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Manse Relay

#12 - Gem of Holiness

This hemisphere of silver-flecked blue stone imbues its bearer with a general aura of holiness. If the character avoids words or actions that obviously contradict this aura, anyone meeting her instinctively regards her as trustworthy and devout. If they don't know better, they may assume she is a priest. The bearer receives one additional die to any Manipulation or Charisma rolls to gain trust or convince someone of her honesty. - Oadenol's Codex, 2nd Edition.

The hearthstone is a 1-dot Sidereal stone.

Devotion - (Paincake)


A Goddess is a subtle and far-seeing creature. With a gentle hand, The Maiden of Serenity touched the Loom in an infinite number of places. Each grain of sand and each water-droplet monsoon shaped this beautiful, sacred island. It is an island that signifies no specific deity as its patron, but the very act of piety itself is its purview. Seen from above, the island is a prayer to prayer itself, writ in immortal hands from no lesser ink and paper than Creation itself, in exquisite Heavenly calligraphy. The birds' songs are hymns, the waves lapping the shore are paeans, and the trees are star-topped palms and lush fruit-bearing wonders alive no other place. Capped long ago by Sidereal manse-artists, the pretty little manse proper sits at the center of bridges in a clear pure spring that springs from atop small mountain at the island's western corner. The stone glimmers faintly on a pedestal that rises just above the waterline. Any attempts at prayer to a Celestial or Terrestrial divinity or Exalt from within the manse gain an extra automatic success. Anyone who wishes to commit violence on the island must spend a point of willpower to do so for a scene, and may pique the ire of Venus.

Previous Themes:

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As a refresher, in this Relay each entry is a Manse from a different Direction that produces the Hearthstone in the Theme. - Telgar

Paincake's level 5 Manses need to have whole new Creations made to contain them. True story. - LeumasWhite

Thank you for flattering me so much. Your contributions are no less Creation-shaking. - Paincake

Sort of a joke! It is difficult to follow up HEWN FROM A BEDROCK OF PRAYER BY THE HAND O' VENUS. I'm no good at Sidereal manses. :( - LeumasWhite
=) I'm sure you can whip up something positively awesome if you want to. In any case, someone is sure to if you want to wait this one out. Sidereal manse; Fate, mystery, austerity, and prettiness. Bam! Manse'd. - Paincake