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Ahn-Aru ("Sad Ivory")

by Hapushet

Caste: Endings
Nature: Bravo
Anima: Purple
Concept: Ruthless assassin

Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 3, Appearance 4
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4

Archery 4 (Surprise Shots +1), Athletics 3, Awareness 5, Bureaucracy 4, Craft: Fate 3, Craft: Scrimshaw 3, Dodge 5 (Other Exalted +1), Endurance 3, Investigation 2, Larceny 2, Linguistics 3 (Forest-tongue, Old Realm, High Realm, Riverspeak), Lore 5, Martial Arts 5 (Duels +2), Medicine 3, Melee 5, Occult 4, Performance 4, Presence 3, Resistance 3, Ride 3, Socialize 4, Stealth 5, Survival 4 (While Alone +1)

Backgrounds: Allies 5, Artifacts 3, Backing (Bronze Faction) 3, Connections (Celestial Bureaucracy) 4, Salary 3, Savant 3, Sifu 5

Colleges: Crow 2, Mask 2, Ship's Wheel 2, Sword 3

Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 4, Temperance 3, Valor 4
Willpower: 8
Essence: 4
Essence Pool: 16/38(45)


Any Direction Arrow
Every Direction Arrow
Five Seasons Approach
Opportune Shot
Forgotten Earth
World-Shaping Artistic Vision (Aiding the Bronze Faction Agenda)
Optimistic Security Practice
Ox-Body Technique (x2)
Unwavering Well-Being Meditation
Martial Arts
Violet Bier of Sorrows Style
Blade of the Battle Maiden
Conclusion-Pursuing Approach
Death-Parrying Stroke
Flight of Mercury
Joy in Adversity Stance
Life-Severing Blow
Metal Storm
Secrets of Future Strife
Violet Bier of Sorrows Form
Harmony of Blows
Impeding the Flow
Meditation on War
Orchestration of Conflict
Perfection of the Visionary Warrior
Serenity in Blood
Smiling at the Damned
Celestial Circle Sorcery
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
Defense of Shining Joy
Heart-Brightening Presentation Style
Perfection in Life
Blinding the Boar
Soft Presence Practice
Walking Outside Fate
Becoming the Wilderness
Spells Known
Terrestrial Circle
Emerald Countermagic
Open the Spirit Door
Stormwind Rider
Celestial Circle
Incomparable Body Arsenal
Summoning the Heavenly Portal


Sorrowful Serpent Strike (Impeding the Flow, Meditation on War, Orchestration of Conflict)
6+ motes, 1 Willpower, plus 3 motes per parry
Activating this Combo allows Sad Ivory to make a devastating Melee attack. She may buy additional attack dice, up to a maximum of her usual dice pool + her Essence, for one mote each, and the target number may be reduced as far as 4, for two motes per additional reduction. Should she reduce the target number on the attack to 3 or less, she may then spend 2 Willpower and 1 Health Level to convert all dice in her pool to successes rather than rolling. Her target number cannot otherwise be lowered below 4. In addition, if she is attacked, she may spend 3 motes to parry the attack (if it can be parried) without rolling, though this is not a perfect parry.

Perfect slashing sword, starmetal long powerbow, 30 frog-crotch arrows, prayer strip case containing two prayer strips each of the Expectant Maiden (Martial Arts) and the Maiden of the Shelf (Melee).

Base Initiative: 8
Soak: 4B/2L
Health Levels: -0x3, -1x2, -2x2, -4, Inc.
Dodge Pool: 13

Perfect slashing sword
Spd 13, Acc 11, Dam 7L, Def 10, Rate 4
Starmetal long powerbow
Acc 11, Dam 6L (piercing), Range 350, Rate 3


This version of Ahn-Aru is built on 550 xps and has 1 "banked" xp. As with Michael, this total will increase if you make her pay for her Backgrounds - if you would prefer to reduce her Backgrounds, give her Allies 2, Artifact 3, Backing (Bronze Faction) 2, Connection (Celestial Bureaucracy) 1, Salary 3, Savant 1, Sifu 3 and downgrade her slashing sword to excellent. I basically just gave her the BGs she had in the Core, modified to match the splat. - Hapushet


Nice work! One thing, though. You can't put Supplementals from different Abilities in the same Combo. How about replacing Absence with Forgotten Earth, for something similar to a hopping defense? Or just go with Impeding the Flow. - Stanoje

I was trying to replicate the Combo she's listed with in the Core - and I've never noticed before that Absence is supplemental. As it was, the Combo was a rather silly idea, and has been since it first appeared; she had a way to add dice to a dodge and a way to reduce the TN of the dodge, but no way to actually dodge! Screw it. <shakes head> That removes the need for Snake Style too, since I only went for it in order to give her a dodge adder that she can't get otherwise. <shrug> On the other hand, that means I have the points to raise her Social stats up to closer to where they should be, which will make Argent happier. :) - Hapushet

I would have thought she would have used the dancing dodge, ie Defense of Shining Joy to get up the reflexive dodges, and than use the combo? Or even Duck Fate in that combo as it allows her to simply duck a single attack by rolling dodge equal to the opponent's essence. ~ Haku

First, I have a confession to make. I absolutely hate Duck Fate. Cannot stand it. Given Sidereal Essence pools, I would rather it have the Willpower cost I think it should have anyway and run somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-5 motes, not 10. It shatters Resplendent Destinies like a 8 year old pitcher breaks windows. So I'm afraid a lot of NPCs don't have it, even when they perhaps should. Second, I did have her putting up Defense of Shining Joy and then using the Combo, but the Combo she's listed with in the core's not feasible anyway - she's listed as being able to enhance her Melee attacks while reducing her Dodge TNs, but the Dodge TN reducer, Absence, can't be put into a Combo with Melee Charms because it's supplemental. So I just tossed the whole thing out. She can still use Defense of Shining Joy if she wants to, but she's going to have to go the parry route rather than the dodge route for her reflexive defense. If you just cannot stand the idea of her not dodging, then you can drop her Sword College from 3 to 2, buy her Duck Fate and swap it for Impeding the Flow in her Combo. You won't see me doing it, though. Man I hate that Charm... - Hapushet