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The Scarlet Manual of Upright Bearing

Fragile Bonds of Trust

Within the Dynasty, friendships and allies are the greatest of weapons. Being skilled with a blade is enough for Pasip's Stairs, but meaningless if you have not inspired love in those you lead. True strength lies in unity. The Dragonblooded Host and their Sidereal masters know this well.

The Irony of Friendship

Nor is this less true in the Threshold. A wild and untamed land, people remain people. It is the ties of friendship and faith in one's fellows that unite countries, raise of kingdoms, and cast down gods. But the Anathema- Solars, Lunars, and Abyssals -are the masters are raising up and casting down both rulers and ruled.

What legends will they toast in your name?

The Scarlet Manual of Upright Bearing is meant to be an elaboration of the social mechanics of Exalted. Presently, they are so vauge as to be either useless or terrifying; when should a Zenith be able to talk down a mob, and when should the Dawn have to strike? When can an Eclipse make an enemy into an ally, and when is it best to let the Night strike them down?

The normal scale of five successes remains unhelpful; it provides guidelines for optimal circumstances and reasonable requests, but not outrageous feats, strange chance or other circumstances likely to occur during a game. Here, we're going to look at, a little more closely, both what goes into a friendship, how to nuture and guide opinions, requesting a favor and influence peddeling, and the nature of taboos.

ScarletManualOfUprightBearing/ChapterOne : BEING a study of the basic ideas of friendship in mechanistic terms; the uses of Appearance, Charisma and Manipulation, of Presence, Performance and Socialize.

ScarletManualOfUprightBearing/ChapterTwo : BEING a study of Relationship Health; gauging, building, maintaining, using and attacking.

ScarletManualOfUprightBearing/ChapterThree : BEING a study of Taboos, with special attention paid to those of the Realm. The nature of taboo to both reinforce the bonds inside and to frighten away those outside.