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Adorjan, The Silent Wind

Motion, Conclusion
Progeny Count: 4:8:14
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  • Jacint, the Prince Upon the Tower
    • Gumela, Wisdom, the Jeweled Auditor
      • Amphelisia, the Teakettle Courtier
      • Demjen, the Quickener of Ores
      • The Hopping Puppeteer
      • Theodoracis , The Enamoured Statue (Sindaen)
        The Theodoracis appear as beautiful maidens made completely from limestone. If they remain perfectly still, in a hearthbeat they begin to grow moss and deep green vines that cling to their bodies. The Theodoracis await next to gardens, ponds and each bridge The Prince Upon The Tower has ever built, so they can strangle lovers who frequent these spots with their vines and their cold mighty stone arms and bosoms. It is said that some of the kindess of Jacint is burned in a Theodoracis' soul when she comes into existence, and they sometimes spare mortal lovers if they feel their love is true. After a Theodoracis has fed on lover´s blood (demon or otherwise), the vines blossom on pale blue alabaster flowers and her stone skin turns to flesh, albeit for a night only. The Theodoracis can then walk off her pedestal and find a new spot to hunt before she returns to her statuesque form. Also, a potent love philtre can be created using the Theodoracis' moss.
      • Adrymne, The Sleepless Scour (Sindaen)
        The typical Adrymne consist of ten million iron ants, each twice the size of a flea. If they choose to become one being, the ants coalese into an amorphous humanoid shape made entirely of rust and thriving ants. The Adrymne love nothing more that to erode things of beauty and usefulness, and are a constant plague in the Demon Realm. When summoned, the Adrymne can easily devour 2,000 lbs of common metal or stone in an hour, leaving only rusty flakes or a mound of dust. They can also build trenches or underground tunnels large enough for a man to walk straight five miles in just a day. If commanded to do so, the Adrymne also can consolidate to form a bridge, or a chain made of small iron ants. The Adrymne never sleep.
    • Zsofika, Messenger, the Kite Flute
      • Angyalka, the Harpist
      • Teodozji, A Lion Sent Into The World
      • Traema, The Standard Bearers (Sindaen)
        The Traemas look like heavily built, fierce bald southerners with burning ember eyes. They carry war banners made from bone and argent silk with the sign of the celebration of Zsofika, also called the Signs of the Rotten Star. Kite Flutes atop these banners sing The Aria Of Inevitability. They are fierce protectors of their mother, and will attack and devour anyone who tries to stall her from her prey. If summoned alone, they serve as relays with potent magics that bend the path of arrows and other missiles away from the sorcerer.
      • Cervella, The Heartbeat Drummer (Sindaen)
        The Cervella appear as imposibly large, bestial women, standing over 12 feet tall with oily black skin adorned with red runes painted all over her body. Her eyes are sharp, deep green but blind and collars made from human bones and teeth hang from her body. The Cervella always carries a drum made from human skin with her and a drumstick made from the bones of a pelagic whale monster that has never truly died. The Cervellas exist only to play to the rhythm of the Silent Wind' heartbeat. Her music is powerful and primal and escorts Zsofika´s Celebration, and creatures of bestial nature gather when they hear they play. If summoned, the Cervella can break the rhythm of anything, making the raindrops dance madly or disrupting the coming of spring. In their presence, all things, beast and men slowly fall to the embrace of their drumbeat, and time itself flows oddly, ebbing to the eternal beating of the heart of Adorjan.
      • Zcylse, The Arc Of Ebon And Bone (Sindaen)
        Those who have witnesed the apparition of a Zcylse speak of her as a small, languid, childlike being with skin made from ebon and bone-white hair. They are reported to turn wheat sprouts, pine needles and rose buds into deadly living arrows. To some, they are the embodiment of the hunt of Zsofika, and the Zcylse lend themselves as bows for those who hunt their own kind, for the Zcylse draws breath only while something beatiful has been turned into a deadly weapon. At will, the Zcylse can take the shape of a magnificent composite bow, made from deep dark ebon and bone, carved with forbidden sigils, who can turn any pointed natural object into a deadly arrow that hungers for the heart-pulse of their victims. When a Zcylse finds a lonely archer who has lost his weapon, she offers herself and if he accepts, she becomes her weapon by day, her lover by night and her guide all the time. She will try to murmur softly into his ears the True Name of Kalmanka, the Arrow Wind, to make his arrows more deadly. The bow shape of each Zcylse is unique, and considered for all purposes a Perfect Weapon.
      • Theon, The Shining Blind Children (Sindaen)
