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A list of the books that exist for Exalted, including descriptions. See also ExaltedReleaseSchedule, which tells us when not-yet-released books will come out. Feel free to add your own notes and reviews to these book descriptions; please keep in mind that the purpose of these reviews is to help people decide whether to buy these books. In other words, try to write things that say, for example, "I like this book because ..." rather than "This book r0xx0rz my s0xx0rz & I want to have GCG's children!" Not that, you know, anyone minds if you want to have Grabowski's children ... but try to give us some actual information on top of that little factoid.

Third Edition

Core Books

Second Edition

Core Books

Manuals of Exalted Power

Character books.

The Books of Sorcery

Magic books.

The Compass of Terrestrial Directions

Location books, one for each direction.

The Compass of Celestial Directions

Supernatural location books.

The Five Scrolls of Esoteric Wisdom

"We couldn't come up with a unifying theme" books.

Books that do not have a series title


First Edition

Core Rulebooks

These are books that are probably most useful for playing the game and don't fall under the other categories.

  • Exalted: Hardback, with a picture of Harmonious Jade, Night Caste, on the cover.
  • Exalted Players Guide: White Wolf had a contest that players could enter to try to get onto the cover of this book; the list of winning character descriptions is available here. The cover girl is Heysha Black Asp, the guy on the back cover is Shado, and the winning characters are all on the inside cover as well as the outside. On the inside cover, they are, from right to left: top row -- Maric, Hentoshi Salume, Heysha Black Asp, Rhazahd Va'deen, Ombato Hammer Horn; middle guy on cloud -- Shado; bottom row -- Shadow, Prophet of Crimson and Steel, ExaltedWiki's very own Lady Shataina (creator: Shataina), Crumbling Pillar, and Tepet Kenjarek.
  • Exalted Storyteller's Companion: The first supplement for Exalted. Softcover, red spine, has a picture of a lot of characters on the front. (These appear to be, clockwise from top: Tepet Ejava (the Roseblack), Chejop Kejak, Panther, Dace, Swan, Harmonious Jade, Arianna, and some Lunar dude.) Reviewed by Shataina


These large, hardback books each describe a different sort of Exalted and a certain area of the setting.


Solar Caste Books

Dragon-Blooded Aspect Books


Location Books

These either focus on a particular region of Creation or, despite having a different focus, shed a lot of light on an area.


These expand on a particular facet of the game, system- or setting-wise.



That's Peleps Delad on the cover, not Sesus Ajusa. And why does it have to be noted? It seems that the other books are fine without such subtext. In all actuality, I don't think descriptions of the covers are even that necessary when I think on it. And why are they all links? What's wrong with them just being a list and all that?

T'is good otherwise. Stuff. Blaque

I just thought descriptions of who was on the covers would be kind of neat. As for the linkage... I intended to create a sub-page for each book that could be linked to from other wikipages and would have reviews, synopses, notes on availability and / or necessity, and other notes specifically related to the book itself. But I kinda stuck it on the back burner... -- JesseLowe

I couldn't remember all the cover characters, but I did my best. (Also, I second Blaque, not that I have any idea who that guy on the Dragon-Blooded cover is, but he's definitely a Water Aspect at least.) Do you care if other people put their own comments on these book subpages? I probably will at some point (I have a lot of time to kill today and free wireless internet to steal), but you can feel free to yell at me if you envisioned this as being a personal project.  :)
~ Shataina
PS: I see no reason for there to be both BookReviews and this page, so I'm going to put in redirects on BookReviews and transfer all that stuff over here, since this page is way better set up and I think it's better to have a more general overview plus reviews rather than a general overview page and a separate review page.

Heck, I don't mind at all. It's a wiki, after all... and I don't have all of the books, either. :( -- JesseLowe
Rock. One thing I've just noticed: Amazon sucks for information about exactly what authors wrote which books, and so does the White Wolf website itself. I'm now making entries for every book, so if anyone wants to go through them and write in the authors, that would be cool.
~ Shataina

Added a couple of cover characters. --MF

Um, Cathak Cainan is most certainly male. I'm pretty sure the cover girl of AB:Fire is Sesus Rafara. -- Xeriar
Changed, Rafara has the robes and the ring-chain-glove thing, while Cainan's.. um, armor-clad and has facial hair. If someone feels upset by me changing it, feel free to scream and whatnot. -- Will
Cover girl? Damn, do I ever need new glasses! --MF

The guy on the Lunars cover is Strength of Many, the Bull-totemed Full Moon in the splat and the ficiton. He has the bull legs, not the Boar, who has tusks. Just a note. Its also SoM's axe in the illustrations of him if you sit and compare to make sure.

