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The Primordials were -- and are -- the beings that created Creation. They were overthrown by their servants, the gods in the Primordial War. The slain Primordials became the Neverborn; the survivors were imprisoned in one of their own (Malfeas) and became the Yozis. Two Primordials remain whole and unchanged: Gaia and Autochthon. There were also two further Primordials unaccounted for, one later returned to initiate the Aftershock War (where it was eventually slain) and the fate of the latter remains unknown. In 1st Edition, the slain primordials were known as the Malfeans; this changed to the Neverborn in 2nd Edition.

A large number of CreationTheories involve the Primordials.

Canonical Primordials

List of named Primordials that would later become Neverborn or Yozis

Contributor-created Primordials

  • Ashura - another type of primordial, imprisoned before the war.
  • Kai-Fah-Tek, Arbiter of the Infinite Covenant

Other Primordial-related pages


In this page's intro text, there is reference to two unaccounted-for Primordials, one of which initiated the "Aftershock War". Where is this reference from? I don't recall it from any of my 1st Edition materials. - Quendalon

That's because I don't think it was mentioned in 1E. I believe the idea was first introduced in Dreams of the First Age. - Wordman