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Szoreny, the Tree Who Is A Forest

Unity, Inversion
Progeny Count: 2:1:1
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  • Kagami, Fetich Soul, the City of Mirrors
  • Bostvade, Second Soul, the Quicksilver Highway
  • Saltran
  • Dherghen-Trozdos, Fetich Soul, the Flock of Briars (Telgar)
    The inner-most soul of Szoreny is remarkable among demons for the straight forward way in which he manifests and his placidity. Though his physical expression a vast murder of ravens, all plumed with writhing briars, he himself is not overly dangerous to the polite and well-mannered. Aside from his habit for infesting all avian life within reach with his briars and transforming them into further members of his collective self, the Flock of Briars is a pacifist. Each bird within the Flock is a thought, a reflection of some quality the demon is currently feeling. Conversing with Dherghen-Trozdos is difficult, even when he is bound by a summoning, because each of the birds has a different frame of reference for the world. Every thought the Flock has is expressed and every possible reaction is displayed. Only by isolating one bird from the Flock is it possible to actually deal with Dherghen-Trozdos in any meaningful fashion. Even then, it is quite hard to be sure the bird you are dealing with is the one you want.
    • Koinoghwer, Expressive, the Field of Hunger (Telgar)
      Far less comprehensible then his father Dherghen-Trozdos, the Field of Hunger is one of Szoreny's most prominent landmarks. Koinoghwer rests in the bosom of Szoreny's unified multiplicity, a gap in the endless march of silver trees. He exists as waves in the short, grey grass that spread between the trees. As the waves grow more frequent and intense, so does the concentration of Koinoghwer's presence and his malice. Occasionally he gathers himself as a storm within the grey grass, devouring anything that treads upon him. When summoned into Creation the Field of Hunger takes the form of a roiling cloud of plant debris and dirt. Sorcerers who summon Koinoghwer do so to harness his power over the wilderness and his endless appetite for those who walk. The demon will have nothing to do with beings which fly, swim or remain still. Only those who walk draw his attention and ire.