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Mnemon, Founder of House Mnemon, Heir Apparent to the Realm

by MadGreenSon

Aspect: Earth
Nature: Architect
Concept: Peerless Terrestrial Sorceress, Dynastic Power Broker, Elder Exalt

Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 5, Stamina 5
Social: Charisma 4, Manipulation 5, Appearance 5
Mental: Perception 5, Intelligence 6, Wits 5

Archery 3, Athletics 4, Awareness 6 (Paranoid +1, Ambushes+1), Bureaucracy:6 (Opprotunisim +1) Craft: Sculpting 5, Craft: 5MM 5, Craft: First Age Weapons 5, Craft: First Age Technology 5Craft: Architecture 3 Dodge 5 (Ambushes +1), Endurance: 5, Investigation 2, Linguistics 5 (High Realm, Low Realm, Flametounge, Mountain Folk, Old Realm, Riverspeak), Lore 7 (First Age +2, Forbidden Secrets +1), Martial Arts 5, Melee 5 (Swords +3), Medicine 3, Occult 7 (Sorcery +2 Thaumanturgy +1), Performance 4, Presence 5, Resistance 5(Poisons +1), Socialize 5, Stealth 4, Survival 3, Thrown 2

Backgrounds*: Artifacts 5+, Breeding 5, Manse 5+, Reputation 5, Resources 6+, Savant 3, Cult 2 (cult of personality), Connections 5 (High Society), Connections 5 (Immaculate Order), Connections 5 (The Deliberative), Connections 5 (The Thousand Scales), Connections 3 (Finance), Spies 5
(*)Mnemon may have more Backgrounds than this at Storytellers discretion, she is the founder and ruler of a Great House after all.

Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 5, Temperance 3, Valor 5
Willpower: 10
Essence: 7*
Essence Pool: 22/77
(*)Mnemon has used extrodinary measures to increase her Essence past the normal Terrestrial limits

Precision Observation Method, All-Encompassing Earth Sense, Feeling the Dragon's Bones, Entombed Mind Technique, Sight Riding Technique, Hearing and Touch Riding Technique, Smell and Taste Riding Technique, Sight Destroying Method, Hearing and Touch Destroying Method, Smell and Taste Destroying Method, Essence Disruption Attack, Unfailing Dragon Glance, Sight of Fluttering Tremors, Pulse of the Dragon's Soul
Effortlessly Rising Flame, Fiery Prowess
Benevolent Master's Blessing, Confluence of Savant Thought, Thrashing Carp Serenade, Testing the Waters, Thoughtful Gift Technique, Geese Flying South Administration, Bestow the Saffron Mantle, Dashing Brook Method
Unsleeping Earth Meditation, Uneating Earth Meditation, Untiring Earth Meditation, Unbreathing Earth Meditation, Unfeeling Earth Meditation, Sleep of Stones Trance, Breath of Earth Trance, Purifying Blood Ascendancy
Ox-Body Technique x5
Shaping Hand Style, Stone-Carving Fingers Form, Perfect Climbing Attitude, Flaw Finding Examination, Charm of Lesser Unmaking, Charm of Greater Unmaking, Resplendent Artisan Mastery, Ramparts of Obedient Earth, Breaking the Dragon's Heart, Diligent Engineer Discipline
Flickering Candle Meditation, Safety Among Enemies
Elemental Bolt Attack, Elemental Concentration Trance, Elemental Empowerment Meditation, Elemental Succor Method, Careful Insight-Gathering Study, Brute Force Contemplation, Eternal Mind Meditation, Flawless Study Focus
Martial Arts
Five Dragon Fortitude, Five Dragon Blocking Technique, Five Dragon Claw, Five Dragon Force Blow, Five Dragon Form, Five Dragon Invulnerability, Five Dragon Fist, Five Dragon Wrath
Dragon Graced Weapon, Refining the Inner Blade, Ghost Fire Blade, Stoking Bonfire Style, Deadly Wildfire Legion, Threshing Floor Technique, Ringing Anvil Onslaught
<i>Terrestrial Circle Sorcery, Spirit Chaining Strike, Spirit Detecting Mirror Technique, Spirit Grounding Shout, Spirit Shredding Attack, Embracing the Arcane

