are some of the survival charms I've got up, C&C is always welcome

Purity of the Sun's Flames
Exalted Type: Solar
Cost: 15 motes and 1 willpower
Duration: One scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Survival: 5
Minimum Essence: 5
Prerequisite Charms: Sun's Flaming Tongue Attack
This charm is a more powerful form of 'Sun's Flaming Tongue Attack'. Instead of launching a lash of solar flames at a single target, this charm ignites the character's anima; forming an immense aura of solar flames that protects the solar and harms all who would attempt to attack the character in close one-on-one fights.

The solar makes a (Stamina + Survival + Essence) roll, 1 success is all that's necessary to activate this charm. The extra successes from this roll are applied to the damage of the solar flames.

If the roll fails, nothing happens and the willpower and essence are unspend.

If the player botches the roll, his character pays the full cost of the charm but has nothing to show for it, terrible botches should have horrific results.

The radius of the aura is equal to 5 yard per dot of essence that the solar has. This means that a solar with essence 5 would have an aura of 50 yards across with the solar right at the center.

Everyone caught in the area of the aura takes lethal damage equal to the Solar's Essence score (+ extra successes from the earlier roll) per turn. Undeads, demons and other creatures of Darkness take aggravated damage instead; beings from the Wyld take lethal damage like everyone else.

This aura is formed of solar flames and as such, Dragon Blooded gain no elemental immunity to its flames nor do beings with resistence to normal flames. It requires a high level charm or effect to negate the damage from the solar flames or an activation of 'Purity of the Sun's Flames', as all solars (and abyssal moonshadows) using this charm are immune to the effects of this charm that are in use by other solars.

And as the aura is on for the entire scene, it affects everyone caught in it. This effect can not be dodged or parried at all by anyone within its radius, to successfully dodge requires that the character move out of the aura's radius. Magical Armour soak is simply cut in half for the effect of soaking the solar flames, the soak of mundane armour is simply ignored as they burn/melt within seconds. Stamina soak is applied as normal.

The aura is centered on the solar, following him or her around unlike the similiar and weaker Dragon Blooded charm 'Dragon Vortex Attack'. It should be noted that this charm makes its user stand out, no matter where it's used as it forms a VERY bright aura around the Solar (treat as if the Solar has spend 15 points of perpherial essence while this charm is active, irregardless of which essence pool was used).

Ranged attacks with weapons not crafted of essence or of magical metal, will not hit the solar as they burn up before even reaching the solar.

Please note that charm is horrific in terms of the damage it does to the enviroment, as it will burn anything that's burnable, and if the solar stays too long in any area, it WILL burn the very ground the solar stands on, causing stone and metal to melt, boil and then become nothing more then steam.

For vile, evil! anathema players (you know who you are) or NPC characters, it should be noted that use of this charm in an urban area (even for 1 turn) will likely result in a conflagration (starting from your solar's nuclear bonfire) that could possibly sweep across the city or town you're in.

It is also quite possible that there are Abyssal and Infernal variants of this charm, calling on the might of the Neverborn or the Yozi. If so, this charm grants no protection from their flames and vice versa.

Peanut Gallery

Please leave your C&C in this section. Thank you.
~ Haku

Cool! Odd emphasis at places, but I really like the charm.
-- Darloth

Thanks for the compliment, Darloth. But basically I was looking at the Zenith castebook charm and then at the Dragonblooded Vortes charm and went... hmmmm... and got a image of a solar dancing in the middle of a nuclear bonfire... ^_^;
~ Haku

You're math's a little off, Haku. 4 x 5 is 20, not 40. ~ Andrew02

I believe it's stated that the -radius-, not the diameter of the aura, is 4 X 5. This means that aura is 20 in any given direction from the solar at it's center. This means the aura on a whole is 4 x 10. And it's a bad typo I've got there as it should have been 5 x 5 in radius for the bare minimum. I'll edit the example in there, changing it from a 4 to a 5 and the minimum diameter of the aura.
~ Haku
. . . it states that -now- . . . but I am sure you changed it. :p ~ Andrew02