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Old Comments for the Nexus Project

The comments section was getting too long, so I archived a large chunk of them here - Moxiane

Any help or suggestions that the more creatively inclined wikizens could provide would be greatly appreciated. I have also added a bunch of entries to (hopefully) get this off to a good start. To my shame I’ve never contributed to either the lexicon or WBM, let alone considered starting one of these projects until now. Nexus seems like prime territory for the collective literary genius (*grovel grovel*) that we have assembled here to explore. – Moxiane

Since I'm here editing anyway, I figured I would remind you (and everyone else, as usual) that you can still write Lexicon entries ... <whistles innocently>
~ Shataina

Where would additions to the Incunabulum or additional nicknames for the city go?

Hmm, good questions. I've added an Incunabulum link for the former and a Glossary link for the latter. - Moxiane

Would a link for Nexus-based NPCs be a good idea? -szilard

Just put 'em in the district most appropriate to them. Already did an NPC entry in Cinnabar - Sanguiro Destheme - Moxiane

This is a great idea and you rock for starting it, Moxiane. That said, I'm not sure that splitting it up by district is the most efficient way to do it ... although it is sort of difficult to come up with a better way, since I'm considering it ... hmm. Maybe there could also be an attempt to do some form of index down towards the bottom? I suggest this now because if we start indexing now, it'll be done really fast and then we can just instruct people to add stuff to the index as they write it. But if we leave it for a while, we'll be entirely stuck with this system of categorization, which, while not awful, doesn't seem to me to be necessarily the easiest way to find what someone's looking for in Nexus. (Not that it should be easy to find something in Nexus, but, well, you know. An accurate roleplaying experience is not necessarily the best idea for a Storyteller in a hurry. :)
~ Shataina

Thanks. ^_^ I'll admit that the system of organisation is less-than-efficient, in fact it was deliberately made that way for the reasons that you provide, to make it feel like Nexus. But, yeah, a seperate index page is probably a good idea also, and if it's gonna get done now is probably the most appropriate time (good chunk of content, but not so much as to make it horrible to do). I'll probably put an index in tonight. - Moxiane
I can start it if you want. I have some extra time. In fact, I think I will.  :) Hope you don't mind. Feel free to yell at me if you do.
~ Shataina
Feel free. :) There's c. 25 actual entries the last time I counted, so it's not a huge job IMO. Also, it'd be great if you (and your friends...) could contribute, too. Your Lexicon entries were always entertaining to read. - Moxiane
<happy preening> Thank you. I'd encourage my friends to contribute, but most of the people I know personally don't wiki much anymore. Morpheus dragged me here, though, so you can thank him. As to writing entries ... I actually thought about writing one or two about a couple of my more famous (i.e. high-Reputation) PCs, who might make for good entries, but I wasn't sure if writing a little blurb like that about someone with a huge expansive backstory is a good idea. I mean, the point of this is to have the blurbs be interpreted every which way ... I don't know, what do you think?
~ Shataina

Regarding the quotations: My initial entries didn't have any and there isn't an actual rule about them. However, MelWong started putting them on her entries, and they are such a neat idea that they spread to engulf pretty much the rest of TheNexusProject. They add an in-character feel to the entries, and they're just plain fun to write, but I'm not gonna rule they should be added. Anyway - all hail MelWong! - Moxiane

The amusing thing is the quotations have gotten their own cast - such as Icefire Jasmine, referred to or quoted in no less than - oh, four entries? - MelWong
<grin> I think that's a pretty common effect. You'll know the cast is really prevalent when they start showing up in unrelated projects like other peoples' fanfiction or something.
~ Shataina

I'm adding anUnwritten Links section because it seems like a good idea, to help people find open links to write without having to sift through all the existent entries and click on every single link to check if it's filled in. I'm sure I'll miss some unwritten links, since I just don't have the patience to look through all these entries, but I encourage y'all to add the unwritten links from your own entries. This will also help the dibbing process, assuming it needs help.
~ Shataina

Another question re: unwritten links -- are we going to have any sort of BestPractices established as to how many there should be, beyond "at least one?" I've noticed some discussions about this on a few pages and was curious (especially since, as noted by Shataina on one of my entries, I tend towards making a lot of them and want to make sure I'm not being a nuisance). -- AntiVehicleRocket

The rules basically say: between 2 & 4 links per entry, written or open, but at least one of each. I wanted the proliferation of open links, and to encourage linking back to other entries, but at the same time I didn't want it to go insane too quickly. You could, if you wanted, link back to three other entries and put in an already-make open link, and this fulfil your obligations under the rules without actually making any new links. Or you can back-link to one page and make three entirely new open links, or anything in between. It's up to you. - Moxiane

I have a concern: I've got an idea for a person and a place (the person owns the place) in Nexus. Now, considering that the person and the place are so connected (and considering that I use it all in the game I run) I was wondering if it was okay to post both? I know it's BadForm to write in your own phantom link--if not, I can just put the character in my own UserPage and link it from the Nexus Project. Anyway...I'd still be linking to other parts of the Nexus Project, so that won't be a problem. I'm just wondering... - Seiraryu

Lots of people have entries of places that also heavily concern the person who owns it. Why not just combine the two into one entry? Especially when they're so connected, it should be easy. Then you can make the phantom something totally different.
~ Shataina
PS: No one noticed this question cos it was a minor edit. :)

Still, as for me, I'd really like to do separate pages for one group, and then at least one of the characters involved, who really does need her own page. Is this going to make the wheels come off, or will it slide with just a bit of grumbling? -Suzume (Also, so as to avoid going across the rules even more, I could really use a set-up for the first part, the group).
Well, while it is BadForm (do you enjoy killing kittens? ^_^) to do it, it's not like the WikiPolice will burst through your door and subject you to a variety of bodily probes for your offence. The rule is meant to encourage other people to write things that they might not have. Plus, one way to get around it is to only link back. - Moxiane
Great! I'll get some of this up today after class or tomorrow. お楽しみに! -Suzume (P.S. Only if it involves a good ritual. You gotta have a good ritual. ^_^ ) (Or maybe later. ^^; Life is interesting, sometimes...)

