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The first example demonstrates the Cute Smiley Dot-Simulation Method. The second showcases the Plain Jane Numeral Listing Method.

Name:    Deristarius (♂)
Caste:   Twilight
Nature:  Thrillseeker
Anima:   Laughing Monkey™
Concept: Battle Mage
XP Left/Total: 9/12


Strength  ☻☻☻oo   Charisma     ☻☻ooo   Perception   ☻☻☻oo
Dexterity ☻☻☻☻o   Manipulation ☻☻☻☻o   Intelligence ☻☻☻oo
Stamina   ☻☻☻☻o   Appearance   ☻oooo   Wits         ☻☻☻oo


Dodge:         ☻☻☻oo
Endurance:     ☻☻☻oo
Investigation: ☻☻ooo
Lore:          ☻☻ooo
Medicine:      ☻☻☻oo
Melee:         ☻☻☻☻☻
Occult:        ☻☻☻☻☻
Resistance:    ☻☻☻oo
Stealth:       ☻☻☻oo


Artifacts ☻☻☻☻o
Manse     ☻☻☻☻o
Resources ☻oooo (...but this has been used up.)


Compassion ☻oooo    Conviction ☻☻☻oo
Temperance ☻☻☻oo    Valor      ☻☻ooo

Virtue Flaw

Willpower:    ☻☻☻☻☻ ☻☻☻oo
Essence:      ☻☻☻oo
Essence pool: 17 Personal / 39 Peripheral


□    -0
□□□  -1
□□□□ -2
□    -4
□    Incap


Ox Body Technique
Body Mending Meditation
Golden Essence Block
Dipping Swallow Defence
Excellent Strike
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
Emerald Countermagic
Demon of the First Circle
Invulnerable Skin of Bronze


Silver Eyes Stance
Dipping Swallow Defence + Excellent Strike


Sapphire Sorcery Capturing Cord (Celestial level)
No spells captured.
Gem of Adamant Skin (Hearthstone)
(All L damage is converted to B damage.)
Chopping Sword
(Spd: +0, Acc: +1, Dmg: +4L, Def: +0)
Lamellar Armor
(Def: +8B/+6L, Mobility: -2, Fatigue: -1)


Base init: 7
Soak:      12B/8L/6A
Dodge:     5
Chopping Sword - Spd: 7, Acc: 10, Dmg: 7L, Def: 9

Name: Trembling Quail
Caste: Twilight
Nature: Follower
Anima: Peacock
Concept: Wallflower

Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
Charisma 1, Manipulation 1, Appearance 5
Perception 4, Intelligence 4, Wits 3

Awareness 1, Brawl 1 (While Berserk +1), Bureaucracy 2, Dodge 3 (While Berserk +3), Endurance 4, Investigation 3 (In Libraries +1), Linguistics 4 (High Realm, Low Realm, Riverspeak, Old Realm, Flametongue)(Calligraphy +2), Lore 5 (Mythology +1, Antiquities +1), Medicine 3 (Diagnosing Illness +1), Melee 1 (While Berserk +3), Occult 3, Resistance 1, Ride 1, Stealth 1

Backgrounds: Allies 1, Artifact 3, Contacts 2, Resources 1

Compassion 3, Conviction 2, Temperance 3, Valor 1

Virtue Flaw: Red Rage of Compassion (Compassion)

Willpower: 6
Health: -0,-1,-1,-2,-2,-4,Incap
Essence: 2
Essence pool: 12/25(29)


  • Dodge

Reed in the Wind
Shadow Over Water

  • Endurance

Essence-Gathering Temper
Willpower-Enhancing Spirit
Battle Fury Focus
Bloodthirsty Sword-Dancer Spirit

  • Linguistics

Sagacious Reading of Intent
Whirlwind Brush Technique

  • Medicine

Body-Mending Meditation
Flawless Diagnosis Technique

Equipment: Threadbare skirt, blouse, and jacket, silk scarf, sturdy leather satchel, journal, writing materials, Seven Stars Sword (wrapped in rags for concealment), orichalcum hearthstone amulet

Base initiative: 7
Soak: 3B/1L/0A (unarmored)
Dodge: 7(10)
Seven Stars Sword: Spd 11, Acc 9(12), Dmg 5L, Def 9(12)
Bare Hands: Spd 7, Acc 5(6), Dmg 2B, Def 5(6)

Character Description

A character description should probably contain some sort of backstory, as well as a description of the character's physical appearance and personality.

