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Captail Tepet Varos strode onto the bridge, frowning as he rubbed sleep out of his eyes. "What have we got, Lieutenant?"

"Unarmed merchant ship, sir. Wasn't moving. We're trying to establish radio lock, but the Storms are too fierce; we're pulling it into the Earth Field first." Hadana Shigan smiled a bit nervously, her fingers flying over the keypad in front of her, as Varos sat down. "Sir, I have comm."

"Put him through." Varos smiled, straightening in his seat. "This is the IDF Light of Arjuf to unknown vessel. What is your status?"

After a moment, the comm crackled and a response came. "Glad to see you, Light. I'm Captain Yunis of the Glorious Rain. We got caught in this here Wyld Storm, had to divert everything to our Field just to survive. Thank the Dragons you arrived."

Varos chuckled. "That's what we're here for, Captain. Form up; we've got five other ships in the same situation as you here, and we're bringing you all home."

"Understood, sir. Glorious Rain out."

The comm clicked off, and Varos sat back thoughtfully. “Bad storm this time.” His hand tapped out a rhythm on the armest of his chair as he studied the schematics.

“It looks like there wasn’t any warning, Sir.” Lieutenant Tepet Padar spoke up from his station at the scanning stations. Although a mortal, he was performing admirably, and Varos had gotten him transferred when he’d taken up escort duties along the dangerous Wyldways between Arjuf and Chiaroscuro. “The Storm just swept up, and washed the whole route out.” He frowned thoughtfully.

“Check the beacons.” Padar nodded, and Varos looked over the screen at the Wyldships that he had managed to find, moving slowly through the gray-orange sky above a field of black ice flowers. It looked like the Storm was slowly passing, but it had been bad. Fortunately, none of these ships had been skimping on their maintenance; any ship that had would likely be unrecognizable by now.

“Sir!” Varos’s head snapped around at the urgency in Padar’s voice. “The beacon… I found it, but…”

“Show me.” Padar nodded, and the screen shifted and flowed, Essence magnifying one corner, until the beacon was visible. Varos felt his mouth go dry.

After a moment, Tarala spoke. “It’s been destroyed…” Vadar nodded grimly. The beacon was a charred husk, shards of metal floating in the tainted sky. Some pieces were already starting to change, fading into cloud or growing wings to fly away, a new flock of scrap metal birds. Without the beacon, there was nothing to prevent Wyld Storms from passing over the trade route. But the beacons were reinforced against the Fair Folk, and were all but invunerable to conventional weapons. Who could have the power and desire to destroy one?

“Tell the convoy to ready their Wind Drivers. We’re getting back to Arjuf at the highest possible speed.” Varos kept his anxiety from his face, but a hint of it reached his voice. “The Emperor must be informed of this development.”

The Wyldspan

Ancient stories say that long ago, in the Second Age of Creation, the world was a single great expanse. Forests, deserts, and seas stretched from one Pole to the other, with only pockets of the Wyld in-between. Shadowlands dotted the world, a taint upon it, but they were rare, as were places where the Wyld intruded. By all accounts, the age of the Scarlet Dynasty was a paradise, a world united.

That time is long past.

Now, there are hundreds, thousands of worlds scattered through the Wyld. Connected by Imperial beacons, lines of Wyld weakness, and similar pathways, the great Wyld can be travelled, reaching from one world to another - but not everyone is willing to risk the cost. Ranging from a few miles across to hundreds, these worlds are the heart of the Third Age - the Age of Infinity.

What It Is

Yet another alternate Exalted setting, that's what! Loosely (very loosely) inspired by Exalted In Space, it is a very different approach to starfaring Exalted. The world is broken into thousands of fragments. Only the Wyldfarers can cross the great Wyldspan that connects the remains of what was once called Creation.


This Is The Way The World Ends: Fall of the Second Age
Sunlight On A Broken Column: The Imperial Restoration and Expansion
Under The Twinkle Of A Fading Star: The Return of Dangers, War, and the Modern Age

The Wyldspan

The Thousand Thousand Worlds
Technology of the Span

Nations And People of the Span

The Scarlet Imperium
The New Realm
The Mountain Folk
The Ot
The Dragon Kings
The Breeds


The Bureau of Destiny
The Silver Sky
The Immaculate Order

Enemies Of The Wyldspan

The Emissaries Of The Void
The Chaosborn
The Darkbrood
The Unshaped
Rakash Who-Is-Legion, Champion of the Wyld

Technology Of The Wyldspan

Wyldfarer Ship Overview
Specific Classes of Wyldfarers
The Wyldfarer Background
Wyldfarer Expansion Systems
Artifacts of the Wyldspan

NPCs Of Note

Ahn-Aru, Destiny's Queen
Anja Silverclaws, Daughter Of The Moon
The Prince Of Shadows, Scion of the Void
Emperor Soren Naganis, Lord of the Thousandfold Throne
Markian Sunflame, Emperor of All Things

Special Rules

Wyld-Shaped Terrain
Mutation Rules


Just to let you know, I think Wyldspan is one of the most inventive and exciting alternate worlds out there. I enjoy everything you write for it, so please keep on scribbling! ...DeathBySurfeit

Indeed! As I mentioned when I added this link to my favorites page, this is the first alternate setting I've seen that I actually wanted to play. - Wordman

Thankee kindly - I am humbled by your praise (and, truth be told, am enjoying this setting more the more I write.) - FrivYeti

I love fantasy space settings. Please continue to Rock On. --BrilliantRain