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Lore One: Exalted With A Twist

Even the best players slip up sometimes.

This idea first occured to me during an IC discussion my players were having. The discussion was about whether or not to accept help from a Deathlord in fighting Fair Folk. The problem was, the players had seen just enough of the Deathlord's actions to draw their own conclusions. I was interested to note that the degree to which each character opposed helping the Deathlord was almost exactly based on how much the player involved knew about the setting. This wasn't because I had bad players, because I don't. It was because, given just enough information to draw your own conclusions, it is well-nigh impossible to completely ignore OOC knowledge.

This chain of thoughts led me to Lore One.

This is an 'Alternate Setting Generation System'. The concept is simple enough. Take a PC with Lore 1. (Technically, it can be a PC with one in all knowledge-based abilities, but you get the idea). This PC will be unable to tell the difference between the Alternate Creation that has been designed, and the one that the Exalted books are written about. However, there are far-reaching changes to canon that will become apparant as the game progresses.

This is an open project. Anyone who wants a piece of it, go for it! If your idea is very similar to one that's up, write it up anyway, because you can't have too much diversity. Let your players have the fun of learning about the setting's secrets all over again!

(Note: Any similarity between this name and that of 'Lore 5' is wholly coincidental. Ish. A little.)


There is no Bureau of Destiny, by GreenLantern
Our Saviour Chejop Kejak, by MoonSword
Those Evil Anathema, by FrivYeti
A different origin for the Great Curse, by NotSteve
The All-Consuming Jade Prison, by FrivYeti


The Secret Of The Thirty Maidens, by FrivYeti
The Dangers Of Essence Imbalance, by FrivYeti
The Immaculate Philosophy Isn't A Lie - Exhilerated Rosewood. Not really lore 1, but seems to work.

Demons and Yozi

Demons As Jailors, by FrivYeti

Deathlords and the Dead

The Deathlords are good guys?!?, by FrivYeti
Shadows of Darkness: Weaker Deathlords, by FrivYeti
The Truth About Shadowlands, by Wordman

Fair Folk and the Wyld

Elijah - by MoonSword

History and Society

What war? We're just here for the popcorn. - by MoonSword

Keeping players guessing without losing your bearings - or your credibility. - by IanPrice


I like this idea. I think I will contribute to this at some point. Perhaps I will put up an essay on making different kinds of canon changes, from small "actually, Lookshy has (somewhat more or fewer) warstriders" type of changes to huge "The Solars really had it coming and are truly as evil as the Immaculate Philosophy makes them out to be" types. I'm especially interested in the middle ground, where most of the printed canon is still useful, but certain key items in a story are changed enough to keep players guessing. - IanPrice

I'd like to pimp my own material on an alternate Sidereals setting I've worked out a bit - one where the Bureau of Destiny is itself a lie, fashioned by a few Sidereals to make themselves appear much more organized than they truly are. One where Sidereals can directly control fate, but at the same time, are themselves slaves of it - their lives destined to function in service of some higher plan, that they cannot truly know. [[[GreenLantern/AlternateSiderealTheory]]] -- GreenLantern
Very nice; I'm going to slot a link into the Exalts section, if you don't mind. :) - FrivYeti

I like this. The Exalted setting canonical material is not quite to my tastes. These are some awesome ideas. Also, I'll now feel more comfortable playing God, ahem Storyteller. - Han'ya