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Please note that this is a NPC character for my solar character in Micah's "Shaking the Pillars of Heaven" game-setting. And thus is built with the House rules he uses. ~ Haku

Name           - Miyuki
Player         - NPC
Concept        - Protective Elder Sister
Nature         - Conniver
Heritage       - Godblooded
Inheritence    - 2 - gets 12 bonus and up to 15 flaws
Spent  XP      - 000
Earned XP      - 000
XP Spent on    - list

'F' - Favoured         'C' - Caste              Bonus points    0/15
Abilities      4/4     Backgrounds      4/4     Specialties     2/3
Essence        5/1


Strength oo Charisma ooo Perception oo Dexterity oo Manipulation oooo Intelligence ooo Stamina oo Appearance oo Wits oo


War Life Wisdom Archery Craft Bureaucracy oo Athletics o Larceny Investication o Awareness o Linguistics oo Lore ooo Brawl Performance F ooo+ Medicine Dodge o Presence oo Occult ooo Endurance Ride oo Martial Arts Sail Specialities Melee oo+ Socialize o + Prayers oo Resistance o Stealth + Croizer o Thrown Survival o


Artifact ooo Spirit Croizer (see below) Artifact oo Jade Buff Jacket Contacts oo Thaumaturges, savants, holymen, and exorcists Linguistics ** River Tongue (native), Old Realm, Forest Tongue Resources ooo Money made as an exorcist

Merits & Flaws

Awakened Essence -5 Charm -7 Dynasty of Inheritence -2 Longevity -2 Magical Attunement -4 Total Merits 20 points

Affected by Wards +4 Beacon of Power +4 Total Flaws 08 points

Willpower o o o o o Compassion ooo Natural Soak 00L / 02B / 00A Conviction oo Armour Soak 07L / 10B / 07A Temperance oo Total Soak 07L / 12B / 07A Valor oo

-0 o Essence oo -1 o o Personal 09 | 00 -2 o o Peripheral 20 | 07 -4 o Artifacts 13 Incapacitated Remaining 07 | 00

Essence Calculation

(Essence(2) * 5) + (Willpower(5) * 2) + (Sum of Virtues(9)) = 29 / 3

Anima Flare

Miyuki would smell of wheat, while a golden green aura slowly bellow upwards and outwards from her feet up her body.

Jade Buff Jacket - 7L/10B, -1 mobility, 0 fatigue

Spirit Croizer - Spd +4, Acc +2, Dmg +4L, Def +2
Croizer being a staff, with a large metal ring on one end with little metal rings in said big ring... typically seen with holy people. This is a variant of the Spirit Sword seen in the caste dawn book on page 80. See below for write-up on powers.

Several sets of travelling clothing, and 1 set of courtly clothing

Gelded Horse

Equipment for exorcism rituals

Equipment for warding rituals

Assorted gear for traveling outdoors

Hurry Home (G.o.D. pg 132 // appendix)
Costs : 10 motes + 1 Willpower
Duration : Instant
Type : Reflexive
Minimum Tempermance : 2
Minimum Essence : 1

With a successful Wits + Tempermance check, Miyuki can run run away home; which happens to be the Valley of the Hidden Wind. The more tense and hurried the situation, the more successes is needed. One success is all that's needed in a calm and tranquil enviroment. Five successes takes Miyuki home even in the middle of combat.

Miyuki's version of 'Hurry Home' takes the form of her breaking apart as if she were a human-sized pile of wheat grains in a strong wind. She then reappears in her home inside the valley.

Miyuki is a fairly tall woman, standing a good 6 feet high. Her short blonde crop hair tends to lend her a strict look, if she didn't smile quite frequently. Her physical appearance places her in her 20s, even if she is older then that by a good decade. She typically wears well-mended travelling clothing that is much faded with time and travelling. She also wears her jade buff-jacket when travelling.

When on a job, she typically wears her courtly clothing if it's a big event with a high paying customer, otherwise, she typically works in her travelling clothing.

Miyuki is one of the godblooded born of the loins of the former patron goddess of the Valley of the Hidden Wind. Said goddess is a goddess of fertility of crops, and when the barbarians that settled in the valley had started to harvest the wild wheat that drew there, she realized she had a chance at becoming something more, and so she appeared to the shaman of that tribe and came to an agreement with the tribe.

Over time, the goddess grew in power with the little worship she deemed necesary, and the barbarians found that the crops that they grew and cultivated certainly did ease their food supply needs. As a fertility goddess, HoneySickle had certain lusts and with the presence of the men in the valley, it wasn't long before traces of her divine blood showed up in the tribe in the form of godblooded children.

All went fairly went... until HIS arrival and the way he defeated the current chieftain. With the defeat of her daughter, HoneySickle manifested herself to do battle with this upstart intructer. Only to fall in battle to the Solar exalted who revealed what he was while facing the goddess.

Once victorious, the solar extracted an oath from the goddess, that she would serve him in any way he desired. The inhabitants for their part were awed by the solar, who soon locked a monopoly on the local worship by his larger then life presence.

With the aid of spells, the solar then added more essence enhancements into the tribe of barbarians in the form of demonic mating, as well as adding his own blood into their tribe. HoneySickle, for her part, would have faded out of the scene if the solar hadn't compelled her to continue adding her blood into the tribe.

And that was where Miyuki came in, her grandmother on both sides was the goddess. And while, she wasn't quite as strong as some of the other blooded, she was moderately intelligent and conniving enough that she was sent into the outside world to spy for Eight Headed Serpent.

While out there, she makes a living based on a simple trade, that of being a go-between for mortals and spirits. Given her particular breeding as well as the artifacts gifted to her, Miyuki is a rather successful exorcist.

However, her last visit home held an unpleasent surprise, the master of the valley was dead, slain by some great evil... and there was a new mistress to replace him.

It has been impressed upon her by the tribe's elders that Misa would be going forth into the world to gather her thoughhts on Creation in general and would return in due time, with either an updated plan or continuation of the master's old plan... and it was her job to make sure absolutely NOTHING happens to Misa.

While travelling with Misa, Miyuki has come to look upon the solar as a younger sister to look after and care for.

Gear Write-Up
Spirit Croizer - Spd +4, Acc +2, Dmg +4L, Def +2
Croizer being a staff, with a large metal ring on one end with little metal rings in said big ring... typically seen with holy people.

The weapon allows those attuned to it to precieve dematerialized beings as vague luminious clouds. This effect does not allow the person to preceive any details about the spirit, but is enough to target said beings for attacks. The wielder can also see if someone is possessed, the possessing spirit appears as a cloudy outline around the host. The large crimson gemstone set into the large metal ring at the top glows when there is a possessed being or dematerialized being within 5 yards of the weapon.

When used against spirits possessing people or dematerialized, the weapon does double its raw damage. Attunement cost is 10 motes.

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