        The Theon are depicted as albino human children of impossible pure white skin, mercurial hair and veiled marmorean eyes that strike fear in all those who set their own upon them. They sometimes wear bright woven-light clothes and speak in a polytone language of brass bells which was taught to them by The Sigil´s Dreamer, shining calamitous light into the hearts of men. Those mortals and animals touched by the light of the Theonis are left forever albino and mad. The Theon are the debris of Vitaris, filtered through Jacint and then to Zsofika. They enjoy stealing people´s memories depicting beatiful sights, and eventually, if they manage to fool a mortal, to exchange his sight and eyes in Creation for those a demon citizen has in Malfeas, though this lasts only for a while. Demons pay dearly to see the world outisde their prison, if only for a few hours, while the mind of the mortal slowly perishes under the aberrant skyline and impossible features of Malfeas. The Theon are greedy but not clever negotiators and sometimes used as harvesters of visions for powerful demon courtesans. The sight of Creation is considered a delicacy in some Malfean Courts, and Third Circles even beset Theons to steal particular sights from particular people. If summoned, a Theon can be ordered to blind an enemy or steal a beloved sight from him. The marble eyes of a Theon can be made into certain artifacts used for revealing dematerialized spirits and hidden things.
    • The Sedurian, Expressive, Who Twists the World out of Shape
      An inteligent, erudite lizard-demon with a knack for Manse construction and warping space, as well as combining the two.
  • Zinnridi, The Unfettered (Quendalon)
    Ever moving, ever shifting, the demon Zinnridi takes many forms, though it inevitably returns to its formless state as a flowing quicksilver mass. Nothing can bar its passage, nor in fact can any passage be barred in its presence. Where the Unfettered goes, neither lock nor door nor bars can restrain movement; even the tiniest aperture twists wide to admit those who seek entrance or egress. Its touch breaks all bonds, including the intangible fetters of oaths, loyalty, love and hate.
    • Alalgar, Messenger, the Ever Open Door (Quendalon)
      Those who would travel fast and far have been known to call upon Alalgar. He appears as a massive man swathed in violet draperies that swirl in an unseen wind. But to part his draperies reveals no body beneath, only a cold and windy darkness. Those who pass through that darkness find themselves elsewhere, for Alalgar is a bridge to other places, both in Malfeas and Creation. He ensnares those who offend him in cocoons of violet cloth, then casts them through his inner darkness to meet some bleak and lonely doom.
      • Shilkani, the Creeping Rift (Quendalon)
        A chartreuse glow spills from these bizarre living wounds. A shilkani has no body, no flesh; it is merely a gap, an interstice, which glides across solid surfaces like a butterfly’s shadow, shrinking to a greenish line no longer than a finger or gaping wide as an archway or oubliette. A shilkani lives to feed. Its gullet rests Elsewhere; that which it consumes vanishes from the world. Piercing a shilkani’s gullet with an artifact weapon slays it instantly, violently expelling its current meal; its master may also compel it to refrain from digesting a creature or thing, storing it unharmed for a day and a night. By dimming its fires, a shilkani may open a portal through the surface upon which it rests, forming a doorway through wood or stone – or a gushing wound in living flesh. Three things these demons cannot abide: the dances of the gilmyne, the smoke from burning thorns, and the sound of golden bells; any of these things will drive one away.
    • Dilmun, Indulgent, the Intricate Paradise (FourWillowsWeeping)
      Beyond every door awaits Dilmun, the place where all desires are satiated and all limits are removed. The space inside Dilmun is bent strangely in time and space; up is where one feels it to be, and 'then' and 'now' can be the same if you wish it. One can enter Dilmun by passing through a doorway without any knowledge of what lies beyond. But those who try and remove the treasures of Dilmun to the world outside discover that they cannot, for these treasures are shattered by the touch of natural law.
      • Thamora, The Salacious Maiden (Sindaen)
        The Thamorae are the servants and lovers of those who visit of Dilmun. They appear as gorgeous maidens of tanned skin dressed in the finest and most revealing clothes of impossible iridiscent hues that cling to their flawless bodies. Their eyes are bright, broken or flawed emeralds that shine a bit of Vitaris' light into the hearts of man and women alike, reflecting their inner dreams and stealing their memmories of a place outside The Intricate Paradise. The Thamorae can softly whisper dreams and stories not yet told in the ears of their lovers, as they are excellent storytellers, dancers and performers. When summoned alone, the Thamora lust only to return to Dilmun, and take victims with them. They fiercely hate beautiful women and faithful men.
      • Ophana, The Mephitic Blossom (Sindaen)
        The Ophanae are talkative flowers that only grow in the gardens of the Intricate Paradise. They look like giant viper´s bugloss flowers, large as a wolf´s head with spiked petals of crimson and coral with lascive, whip like tonges. They know many languages, including those of the insects and plants, and can teach them to those who place a drop of blood from their lips in the flower´s petals. They have a deep feminine voice, and their perfume is venomous to all those who have never found true love. Sages speculate that the Ophanae can slow but surely fascinate lonely men or women with this scent, inducing them into suicide. The blood and flesh of those who sucumb to the Mephitic Blossom´s beckon are used to make soil fertile so new Ophanae may blossom. The Ophanas dry-rot in the light of The Unconquered Sun, but may bloom in argent colors with the caress of Luna´s light reflecting on a polished brass mirror.
