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Cecelyne, the Endless Desert

Space, Restriction
Progeny Count: 3:6:6
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  • Orabilis, the End of All Wisdom
    • Florivet, Reflecting, the Whim-of-the-Wind
      • Agata, the Beauteous Wasp
      • Naneke, the Reader of Forbidden Texts
    • Gebre, Messenger, the Pavane of Dying Stars
    • Lucien, Expressing, the Guardian of Sleep
      • Gilmyne, the Dancer at the Saigoth Gates
      • Perronele, the Living Armour
      • Tinsiana, the Scorpion Demons
      • Naheixos, the Empty Soul
        Demons without souls, ravenously hungry masters of stealth.
    • Thancharat, Warden, The Crawling Rune (Quendalon)
      Thancharat most commonly manifests in the form of writing: a scrivener’s entry in a ledger, a sorcerous circle of runes, or a shining glyph that hangs quivering upon the air. These runes burn straight through the mind to impose thoughts, erase them, or simply shatter a hapless reader’s sanity, leaving only a gibbering husk that jabbers endlessly in unknown tongues. Its mortal form is that of an elderly man or woman whose body is made of innumerable tiny runes, whose face bears a web of wrinkles that compose a cryptic sign of terrible potency.
    • Jiagen, Wisdom, The Girl Chained in Ignorance (DariusSolluman)
      Jiagen appears as a young girl of the Blessed Isle, no older than seven or eight, dressed in a silk kimono of bright reds and greens. All around her, her shadow writhes and flows around her, occusionally snapping at the unwary. Jiagen is the Wisdom Soul of the End of All Wisdom, and to her is entrusted knowing everything that has never been learned. Once she was summoned by the wise, to learn quickly what no one else had ever thought to ask- now, she is a shell of her former self, and wanders the desert of Cecelyne, remembering only that she must remember what she has forgotten- for someone knows how the Yozis may escape, for she knows not how to break her own chains.
  • Langlaua, That Which Preserves (Quendalon)
    Langlaua pours out of the desert as a hot, dry wind, and the air quivers in her wake. She has also been known to appear as a swarm of golden dragonflies, a towering female shape formed of black sand borne upon a whirlwind, or a white-haired woman with eyes carved of amber. Her kiss grants the blessing of long life, while those she embraces wither into immortal husks of leather and bone. She may preserve anything beyond its normal span, even such fleeting traits as power, fame and desire. When the Yozis punish a demon with incarceration, it is Langlaua that lays her touch upon the prisoner to ensure the permanence of its captivity.
  • Verthan, the Lightning Across the Void (Kalisara)
    Verthan takes shape as a mighty stallion, black as the stones of the Underworld and with mane and tail of shining gold. Upon his back a summoner may ride to any place that exists in or out of Creation(1), and though the journey seem hours or days to the desperately clinging rider, only an instant will have passed. A lock of hair from Verthan's mane can be made into a talisman of great potency, but even summoned and bound, he will not allow one to be cut. Those who steal one by stealth or guile he will attempt to trample or hurl from his back; and anyone who falls is never seen again, for the Void claims them.
    (1) The likely consequences of riding a Third Circle demon into Yu-Shan are left as an exercise for the would-be summoner.
    • Ataranta-Etana, Messenger, the Prophet in the Waste (Kalisara)
      A woman of living copper, burnished to brilliance by sand and wind, Ataranta-Etana walks the wastes outside the city and speaks prophecies of the freeing of the Yozis. When Kimbery floods Cecelyne and all demonkind is reborn in Cytherea's womb, then, Ataranta-Etana has said, the old oaths will have no more force and Creation will be theirs once more. A motley cult of lesser demons follow her, and every Calibration they sacrifice a demon - or, if they have one, a human - in Kimbery's waters or Cytherea's flames.
      • Corosime, the Storm-Borne Glories (Kalisara)
        Whirlwinds of glittering dust, blowing from Ataranta-Etana when the wind scours her copper skin, the corosime desire only to dance. They are not fond of the city but are often seen twisting and spinning in the Endless Desert, sometimes accompanied in their dance by gilmyne and barra-kith, and are beautiful to see. Dancing with a corosima, wrapped around by its shining coils, a summoner can travel more swiftly than the fastest racehorse, but at the price of a skin left raw and bleeding from the abrasion of metal dust.
  • unknown
    • unknown
      • Pathatu, Walker of Ash and Sand (StalkerofShadows)
        A horse-sized praying mantis composed of sand partially fused into glass. The Pathatu is constantly surrounded by shimmering waves of heat and small wisps of flame, even when submerged in water (which they hate) or at the Elemental Pole of Air.