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Micah's Exalted Wiki Page

You won't see that many mechanics and crunch here. Instead, you'll likely stumble across a seething morass of musing and rants that have surged beyond the forefront of my brain to strangle what little sanity I still horde and demanded that they be written. Think of this as my own private little way to 'excise the demons', as they say. Oh, and a charachter sheet or two.

Essays and Rants

In no particular order, and as the muse strikes. The titles for the ones I'm planning are listed here, as well.

MicahHakubi/Essay01 Why Sidereals are Sidereals / What Sidereals Are

Essay02 What Lunars where in the First Age

MicahHakubi/Essay03 Man, Dawns Just Get No Lovin'

Essay04 Reasons why Exalted band together in the Second Age(Solars / Abyssals and Lunars)

Essay05 Why Sidereals should be the only one to weild Sidereal Martial Arts, and why I'm okay with this.

Essay06 Are Sidereal Martial Arts Uber? Not Really. Here's why...

Essay07 Why Rogue Abyssals Need No Excuse.

Essay08 Why the Celestial Incarna won't directly mess with Creation - and never should.


MicahHakubi/MourningStar : My first Solar Exalt. A Dawn. If I had to do it over again, his point spread would be alot different, but dear god, I love the charachter still.  :)

MicahHakubi/ArsenalHalo : My second Solar Exalt, this time a Twilight, and the one in my current game(the first being on hiatus). He's been around for a while, and I'm glad I finally got the chance to play him.

MicahHakubi/TepetMakaan : A hopeful, yet another Solar Exalt, and another Twilight. This one from the Blessed Isle, to boot. I keep hoping a game comes along where I'll get to use him, somehow.

MicahHakubi/Melchior : Lore 7, Essence 1 body. I'm shameless, I admit...

MicahHakubi/ThousandSunderingHells : I shall name him 'Thousand' - a Civilized, Casteless, Chimeric Lunar. My reaction from having to slog through the Lunars Book and Chargen. As he'll be an NPC in a upcoming Campaign I'll be running, it may be a while before backstory and stats get put here...

Shaking the Pillars of Heaven

The Exalted Chronicle I'm currently in the process of ST'ing. Has yet to start, though I've already got a slew of HouseRules and charachter sheets...


MicahHakubi/LunarHouseRules : While no one is playing a Lunar, therefor saving me from having to hack apart the Lunar Charm Brambles, I did come up with personal houserules for them, to sooth my exorbent incredulity upon reading Lunars CharGen, if nothing else.




Other Bits

MicahHakubi/RighteousDevilStyle Gods, but I love this Martial Art. A few ideas for it.

MicahHakubi/CustomLunarCharms Also in response to slogging through the Lunar chargen and charm clouds.

MicahHakubi/CureTheGreatCurseInTenSteps : Note it mentions nothing about -easy-... One way to go about it.

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Re: the Essays -- you appear to have labeled them in opposite; Essay03 is actually the Dawn one, not the Sidereal, and Essay01 is Sidereals. Also, I took the liberty of correcting your spelling of "rogue," because "rouge Abyssals" makes me giggle. -- AntiVehicleRocket

The grammer police, I cannot get away from them. Danke. It's a work in progress, this page is. - MicahHakubi