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by BronzeTiger

Name: Imminent Thunder
Aspect: Earth
Concept: One-man Wyld Hunt
Anima: Landslide
Nature: Paragon

Physical - Strength 5 Dexterity 5 Stamina 5
Social - Charisma 3 Manipulation 3 Appearance 1
Mental - Perception 4 Intelligence 3 Wits 5

Athletics 4, Awareness 5 (When on a Hunt +3), Bureaucracy 2, Crafts (Air) 3, Dodge 5 (Against Ananthema +3), Integrity 5 (Against Ananthema +2), Investigation 4, Larceny 2, Linguistics 3 (High Realm, Riverspeak, Sky-Tongue, Flame-Tongue), Lore 5 (Wyld Hunt +2), Martial Arts 6 (Against Ananthema +3), Medicine 2, Melee 1, Occult 3, Presence 5, Resistance 5 (Age +1), Ride 2, Sail 1, Socialize 2, Stealth 4, Survival 3, Thrown 4

Artifact 5+, Backing (Wyld Hunt) 5, Breeding 5, Connections (Wyld Hunt) 5, Connections (Immaculate Order) 4, Manse 5+, Reputation (Wyld Hunt) 2

Compassion 2, Temperance 4, Conviction 6, Valor 5

Willpower - 9
Health -0,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-4,Incap
Permanent Essence: 6
Personal Essence: 20
Peripheral Essence: 44 / 53 (8 committed and mote pool is without skin mounts)

Paragon of Virtue (Conviction) 3 pts, Lucky 5 pts (side effect of constant sidereal magics), Signature Style (Visual Poetry) 2 pts, Signature Style (Shocking Brutality) 2 pts

Charms: Awareness
Awareness Essence Overwhelming, All-Encompassing Earth Sense, Feeling the Dragon's Bones, Entombed Mind Technique, Sense Riding Technique, Sense Destroying Method, Essence Disruption Attack
Dodge Essence Overwhelming, Threshold Warding Stance, Hopping Firecracker Evasion, Virtuous Negation Defense, Safety Amongst Enemies, Elemental Defense, Smoldering Karma Strike, Unassaible Body of Earth Defense, Unassaible Body of Fire Defense
Integrity Essence Triumphant, Unsleeping Earth Meditation, Untiring Earth Meditation, Sleep of Stones Trance, Breath of Earth Trance, Oath of Ten-Thousand Dragons, Ten-Thousand Dragons Fight as One, Granite Curtain of Serenity, Inviolate Dragon Spirit, Chaos Warding Prana, Defense from Anathema Method
Investigation Essence Triumpant, Scent-of-Crime Method, Tampering Detection Method, Bloodhounds Nose Technique
Observer Awareness Method
Elemental Bolt Attack, Elemental Concentration Trance, Elemental Empowerment Meditation, Elemental Succor Method, Elemental Burst Technique
Martial Arts
Martial Arts Essence Overwhelming, Martial Arts Essence Triumphant, Martial Arts Essence Resurgent Jade Mountain Style
Pillar of Marble Stance, Fortress of One, Boulder-Crushing Grasp, Sliding Glacier Grip, Jade Mountain Form, Pasiap Still Stands, Falling Rockslide Onslaught
Five Dragon Style
Five Dragon Fortitude, Five Dragon Blocking Technique, Five Dragon Claw, Five Dragon Force Blow, Five Dragon Form, Five Dragon Invulnerability, Five Dragon Fist, Five Dragon Wrath
Initiation Charms
Pasiap's Humility, Moment od Daana'd
Earth Dragon Style
Force of the Mountain, Unmoving Mountain Stance, Stone Dragon's Skin, Earth Dragon Form, Shattering Fist Strike, Stillness of Stone, Earthshaker Attack, Weapon-Breaking Defense Technique, Avalanche Method, Hungry Earth Strike, Ghost-Grounding Blow, Perfection of Earth Body
Water Dragon Style
Flowing Water Defense, Rippling Water Strike, Shrugging Water Dragon Escape, Drowning in Blood Technique, Water Dragon Form, Flow Reversal Strike, Theft of Essence Method, Ghost Restraining Whirlpool Stance, Crashing Wave Style, Bottomless Depths Defense, Essence-Dousing Wave Attack
Air Dragon Style
Air Dragon's Sight, Shrouding the Body and Mind, Breath Siezing Technique, Wind Dragon Speed, Air Dragon Form, Tornado Offense Technique, Cloud Treading Method, Avenging Wind Strike, Thunderclap Kata, Wrathful Winds Maneuver, Lightning Strike Style, Hurricane Combat Method
Crimson Pentacle Blade Style
Graceful Tortoise Technique, Speardancer Concentration, Crimson Pentacle Blade Form, Northern Lotus Petal Discernment Meditation, Sprinting Stag Defense, Western Shield Crush Counterattack, Blessing of Jeweled Vambraces and Mantle, Retribution of Honorable Guardianship Attitude, Call-to-the-Blade- of-Righteousness Mantra
Glowing Coal Radiance, Aura of Invulnerability, Unbearable Taunt Technique, Moth to the Candle
Ox-Body Technique x5, Resistance Essence Triumphant, Strength of Stone Technique, Mountain Toppling Method, Impervious Skin of Stone Meditation, Earth Protection Form, Wood Protection Form, Mantle of Earth Invulnerability, Mantle of Wood Invulnerability, Uneating Earth Meditation, Unbreathing Earth Meditation, Unfeeling Earth Meditation, Purifying Blood Ascendancy
Feeling the Air Technique, Distracting Breeze Meditation, Trackless Passage Style
Thrown Essence Overwhelming, Whirlwind Shield Form
War Essence Overwhelming, Terrestrial War Reinforcement, Enfolded in the Dragon's Wings, Phantom-Warrior Horde, Blazing Courageous Swordsmen Inspiration, Ramparts of Obediant Earth, Dragon-Seared Battlefield, Dragon Vortex Attack

Items of Note: Incomplete at the moment...
White Jade Perfected Kata Bracers
Five Skin Mount amulets w/ the following hearth stones.

  • Gemstone of Perfect Mobility
  • Ice Hand Gemstone

and more...


Well that is the bulk of him, but I need to talk to my friend so I can remember his exact gear, combat stats and other fun things. Hope you all like it. BronzeTiger