How hard and fast are the un/written links rules? I've been noticing a lot of the recent additions have been going over the limit of four total. - EJGRgunner

Nobody's going to mind if you bend rules. - Morpheus

EJGRgunner just pointed that map out to me; I can't think how I missed it. Who's the author? Where did it come from? What were the references when making it?
~ Shataina

The Megapope, from RPGnet, made it. There is, or was, a discussion on RPG Open about it, if anyone should care to locate the link. - LeumasWhite

Got it: < >
~ Shataina

Issaru, your last edit appears to have made really weird characters appear where there should be 's and -s, so I'm reverting it back another. Damn spam
-- Darloth

Heh, sorry about that, it was actually me removing spam from the page on Issaru's box. (sheepish grin at not checking who I was logged on as) Thanx, though.... Dreaming Nymph

So, would Brindel (Scavenger Sons 121) be a minor district or just a basic entry?

It could be either. The original organisation was based on the listings in Scavenger Sons, and Brindel isn't listed as a minor neighhourhood (Sentinel's Hill isn't listed at all, hence it's "minor" classification), but as part of Bastion. There are "dozens" of minor districts, though, so by all means, add Brindel as a minor and go nuts. :) - magnanimous Moxiane

Archived on 29/01/05

I'm a little confused by the disparity between the descriptions of Cinnabar in the PG vs. Scavenger Sons. One has it as the district of floating brothels and massive military compounds, and the other as the center of culture and trendiness, with no mention, at least, of the mercs. How compatable are these two concepts, really? Which one is preferred for the Project? -Okensha Edit: When I references the Player's Guide here, I meant the core book. Oops!

You'd be surprised how compatible they are. Historically, prostitutes (or high-class paid women such as geishas) have often been the most cultured and artistic women in a given area. Not that I'm suggesting that this is the case in Nexus, but the modern picture we have of prostitutes as little better than street rats doesn't necessarily apply here. After all, a high-class paid woman should be able to entertain her customers in more ways than one; whores on the street in the poorest districts may be dirty, uneducated and foulmouthed, but a really expensive courtesan is way more valuable if she's cultured, fashionable, etc. Brothels could very easily be centres of culture and trendiness, not to mention the fact that I get the impression of Cinnabar as also containing such things as teahouses, clubs, etc. Mercenary companies could just have given themselves high walls, discreet fronts, etc. -- considering the way life works in Nexus, I don't think people are probably automatically fazed by soldiers' compounds. I think it's better to consider why the city evolved that way and come up with interesting explanations and fun combinations than to decide we have to throw out one description and keep the other.

Also, keep in mind that major districts are big, with zillions of smaller neighbourhoods. It would be easy for the brothel / style / culture bits of Cinnabar to be rather far from the mercenary bit.
~ Shataina

PS: having now read your entry, it seems like you already know this. Sorry if I sounded patronizing. My last points still stand, though. By the way, your entry was quite good. You should check out the Lexicon.

I think it would be useful if the minor districts had a specific note about which major district they're a part of. Ashtown,Brookside andDungtown currently have no such notes, or nonspecific ones. I guess bits ofThe Underground would be judged by which bit of the overcity is on top. I think it would be cool if we started thinking about more prosaic minor districts, too, like a mercenary district or Museum Mile equivalent or a Wall Street equivalent or whatever.
~ Shataina

Well, the description I wrote forAshtown states that it was between Cinnabar & the Nexus district. As for the others, well which major district they are "part of" only really matters for the purposes of tax collection by the Council of Entities' representatives. The inhabitants ofTellnaught, frex, I am sure don't consider themselves part ofFirewander, for all that the taxman does. If it really matters, I'd hazard a guess and say thatBrookside is part ofNexus andDungtown was part ofNighthammer. - expounding Moxiane

I will be awarding Points to entries that have nothing (or only peripherally) to do with any of the following: (a) rare supernatural beings, (b) prostitutes, (c) mercenaries, (d) secret hallucinogens.
~ Shataina

Can we trade in these points for leather jackets and fanny packs, like Camel Cash? - EJGRgunner PS: This comments section is getting rather lengthy... do you think it's time to archive them?
Points may be traded for a night with EJGRgunner's mother and other exciting prizes! (I know she's old, but she's better than she looks.)
~ Shataina
You know, I thought this was about Nexus... ^_^ - mocking Moxiane

I have a question about Firewander. I just finished reading Scavenger Sons and there was no mention whatsoever of the Wyld in connection to that district; furthermore, it seems to be heavily populated. Is there another canon source that gives the Wyld area in Firewander, or is this a Wiki-ism? If it is a Wiki-ism... why? -Okensha eht dellik ytisoiruc

The Exalted Core, p. 62 - the last part of the Nexus blurb talks about Firewander and the Wyld zone that remains at its heart. Sidereals also mentions it in passing, saying that Gens, the Minister of Ways on the Council of Entities is actually the insane God of Nexus, and his insanity is as a result of the Wyld area in his city. - look-up machine Moxiane
Ah! *flips through core book* Okay, I see it now. Hm. Now I wondering why Scavenger Sons makes no mention... Ah, well. *shrugs* -Okensha
Most likely because Scavenger Sons was being written at the same time as the corebook, hence certain discrepancies. *not looking at Sentinel's Hill* But, the sheer coolness of SS overwhelms the few bad bits, so we forgive it. - Moxiane

Archived 3/31/05