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I've been wanting to find a way to do this for a while, and then accidentally posted it to RPG.net :)

The following set of rules assume you are playing Solar Exalted.

  • Attributes. Attributes are divided into Physical, Social, Mental, Sorcerery, and Essence. These all begin at 0, except Essence which begins at 1.
  • Choose one of Physical, Social or Mental to also begin at 1.
  • Every Exalt has 10 Specialities, which cover an area no larger than one of the 25 Skills listed in Exalted. No more than 2 Specialities may be placed in the same Skill.
  • Every Exalt has one of five Anima Banner Gifts. They are as follows:

The Dawn Caste sets armies to route. (Lesser Creation of Emotion (Fear) (4), Simple (-1), Local (-1), Limited (Living Things only, -2), Common)
The Zenith Caste drives back their ancient enemies. (Lesser Destruction of Unclean Things (5), Simple (-1), Local (-1), One Trick (-3), Common); (Lesser Creation of Emotion (Fear) (4), Simple (-1), Local (-1), One Trick (Unclean things only, -3), Common). They can also rapidly dissolve corpses.
The Twillight Caste requires safety and certainty to study what they do. (Lesser Preservation of Self (3), Simple (-1), Self-Only (-3), Limited (Preventing damage, -2), Common)
The Night Caste is virtually impossible to locate or track. (Lesser Creation of Stealth (4), Simple (-1), Self-Only (-3), Wide variety (-1), Common)
The Eclipse Caste can ensure that oaths made freely will be kept (Greater Creation of Sanctity (7), Deep (-3), Local (-1), Limited (Freely given oaths, -2), Common).

  • Next, divide 6 points between the Virtues of Temperance, Compassion, Valour and Conviction. Within the highest rated Virtue, note down a Virtue Flaw (both it's condition and what it's like to Break). Every two points of a Virtue beyond the first the Exalt has (so 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, etc) grants a bonus Essence Point.

When you act against a Virtue rated 2 or higher, you must spend a point of Essence and gain Limit equal to the level of the Virtue. When exposed to your Limit Break condition, you automatically gain the Virtue in Limit. When Limit reaches 20, you Limit Break- at the end of which, your temporary Essence refreshes by your Virtue Flaw's Virtue- even if this takes you beyond your normal maximum.

  • Additionally, each Exalt has 15 additional points. These points may be spent in the following ways:

Gifts, as per standard Nobilis. However, Common Gifts should be those of command and heroism; those in line with Solar Charms.
Sorcery, which costs 3 Gift points per level. Sorcery functions like Realm within Creation, but Sorcery Miracles take one turn per Miracle Level, plus one more, to use. For an additional 2 Gift points per level, the Exalt may know Necromancy, which works as Realm in the Underworld.
Essence, which costs 1 Gift poitn per level, to a maximum of 5. Each level of Essence increases the Exalt's Essence pool by 2. Additionally, any effect that would directly impact another's mind or person (such as a Gift to change someone's shape) may only be used on someone with a lower Essence than your own.
An additionl Virtue level may be purchased, at 1 point per level.

  • Finally, take Limits and Handicaps as per normal Nobilis.

As a note, Artifacts and Hearthstones are both well represented by the Focus limit, and it gives a bonus point of Temporary Essence per 2 Gift points, instead of 3.

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