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Suggested on the forum, this is a communal project designed to provide stats for signature characters that are... less than impressive in their current incarnations. The kid gloves come off here - there's no "we want to make sure your player characters are the stars of the world," no holding back for fear of outshining your Circle's Invincible Sword Princess. If the fluff text says "most powerful Solar warrior in Creation," the stats had best back it up.

A few ground rules:

  • Mention how many xps you used to write the character up, so GMs using these have some idea how powerful the character is.
  • Try to stick to the Format Standards wherever possible.
  • Page references to the original chracter's writeup - particularly their fluff - are very handy.

Okay, go! - Hapushet


Michael, Warmaster of Kether Rock - Hapushet
Page references include: Kether Rock write-up (pgs. 81-89 of CotI) and character description (pgs. 117-118 of CotI). 200 xp.

Lyta, Girl with a mission! - Haku
Page references include: Caste Book: Dawn character's exaltation (pg. 19-21), character's actions (pg 31-33), character's opinions (pg 45-47), character's sheet (pg. 91-92). Cult of the Illuminated (pg. 73-81)The Sequestered Tabernacle write-up . 000 xp.

Demetheus, Heroic Wanderer -BronzeTiger
Page Reference: 89 and 90 Caste Book: Dawn. Here is Demetheus the large brawler from the Dawn Caste Book with a heart of gold. 0 XP


Leviathan, Lord Of The West - FrivYeti
Page Reference: Exalted: The Lunars Page 84. Note that this is the "Ancient Lord of the Sea" as portrayed in the 1st Edition Lunars book, who is a very different creature from Leviathan as portrayed in Compass Of Terrestrial Directions: The West.


The Disciple of the Seven Forbidden Wisdoms - OhJames
Page references include: Two chapter fictions (pp. 129 and 231 of E:Ab). 150 xp.

The Disciple of the Seven Forbidden Wisdoms - Hapushet
As above, but with only 50 xp. Based very heavily on OhJames' excellent version.

Falling Tears Poet - Hapushet
Page references include: Mortal past as lover of Mirror Flag (pg. 45 of CB:E), thoughts on Mirror Flag (pg. 60 of CB:E), chapter fiction (pg. 119 of E:Ab). 50 xp.

The Lady of Darkness in Bloodstained Robes - Hapushet
Page references include: Chapter fiction (pg. 9 of E:Ab). 50 xp.

The Maiden of the Mirthless Smile - Hapushet
Page references include: Chapter fiction (pg. 75 of E:Ab). 50 xp.

The Seven Degreed Physician of Black Maladies - Hapushet
Page references include: Chapter fiction (pg. 155 of E:Ab). 50 xp.


Sad Ivory - Hapushet
Page references include: Chapter fiction (p. 203 of E:S), example Sidereal antagonist (pgs. 311-312, Exalted core) and Lilith fiction (pgs. 2-5, E:L). 550 xp.


Mnemon, Heir Apparent to the Realm - MadGreenSon
Page References include Chapter fiction (pg 175 E:DB) and a LOT of Aspect Book: Earth. Not too good at figuring xp, so lets just say she's appropriate to her position and the descriptions given of how feared/respected she is.
Ragara Myrrun, Grandmaster of the Immaculate Martial Arts -MadGreenSon
Page Reference: 96 Aspect Book: Earth. I think he will be an interesting exercise in just how badass a Teresstrial can be. One of the three living Immaculate Grandmasters, Ragara Myrrun is a (fill in amount here) xp Dragonblooded.

Imminent Thunder, The Wyld Hunt's Greatest Secret -BronzeTiger
Page Reference: 93 and 94 Aspect Book: Earth. Here is, yes, another big badass from the Earth book. I do not have a current tally of his xp, but I believe it is a little under 2000. He is supposed to be one of the greatest killers in the world though so I think its reasonable.

Cathak Cainan, General of Hesiesh -BronzeTiger
Page Reference: All throughout Aspect Book: Fire. Cathak Cainan is a man who has led armies against insurmountable odds and won. He is a man who makes other Fire Aspects stand in awe of him, and most importantly he is a hero and legend of the Realm. This build of him as him around 1100 points which is about what the Player's Guide would suggest and is about 400 points or so above what the Fire Book listed him as.


The Laughing Boy - OhJames
Page references include: Chapter fiction (p. 9 of E:FF), and the nobles section of the Opal Court write-up (p. 88 of E:FF). 400 xp.


Oddly, enough... building Lyta as a Cult Solar ended with her being almost identical with the caste book version. I'm assuming that she's a Sequestered Tabernacle Solar or came from a camp / training method identical to one. Perhaps, she's a prototype of what the Gold Faction were looking for in their 'tame' Solars, only she's not so tame. I'll be doing up a 100 or 200 xp version of her when I have time.... be afraid. ~ haku

I've been thinking about it, and I think that OhJames' implicit suggestion of 150 xps for the PC-equivalent sigs is a good one - enough to have a few clever tricks and a decent set of stats, not so much that recent Exaltations are unbelievable or actual PCs would be distinctly outclassed by them. (I know that statement is somewhat contrary to the ground rules put forth at the top of this very page, but bear with me a moment.) For folks like the Disciple, Lyta or Crimson Banner Executioner (who I've been considering working on), the idea is that these guys are the PCs' rough contemporaries, right? Not major movers and shakers, but ground-level warriors, the people who get things done. If that assumption's valid, then a low-but-respectable xp count is well-suited, and I think 150 fits the bill neatly. I will probably be using it for my sig builds as I go on, I think. - Hapushet

It should be noted that Lyta's write-up in the caste book does contradict what is known in the Dragonblooded book. Giving up on someone's DB exaltation at the age of 10 when you can get as old as 17 before exalting? I would think it might be more... accurate that she got sent to the Cloister for behavior or at the ripe age of 16-17. As for gifting her with 150 xp, this would make her REALLY dangerous as of right now, she can make people -believe- what she says... althou, I do believe I goofed up when I put in memory reweaving... That should have been Phantom Performance, a pre-req to Memory reweaving. ^_^; ~ Haku

If you buy her the Presence tree, including the brainwashing Charms from CotI, then she will be truly terrifying, no question. But hey, isn't that what we're trying to do here? Make antagonists/allies worthy of the name? - Hapushet
Indeed... we are. And yes, That's the whole point of it all... that DB she talked to and got to work for her in the fiction, I'm gonna say he got sent off to work for the cult and isn't part of her background as an ally or even Tiger Warrior or what have you. And yeah, combat is a strong part of her, but it's not the end all and be all that she is. As it is, she would make for a fine NPC 'mid-boss' for a Dragonblooded game. At 150, she's a high-end 'boss' character, at 200... well... she's the end-boss of a Dragonblooded champaign. ^_- ~ Haku

So, after I finish with Mnemon, I'm gonna try statting out Ragara Myrrun from the last page of AB:Earth. Anyone think they can help me think of proper Combos and what non-MA charms one of the three living Grandmasters would have? -MadGreenSon

Well my first character post is done, and I will be adding more to Imminent Thunder shortly so I can round him out. -BronzeTiger