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These are set of house rules JPCardier designed to account for how long it takes to get from Nexus to Lookshy, and other questions of distance. Each one uses a Rules / Summaries format.

Some alternatives here:


Hi there JPCardier! Its nice to have the travel times up here too. ^_^ I hope you don't mind, I made them all subpages? -- BrokenShade

No problemo, BrokenShade. Does that do anything, or does it just help with organization? -- JPCardier

I would like to give a shout out of 'You ROCK!' for these, as they will prove tres handy for mine game. Thanks muchly :) - DariusSolluman

Thanks! You are mighty welcome. -- JPCardier

You have my thanks as well. I'm so glad there are people like you to do stuff for me. - Morpheus

This is awesome stuff. Has anyone tried to take this information and combine it with estimated distances between locales on the map to get a complete travel times picture of Creation? I'd be willing to do the math, but I'm not sure where to find distance data. - Hapushet