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The 205th Annual An-Teng Beach Volleyball Tournament is coming up soon. Held on the sunny beaches, it will be refereed by the local deity of beach volleyball, Yu Fan. People and Exalted from all over the world are gathering for the upcoming games. Bets are being placed, the list of names compiled for the great event. As with every year, the week of the games is declared a holiday across An-Teng to handle the games and influx of tourists here to watch the games.

Rules and Conditions

Ladder tournemant style game. The first two teams that lose will play off for third and fourth place while the two teams that win will play off for first and second place. Players can choose their own teamate from the other players if they want to do so. No artifact suits permitted.

Players must pick what kind of suit they wish to wear at the start of a game, but can change suits between games. Game times will be worked out by me, BogMod, and played out on mIRC at a time when all participants (and as many specators as possible) can attend; this time will be posted soon Game time must be agreed upon 7 days in advance between players and myself, with the last chance to back out and rearrange the date 2 days before game. Team rosters must stay the same throughout the tournament. If any player is more then 45min late for a game their team forfeits.

Due to the numbers players may only put forth their novice characters for this tourney.

The entire tournemant counts as one story for the purposes of maximum times a virtue can be channelled.

Sign up of players and their characters


Work out however you want who you want to team up with. Put down the partnering here please.


The An-Teng Crystal Cup. A black marble base from which rises 3 crystals, from shortest to tallest all three touching. The leftmost one is 15cm high and of a blue hue. The second is 30cm and of a green hue. The third is 45cm high and of a clear white hue.

The players that gain this cup find their fame precedes them and everyone knows there name and wants to be their friend. As such anytime someone has to make an Attraction roll in regards to one of them they find it harder to resist asking them out for drinks. Reduce a person's temperance by one in regards to attraction rolls towards these people.

Also the characters names are recorded on the Official Beach Volleyball tourney records.

Game 1

First game between Those People and That Abyssal Teame. 5pm PST(GMT -8:00) on Thursday the 20th.


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