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Name: Karal Mitsuya\\ Player: Blaque\\ Rank: Novice\\ Wins: 0\\ Losses: 1

Stats\\ Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Appearance 2, Wits 3, Athletics 3\\ Willpower 6, Compassion 3, Conviction 1, Temperance 3, Valor 2

Save and Block: 5\\ Return: 7\\ Initiative 5\\ Spike: 6\\ Favoured Swimsuit: Thong Bikini (+3 dice to saves.)

Enmity: V'neef Syana partiuclerly rubs Mitsuya the wrong way. The Dynast's overly prideful nature, heidonistic behavior, and use of her personal boy-toy gets on the nerves of the rather strict and moderation-adhering Lookshy soldier.

Description:\\ Karal Mitsuya, also known as Bright Leopard, is a true soldier of Lookshy. Often walking with a straight posture, and her body showing the toning one would expect from a lifestyle in the Seventh Legion, she still manage to keep a femminine frame and poise. Her skin is softly tanned, having not spent much time out in direct sun while she's been in An-Teng. Her black hair is cut short, save for a single bang which hangs over her right eye. Her facial expression often looks slightly timid and shy, almsot sad or tired much of the time, and the irises are the major show of her Terrestrial heritage, deep amber in color.

Mitsuya spends much of her time in a white strapless thong bikini rather simaller to the outfit she wears undrneath her Dragon Armor at home. It does leave a lot to be seen, even her small chest, and no really outsanding figure. But she finally is getting the vacation she wanted this whole time, though the Anathema running around keeps her on edge if anything.




Curse you and your mastery of art! -Bog Mod

Not really. The line sin this doodle coulda been a lot better. And I sorta didn't draw her othe rleg. Lazy Artistness Prana, go!\\

Stuff. Blaque

Now the question is...what must I bribe you with to do pictures for the other non-artist types amongst us? -BogMod

Ummm, not sure really. I might do portraits and stuff, but I am not really confident ind rawing other's things much of the time. Might fudge up or somethin':)\\

Stuff. Blaque

The picture is somewhat disproportioned... the leg-to-body ratio in particular. Otherwise, good job. - Damarus

Was trying to get some depth destortion and stuff. Didn't quite work out relaly. Honestly, I need ot take more figure drawing classes before I can really say I am ever going to be problem-free:)\\

Stuff. Blaque

No problem, it's certainly better than anything I could do, in any case. Practice, as always, makes Solar (perfect) - Damarus