Glowing Coal Radiance, Aura of Invulnerability, Phantom Fire-Warrior Horde, Blazing Courageous Swordsmen Inspiration, Warlord's Convocation, Passion Trasmuting Nuance
Strength of Stone Technique, Impervious Skin of Stone Meditation, Earth Protection Form, Air Protection Form, Fire Protection Form, Wood Protection Form, Water Protection Form, Chaos Warding Prana, Defense from Anathema Method, Mountain Toppling Method, Armor Hardening Concentration, Taint Cleansing Technique
<i>Loquacious Courtier Technique, Siezing the Tongue Technique, Brother Against Brother Insinuation, Loyalty Reading Meditation, Warm Faced Seduction Style, Smoothing Over the Past Technique

Spells Known
Emerald Circle Countermagic, Emerald Circle Banishment, Demon of the First Circle, Demon of the Second Circle*, Summon Elemental, Invulnerable Skin of Bronze, Assasin's Fatal Touch, Burning Eyes of the Offender, Peacock Shadow Eyes, Curse of Slavish Humility, Sorceror's Irresistable Puppetry, Plague of Bronze Snakes, Stormwind Rider, Ritual of Elemental Empowerment, Death of Obsidian Butterflies, Impenetrable Frost Barrier, Infallible Messenger, Magician's Pleasant Path, Paralyzing Contradiction, Shadow Summons, Spirit Sword, Spirit of Might, and any others the Storyteller wishes to give her, Mnemon has access to as much sorcerous lore as being head of a powerful Great House can bring her and could concievably have any spell available.

(*)Gained through the use of the Emerald Thurible, may not be used except in conjunction with the Emerald Thurible.

Skin-Mount Amulet, over solar plexus (Gem of Perfect Mobility +10 Peripheral Essence motes), Skin-Mount Amulet, at the small of her back (Gem of Sapphire and Emerald +10 Peripheral Essence), The Emerald Thurible, 2 Emerald Sorcery Capturing Cords (Spells as needed), 1 Sapphire Sorcery Capturing Cord, Green Jade Poisonous Daiklaive (Weeping Sword of Sorrow)
Mnemon may have access to any other equipment that seems appropriate as she can draw on the formidible resources of her Great House to lay hands on any artifact or other device that she may need


Hard to guess the exact exp level here, but she is driven, smart and powerful and that is what one expects from the number one contender for the throne, right? She's had the time needed to aquire this much whupass if she were dedicated to it and she most assuredly is dedicated. I think the write-up in AB:E did her a real disservice. Hell, she's actually more powerful than this in my games as I have her wielding the Mantle of Brigid now that mommy's gone, she's not mastered it yet, but...
Still Under Construction, anyone got any Combo ideas? - MadGreenSon

  • Y'know what? I think she's done, if anyone want to add her combat stats, feel free. I'll eventually add some Combos and stuff, but she's done for now. -MadGreenSon

Personally, I'm not sure there's any good reason to break the Essence 7 barrier for Mnemon unless you're using her as some kind of uberbad for the chronicle. She's not her mother, and making her Essence 8 feels like an attempt to force her to be her mother to me. Putting her at the max of DB capability seems more than justified without demanding too much "special treatment" for her. With that thought in mind, I'd suggest dropping Ess to 7, Occult and Lore to 7, and Bureaucracy to 6 (to maintain the primacy of Occult and Lore in her skill package).

Also, I'd question the Valor 5. Remember what happened the one time she went out hunting Anathema? Valor 3's probably fair, and Willpower 10 I have no objection to either, but I don't think "utterly fearless" quite describes her.