  • Quendalon, the Seventh Soul of Adjoran, known only to mortals through stories. (Arbane)
  • Ashar'Lhan, the Tenth Soul of Adorjan (Nero's Boot)
    Ashar'Lhan was once known as Elib Dhaan, Maker of Rivers. But when Adrian became Adorjan, Elib Dhaan was transfigured, and became Ashar'Lhan, which in Old Realm means "Teacher of Pleasure." Ashar'Lhan is a giant, standing as tall as a mountain, and as strong. He wields a mighty maul of stone and fiery steel, which does not break down or rend asunder castle walls; rather, to be pummelled by his maul is to be rendered ecstatic with pleasure, as the wind of Adorjan tears at your soul, filling you will forbidden insight. The secrets of pleasure are Ashar'Lhan's to control, and many are the mad cultists who seek his touch.
    • Uruk the Mighty, Expressive Soul of Ashar'Lhan (Nero's Boot)
      Uruk the Mighty takes the visage of a warrior with thews of steel and burning brass, with a helmed face that bespeaks much suffering. Uruk is the inversion of his master Ashar'Lhan, and is the embodiment of pain. His skin bleeds for a million wounds, and to see his unhelmed face is to see a patchwork quilt of flayed flesh and sewed-on muscle. Uruk is revered by torturers and inquisitors, for many have need of his arts.
    • Issa the Vain, Indulgent soul of Ashar'Lhan (Nero's Boot)
      Issa is beautiful, for she is the first beautiful woman. She is the joy of physicality, the joy of carnality, and the pleasure of beautiful things. Perfect in body and visage, Issa is a thoughtless thing, indulging in her own desires as she wills. Still she is an artist, and many would slay their heart's love for the ownership of her works. Many lust for her in the Demon Realm, but she will have no lover, save that of a Solar she served in the Old Realm. Endlessly she waits for his rebirth, for she lusts for him, and will make him her slave, lest she herself wither away from despair.
    • Yir the Golden, Warden soul of Ashar'Lhan (Nero's Boot)
      Yir the Golden strides the field of battle like a prince among the earth, a giant ten feet tall, made of solid brass and clay. For Yir is the joy of battle, the glee of frenzy, and the love of carnage, all things that Ashar'Lhan longs for but cannot consumate. Yir wields the Harmony of Ecstacy, a daiklave of Malfean iron that slays all mortals it touches and causes Exalted to bleed from their eyes. Yir is mad with pain, for it is said that when Adorjan was Adrian, Yir was known as Yulnah the Free, the embodiment of bodiless mentality. Forced into solid shape with the rise of Adorjan, Yir the Golden suffers; and as he suffers, so suffers Creation.
  • Sazakya, The Storm Of Wrathful Winds, 17th Soul Of The Silent Wind Sindaen
    The ethereal demon known as Sazakya appears to unwary demons as a fierce typhoon made from abstract storm clouds with strange, many faced shapes in them. Lightning cracks inside it, and sometimes Csyvel can be seen flying his ivory dragon, herding thunders that echo in her mother´s tongue. In her wake, all things that belong to the earth are destroyed, and buildings are torn to pieces. She remembers only the meaning of The Ominous Chant Of Destruction, and her passing makes the earth barren and bleached, for some ancient events made her forgot the Truthful Dance Of Renovation. Sazakya is the Storm Of Wrathful Winds, driven mad by the song of the Lightning Locusts and one of the fiercest and most destructive souls of The Silent Wind. Since she came into existance, has deeply hated The Earth Season of Creation. If she even remembers how this war began is unknown.
      • Csyvel, The Ivory Hearder, Messenger Soul Of The Storm Of Wrathful Winds (Sindaen)
        Each time The Storm Of Wrathful Winds changes direction, the lightning locusts that live within her intone one verse from The Omninous Chant Of Destruction. Their humming calls forth thunder, and is the mission of Csyvel to tame and herd this thunder riding his ivory dragon. Csyvel himself has the shape of a massive dreadful old man, wearing a cape of frost and with his pale but muscular body ornated with the thousand names of thunder, like an old northern king. He wears a white long cape that bites the skin on his back. He has a pair of useless bone wings that have been long eaten by the locusts, and he tames lightning with a mighty iron trident. Csyvel rides a big white ivory dragon called Rhozva, that looks more like an giant undead eel with insectoid claws and eyes. When summoned in Creation, Csyvel leaves his duty unattended, and the lightning-song of his mother causes great destruction in Malfeas. When Csyvel reaches Creation, his hair crisps and tingles with while lightning and things of earth scowl at his presence. He is a mighty warrior and knows how to call forth storms, for their counterparts in creation were shaped after her mother. Csyvel has sometimes ride into the far reaches of Malfeas, sending Rhozva during Calibration to steal a mortal woman for him. For the entire Air Season she is raped by Csyvel and kept in Rhozva´s womb. After the season of Earth has passed in Creation, the woman, now pregnant is devoured from the inside by a myriad of pale locusts, her name now belonging to Csyvel and the hunger of the locusts stops for one full month.
  • Adorjan's Four Wind Daughters, her children by a Solar, not among her souls.
    • Kalmanka, the Arrow Wind
    • Vitaris, the Brilliant Wind
    • Pellegrina, the Grinding Wind
    • Kamilla, the Wind of Promise


