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Name: Wistful Dream
Player: dissolvegirl
Rank: Novice
Tournament Wins: 1
Tournament Losses: 0
Experience Earned: 3

Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Appearance 5, Wits 2, Athletics 3

Compassion 3, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 1

Willpower: 6

Save and Block: 8
Return: 6
Initiative: 7
Spike: 5
Favoured Suit: a pale gold skirt bikini with gossamer straps and a matching sarong (+3 init; +1 die to defense)

Favored Teammate: Min Shan Yieng is really nice and seems protective-- without trying to grope her, which is a bonus.
Despised Rival: Aisekikawa made Dream dive a lot, and has therefore earned her enmity. Dream hates getting sand in uncomfortable places.

Quiet, demure, and lovely, Dream grew up in a small seaside village in Wavecrest. She always felt different from the other children; her parents never dreamed she had been left in their crib by a malevolent Fair Folk, but were always disconcerted by her.

These days many local village boys try to woo her, but it flusters her greatly; she does not have a large interest in anything but solitude. She is, however, easily scared and seems to find herself in a lot of trouble, so she is genuinely grateful when some strapping young man hoping for her affections rescues her.

She is strikingly beautiful, her skin not really possessing the golden sheen that is normal for a westerner, but more of the pallor and sheen of a pearl. She has dark blue eyes chased with silver, and extremely pale blue hair. She blushes easily, tends to avoid eye-contact, and remains rather soft-spoken-- even to people she trusts. She enjoys being outside, and feels a deep affection for the ocean, to the point where she fears life away from the coast.


http://www.lensmen.net/blog/ikselam/Images/yieng_and_dream.jpg Dream with her lovely teammate, Yieng; drawn by the inestimably cool Ikselam.