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*sneaks off to the Onomastikon to think up some NPCs for his weekend game* Very Good Stuff!  :-D - Balthasar

One of my better friends is a Psi Upsilon member at RPI. - FWW

Rock! Who? the RPIs tend to be something of a mirror image of the Gamma Taus (my chapter). I'm not suprised there's a strong roleplayingish tendency amongst 'em :) Ask 'em if they remember K, and pass the word along that she's doing good :) - DS

The fact point at your homepage is ssooooooo cawl!!! Goes right into my standard bag or storytelling rules together with stunts. -Trueform

Thanks :) But may I be an idiot and ask what the 'fact point' is? I'm not so smart at extrapolating labels :) - DS, who suffers the vaniety.

I guess this page is yours http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~gte049v/Exalted/RulesAdjustment.html#Facts -Trueform

OH! God, I'd forgotten about that page :) That was attempted in my first Exalted game- at the time, I had just discovered InSpecteres and octaNe and Donjon, and was deeply in love with the idea of player narration. It didn't really gel in my particular group, and this game is using a more standard 'GM arbitrates the world' style; that said, let me know how it works for you, and what changes you make :) - DS

I did a 7 hours prelude for my new group yesterday. Playing the characters during their education. I used this rule a lot. The characters investigated who had stolen their schoolwork and why. I also used the rule on some political situations later on. I find this rule suites my style of ST'ing very well. I don't like narrowating stories and have a focus on players beeing part of telling as much of the story as possible.

I also suggested using the player dice pool rules at the same page. But noone liked it. The group has also collectivly decided to remove the usage of willpower for autosuccesses.

Hi - Just thought you might like to know that your Lexicon entries for the Age of Arnath and Bitter Flower Empire have proven popular, and are mentioned in quite a few other entries - any chance you'll join in again? - Voidstate

Possibly, but a bit unlikely. I dunno- just couldn't get a grip on steadily writing for something. My creativity comes in huge waves and then long troughs. But thanks for the update :) Good to know I'm loved :) DS

DariusSolluman, would you like to DariusSolluman/TalkShop a little? I'm curious what GeorgiaTech's CS program is like. :) What languages do they have you working with? What kinda projects? Inquiring minds wanna know! -- DaveFayram

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