Finally, that seems like an awful lot of Melee Charms there. I could easily see her taking the time to learn the branch that leads to Ghost Fire Blade, but the "utility" Melee Charms don't feel quite right. Maybe you could move some of them over to some of the Investigation-based research Charms, and possibly some Linguistics Charms for reading ancient sorcery texts?

Other than those (fairly mior) quibbles, this is an excellent description - very evocative of what I imagine the Mnegabitch to be like. Well done! - Hapushet

I actually put her Essence that high because it seemed in character for her in more than one way, 1) She's actually pretty much a believer in the Immaculate Philosophy thus Essence = Enlightenment, 2)Endowment isn't an easy one to get, but there are ways that I've seen implied in the books and they aren't beyond her. 3)The PG also says it's possible for a DB to exceen the maximum via diet and meditation of all things and she certainly would be willing to do that for power. As far as Virtues, she was disgusted by sitting down for tea wth an Abyssal channeling a Deathlord, not scared, that takes serious cajones and is why I gave her the Valor. The Anathema incident did show a lot of couage in how she handled the first one and running for the large group of them seems like a surpression of Valor in how it's described more than a lack, that was an unwinnable situation for the Wyld Hunt and she knew it. The woman has some serious cajones I think her virtues reflect that.
I only gave her the extra Melee charms 'cause I didn't want her to be too weak in a fight, but you have a point about Investigation and Linguistics as well. I need to think about it a bit. -MadGreenSon

In all honesty? I think it's too much. Mnemon's only 400. You've given her over 1300 experience worth of Charms alone, plus 200 experience worth of Essence and gods-alone know how much in her Attributes, abilities, Virtues, and backgrounds. (Canonically, she'd bee around 1500-1600 experience overall). I don't think she really needs all of this to be scary. - FrivYeti

Ok, reduced her Essence and the number of Charms by a bit, I think it works as is. Also, she would be a 1550xp character if her entire life were considered downtime I've run games where around that much xp was gained over one year of real time and two years of in-game time (2 sessions a week and badass players). When creating major NPCs I most emphatically do not consider their entire lives to have been downtime, that's a quick way to make NPCs that get freakin nastily killed. Mnemon has gone on adventures, done stuff and been involved in stories, she's got to be considered as such or she cannot be a major player in the world. all of this is solely my opinion, of course. BTW; how are the Heroic Exalted coming? Haven't noticed any updates. -MadGreenSon

I do agree that NPCs need experience past downtime; what I find is that PCs get freaky-powerful freaky-quick in any RPG. Which works out, really. I would probably stat out Mnemon around 1800 experience if making her, but the power in general I don't mind - anywhere around 2000 works without doing weird things to older and stronger characters, it was just the amount that she was past that spooked me. ;) As far as the Heroics, I do have a couple things I was meaning to upload - going to work on that tonight. - FrivYeti

Shouldn't Mnemon have the merit Legendary Breeding (Breeding 6)? At least, she's the Empress' daughter. Jiba

Legendary Breeding is probably only for Blooded like the Empress herself, as well as V'neef (the former possibly being the product of eugenics experiments, and the latter definitely). Mnemon is well-bred, but not supernaturally so. - LeumasWhite

In that case one would hardly be able to play a Dynast with Legendary Breeding, as in most cases, the Dynast descent from the Empress or am I wrong (at least the Houses Sesus, Ragara, Manosque, Mnemon and Ledaal do). I always wondered about the exact definition of who is legendary breeded and who is not. -Jiba

It's Legendary Breeding, not "Part Of The Usual Scale" Breeding. You don't get it by just being the Empress' son or daughter, you get it by being unusual in some way. That's why it's a merit, and not included in the normal Background. - LeumasWhite

All right, all right. I thought I ask. Mnemon is damn sure the major villain in many campaigns and I am sure, everyone paints his or her own picture of her. - Jiba

If I recall her description from the Earth book isn't she described as being well...not much aside from a sorceress? Really nothing much put into personal combatness or the like? - BogMod