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Yours truly, known to the net as X, was born in northern Germany in the winter of 1980, which currently makes him 25 years old, although this figure might change without prior notice. My current occupation is that of a student of computer sciences in Karlsruhe, Germany - though most of my time is spent with games.
An avid gamer since I got my first computer in 1987 and something like a roleplayer since 1993, I went through a major change of priorities and kicked computer gaming almost completely, thus to focus on roleplaying, in 2001.
I got into Exalted in 2003, after two years of calling it a "poor clone of Earthdawn", just out of curiosity and a lack of other books to read, and was instantly hooked, gathering and reading all the books in about half a year. Apart from EX and ED, I played the usual alotment of games everyone knows, including Nobilis by Exalted Author R. Sean Borgstrom Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom and Unknown Armies.

He is the part of the development team of Anathema, a character generation and campaign management toolkit for Exalted.