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Gatanaris, The Sable Oases

Sometimes, a hapless traveller journeying across the endless sands of Cecelyne will come across a lake, dotted with rocks that jut from it and sing a mournful melody. Black as the Ebon Dragon, as still as a sheet of glass, it is ominous, and the sands around it are dark as sin. But after an eternity of wandering, it is still inviting, terribly so, and the journeyer will find themselves drawn towards it, a quiet oasis in a sea of suffering. Those who step into it may begin to swim, but soon they find their movements slow. Agony spikes along them, and as they open their mouths to scream, the waters surge, imprisoning them forever as one more rock, its inner torments invisible to the naked eye.

Thus lives Gatanaris. Even in the time before time, he was never a strong Yozi. Instead, he depended on his nature as a quiet and pleasing being to protect him from his brothers and sisters. In particular, he found himself close to Cecelyne, and the two often journeyed and battled together. When the Primordial War came, Gatanaris was afraid, and hid rather than fight. His siblings were enraged, and he was forced into exile within Cecelyne at the war's end for fear of their wrath. Even there, he was broken and scattered, thin tendrils trying to hold himself together as he sits on top of his former friend. Now, he lurks, and keeps watch, and captures those who come searching the desert for ways into or out of the Demon Realms. (FrivYeti)

Suffering, Patience
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