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Name: Min Shan Yieng
Player: ikselam
Rank: Novice
Wins: 2
Losses: 0

Tournament Wins: 1
Tournament Losses: 0
Tournament xp: 3

Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Appearance 3, Wits 4, Athletics 3
Willpower 6, Compassion 3, Conviction 3, Temperance 3, Valor 3

Save and Block: 6
Return: 7
Initiative: 7
Spike: 6
Favoured Suit: A pair of burgundy drawstring shorts, over a white one-piece. (+1 offense, +1 spike success)

Friendship: Yieng sees Wistful Dream as exactly the kind of person Heaven has called her to befriend and protect, even if she is half-fey.
Enmity: Shego's boastful, exhibitionistic manner rubs the modest shrine maiden in all the wrong ways.

With her light skin, straight black hair, and purple eyes, Yieng could pass as a native of the Blessed Isle even though she was born in the Eastern part of the River Province. Although only in her late teens, it is clear that she will one day be an exceptionally beautiful woman, but has not quite grown into it yet. Her rigorous training as a shrine maiden in the service of the Lesser Earth Dragon Fei Tau have given her a lean, athletic physique, and she fairly glows with youthful energy. She is left-handed.

Yieng is very passionate in her beliefs, and tries her hardest to follow the Way of Virtue; she is blessed with the unshakeable conviction that her heart will never lead her astray. Although this can sometimes cause her to be overly judgmental, she is generally friendly and outgoing. Her frequent smiles light up her face in a clichéd, but nonetheless winning, manner; she blushes bright red when telling even the smallest lie.

She is not quite sure why her mentor has sent her off to learn the ways of Beach Volleyball, but is determined to do her best and discover what lessons can be learned from the sport. While playing, she usually keeps her long hair tied back in a flowing topknot, and wears burgundy shorts over a white one-piece swimsuit (following the color scheme of her shrine maiden outfit).