Expanded Backgrounds

I personally find it really helpful to enumerate each of the character's Backgrounds and expound on them. For example: listing Allies, Contacts or Artifacts, describing your Manse, or explaining how what your Resources represents.


For the record, I think it is a terrible idea to use dots for the standard instead of numerals. While it looks cute on the screen, it's inefficient in terms of space and (what I think is the bigger issue) the code is far less transparent. Typing "4" is much faster and more straightforward than copy-pasting four & #9787;'s followed by a lower-case o.


Hmmm, good point. That would have saved me about an hour earlier if I had been awake enough to do something other than sheep impressions. I'll have another go at the blank character sheet I'm working on (Garden/BlankCharacterSheet) later and try and come up with a reasonable looking number-based format.

-- Garden

I think the best way of fixing the old sheet would be to just list out all the Abilities. Then you can fill in the ones you need and delete the others. I am of two minds about list v. column format for Abilities and stuff. The columns are easy to quickly scan... but a list takes up so much less space (2-3 lines v. >10).


Okay, new version sorted, list style as you suggested. I've put the trait names in bold and their values in... um.. not bold, and that seems to make it fairly easy to scan. Let me know what you think. Garden/BlankCharacterSheet


Is there a standard format for creature character sheets (like monsters, fae and spirits/demons)? I just winged one for my dudes.... (example: Lahamu) What do you guys think? I tried to base it off how the canon books write up monsters.


Personally I think that numbers look terrible. But I have to admit that the "code" for numbers is a lot simpler. So perhaps we could put up two alternate standard formats, and let everyone choose which they would prefer? -- BrokenShade

I think that might be the best call. It all depends on what you want to see. We could also make a small support script to gen the code. My question is, what would be the idea way to describe your character? Assuming that you could type it in one way and have it look good later?
-- DaveFayram

It is faster to write out a four, and it does take up less space... but we're talking bytes here. Codewise, I wouldn't worry at all about the amound of space it's taking up. We're not writing SO many character that this will become a real issue, and I imagine a single portrait of a character would STILL take up more room that two or three of these characters.  :)

This template format is about 3000 characters, which is a litte less than 3 kilobytes. Assuming the average image is 40k, it's more like 12 charsheets. However, my question stands. What kind of format would be conveniant to edit? I do care somewhat about storage size, but I don't care as much about transmit size (since my space is limited much more than my bandwidth).
-- DaveFayram

I don't see any point to attempting to replicate the back-of-the-book character sheet through HTML. I think lists and numbers are superior, just because they are more compact. With judicious use of bold and italic text, and the occasional bulleted or numbered list, you don't even lose very much clarity.

And I don't think there's any disputing the fact that numbers are easier to edit.

I find the numbered, not so well spaced out sheet very hard to read, and not at all pleasing to the eye. But even I can't dispute that the numbered sheet is much easier to edit. ^_^ Which is why I suggested the compromise of having two alternatives to choose from.
-- BrokenShade

Hey there good citizens. Has anybody considered putting the Attributes, Abilities, and Charms in tables like this? - Han'ya

To be honest, I prefer your method (using tables). It's especially nice on Wikis that support templates, such as MediaWiki. The only problem with it is that the tabling code can sometimes be arcane to new users who just want to put some words down - whereas the simple numerical text format is easy for everyone. If I were to fully endorse your proposed scheme, I would suggest that the names of all abilities be put in there, not just the ones you have points in, however - making it more easy to copy and paste for others' use. -- GreenLantern
I will admit logical design is not my strong suit. - Han'ya

I took Garden's blank character sheet and updated it a bit for 2e. It can be found at BrilliantRain/BlankCharacterSheet
-- BrilliantRain

I'm working on a sheet that combines the standard number based format with tables. It's a work in progress but you can check it out here. Id appreciate any input. The objective is to acheive both a pleasing and easy to read layout with speed and ease of data entry. It's not the tidiest thing yet, but I like it so far. I'm about to start applying it to some of my char sheets to "dry run" it. - RedThursday