Stuff. Blaque

I'm gonna make a fiction catagory for a Day as Dark as Night, actually. It just seems wrong to me in adventures. As usual, if people object, just move it back and I won't do it again.
-- Darloth

Added E:tFF's entry and cover character, A Day Dark As Night, and the Trilogy of the Second Age. Changed the order of the fiction books around, reformatted In Northern Twilight and Relic of the Dawn. -- Will

Minor organizational reformat of the fiction section. -Suzume

Adding links for the last two caste novels, Autochthon fatsplat. Also, highlighting Shataina's name (Mad Propz) -Suzume

Aww, thanks. The character's at Shataina/LadyShataina, if you care.
~ Shataina

So many minor edits. I can't count them all, but there's the result of my 3-4 AM anal-retentive organization spree. Enjoy. -- Will

Hey, it says that the fatsplat for the Autochthonians comes out May 2, but it's, like, May 5th or 6th (I'm too lazy to check), and I haven't even heard anything about it yet. Are we sure that date's right? -- CaptainPenguin

Oh, it's out. - Telgar

I own a copy. It's good.
-- Darloth

I figured out who the guy on the front of the Autochthon book. He's on page 225. looking at the desciption and the cover it becomes quite obvious. - Paladinltd

It's not him. MPAC rolls along on castors, has four arms and uses a daiklave rather than a grimcleaver. Could he be Stern Whip of Industry, perhaps? - Falcon

Stern Whip, that's what I thought. However, I think it's SWoI who's depicted on the full-size image next to the intro story to Chapter 2, and he doesn't look much like the guy on the cover. Usually, the characters are very similar, no matter which artist drew them. -X
Ah I stand corrected. this is quite annoying. they should have just put Lissome Avid Engineer on there. at least she had a story. - Paladinltd
Maybe we should just call him Bob the Jade-Caste Alchemical. He looks like a Bob to me... - F
I agree abvout LAE. She should have been on the cover for the story reason... plus she's a hottie. Other odd thing, most of the characters pictured in the caste descriptions are identifiable. Well... 3 at least. The Starmetal is clearly Lissome Avid Engineer, the Moonsilver I'm fairly certain is Excessively Righteous Blossom, and I'm darn sure I thought I knew who the Orichalcum was too. Are the Caste characters from past Exalted fat splats generally identifiable as characters from intro pieces elsewhere in the book? -Krendal
Yes, which is really the only reason to suspect that the Jade Caste signature character is SWoI. Note also that the two mortals in the back cover background are clearly Tringle and Ives from the Chapter 1 fictro. And frankly, I'm pleased that Lissome Avid Engineer didn't make the cover, because I'm sick of having to plaster the covers of Exalted books with contact paper in order to read them in public without raising eyebrows and getting lousy service from offended waitresses. Furthermore, while I know at least one female electrical engineer who's enough of an exhibitionist to dress like that in public, I bet she doesn't do it while working; the less skin you expose, the less likely you are to get globs of hot solder spattered on it. --MF
Hmmm... actually, after I made that pose I went through the Alchemical castes, and I realized that I personally can only definitively identify the Moonsilver (Excessively Righteous Blossom) and the Starmetal (Lissome Avid Engineer). I thought I felt like I knew who the Orichalcum was, but after combing the book, I couldn't place him. And I have NO idea who the Soulsteel is or the Jade (theories about Stern Whip of Industry notwithstanding). Then I was flipping through Fair Folk again, and I personally have no idea who any of that books caste figures are supposed to be (though others on here might). So... I'm now wondering if at least some caste characters aren't necessarily clearing defined. -Krendal
The Orichalcum looks to be Fair-Spoken Rishi; note that each of his eye-sockets contains four green eyes in a diamond formation, just as described on p. 225. As for Fair Folk, Diplomat is clearly Neshi of the Double Whips, Entertainer is Dilari of the Sea Foam, Warrior is Laughing Boy, Worker is Shikuzi. Same four that are in the background of the cover illustration, same four that figure in the chapter fictros. --MF

I just updated the Second Edition section to reflect the gameplan given in the back of Book/ExaltedSecondStorytellersCompanion, along with everything I could find about upcoming releases. --Dataweaver

Does anyone know about the status of the Scroll of Kings? It's not put as one of the Scrolls of Esoteric Wisdom, but the blurb in the Coming Next In This Series lists The Scroll of the Lesser Races as the second of the Scrolls of Esoteric Wisdom, which would put the Scroll of Kings as a volume 1.5 of the series. --Birion