Dilmun is neat. I'd wanted to design a demon that was a place, but none ever really jelled. Unlike my failed attempts, Dilmun works, and would make a neat backdrop for a character-exploration scene for high-Temperance Solar Exalts. - Quendalon


Anyone have any ideas what to do with Adorjan's other three daughters - the ones that went off wandering Creation? - Garden

The text seems to imply that they lived out mortal lives, but they could just as easily be immortal entities of great power. Feel free to add writeups for some or all of the three (or more, for extra options!) - Quendalon

I turned one of her three mortal daughters into a Solar Exalt of the Dawn Caste, Asara. After being killed by the DB's she became the Silent Daughter of Wind and Light, a Dealthlord with no ability to speak beyond her song-based Charms. - Telgar

Modesty ill becomes a storyteller of your skill, Quendalon :). -- Arbane.

English not my native language, please feel free to correct my spelling errors - Sindaen

Sindaen, your demons are awesome. I can't wait to use them in my game. I proofread them for you; thanks for posting them! - willows

  • Adorjan's Three Mortal Daughters, by the same Solar father, who chose not to shed their mortal frames and lose their consciousness. These three are possibly the most powerful God-Blooded in Creation - with a Primordial parent on the one side, and a First Age Solar on the other. Their purpose is carefully measured and controlled by their mother, who once said unto Gumela, "Seek Mayoigo." (canon: GoD pg 100) Of what import is Mayoigo? What part do the daughters of Adorjan have to play in this? Only Time will tell...funny how its the Angyalka, demons within Adorjan's hierarchy that play the harp of Time. Her daughter's destinies are certainly not written in the stars of Creation and their mastery of Essence must rival that of the Exalted. I have them as identical twins. (opinion) In my story, they will meld with one another (including their 4 other sisters), using Mayoigo as a catalyst and using a special path created by Jacint and the blood of a Solar - a composite being will be born (many souls), returning back down the path that Jacint will summon. The first Primordial to be born since the Primordial War - it will return from Elsewhere - and it will be free, having never sworn anything on its own name. It will be called, the Wind of Life, and it will destroy the treacherous Celestines...
    • Alexanthia
    • Chriu
    • Lamnis

-- DivMax - I put this here just as my idea. If anyone likes it, they can clean it up and move it above.