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Lyta, Girl with a Mission!

Name - Lyta
Player - NPC
Caste - Dawn
Concept - Fanatic
Nature - Visionary
Calling - Exemplar (or equivilant)
Camp - The Sequestered Tabernacle (or equivilant 3rd camp)
Anima - Golden Tiger
Limit Break - Berserk Anger

Bonus          0/15
Abilities      6/3      Background      5/6     Charms          1/3
Specialties    2/1      Combo           1/2

F = Favored             C = Calling             + = Specialties


Strength       oooo     Charisma        oooo    Perception      oo   
Dexterity      oooo     Manipulation    ooo     Intelligence    oo   
Stamina        ooo      Appearance      oo      Wits            ooo  


Dawn           9        Zenith          9       Twilight        3    
Archery        ooo      Endurance     C o       Craft                
Melee          o        Performance  FC oooo++  Investigation        
Martial Arts C ooooo    Presence     F  oooo    Lore          C oo   
Brawl                   Resistance              Medicine      C      
Thrown                  Survival                Occult          o    

Night          10       Eclipse         6      - Specialties -
Athletics   F  oo       Bureaucracy             Conversion     +oo
Awareness      oo       Linguistics     oo      
Dodge       F  oo       Ride            o       
Larceny                 Sail            o       
Stealth     F  ooo      Socialize       oo      

Limit Break    o o o o o o o o o o
Willpower      o o o o o o                     Compassion    o
Natural Soak   01L / 03B / 00A                 Conviction    ooo
Armour Soak    00L / 00B / 00A                 Temperance    oo
Total Soak     01L / 03B / 00A                 Valor         ooo

-0            o                                Essence       ooo
-1            o o o                            Personal      15 | 15
-2            o o o o                          Peripheral    36 | 31
-4            o                                Committment   05

Essence Calculation
(Essence[3] X 3) + (Willpower[6]) = 15
(Essence[3] X 7) + (Willpower[6]) + (Sum of Virtues[9]) = 36


Allies         o        Sidereal - Crane
Artifact       oo       Shield Bracer, Razor Claws (orichalcum)
Followers      ooo      Her converted followers
Illumination   oo       She's a tad illuminated
Influence      o        Girl's like one man preacher-girl...
Languages               High Realm, Old Realm, Seatongue
Manse          oooo     Gem of Adamant Skin
Resource       oo       Spending money


Orichalcum Shield Bracer with Gem of Adamant Skin
Orichalcum Razor Claws
Composite Bow with quiver of arrows
Fine linen clothing
Little black book of killed Dragonblooded


Harmonious Presence Meditation

Crimson Leaping Cat Technique
Striking Fury Claws Attack
Tiger Form
Celestial Tiger Hide
Stalking Cat Movement Meditation

Respect Commanding Attitude
Masterful Performance Exercise
Heart-compelling Method
Phantom-conjuring Performance

Fiery Arrow Attack
Dazzling Flare Arrow


Fireworks of Jubilant Victory
Fiery Arrow Attack + Dazzling Flare Arrow
Total Cost - 1 willpower + 2 motes + 1 mote per +2L

When Lyta needs to take out targets in an impressive manner as befits a righteous Chosen of the Sun, she activates this combo.

Drawing her arrow back, Lyta concentrates, her essence flows over and into the arrow, gifting it with a portion of the glory of the Unconquered Sun.

She then releases it, and whistling as it flies straight and true, igniting into golden bolt that trails sparks, not unlike a firework sent up into the heavens above on celebrations.

When it hits the target, it does great damage, igniting everything that's burnable on the target.

Future Version

Should Lyta survive long enough to earn xp to the tune of 100-200 range, she would truly be a force to reckon with. And that's what I'll be doing one day


This is Lyta as a starting Cult Solar, yes... I know she looks virtually identical to the caste book version. Only now, she -meets- the minimums for being raised in the Realm and being a Cult Solar. And yes, she does have an archery combo for taking out stuff at range. And no, she's not stupid enough to use it at close range.

I've also ported her backgrounds as faithfully as I could. ^_^;

I'm not going to do the whole nine-yards of putting her attacks and such as that'd be silly and a waste of time... unless you're planning on using her, in which case, it'd be simple enough to hunt down the stats and doing some simple math.


Peanut Gallery

Her god-queen mentality and the cute little ring firmly implanted in her nose by which Crane leads her around make her a perfect fit for the Tabernacle - I wouldn't sweat offering alternatives. I've never really been concerned with making non-DBs meet the training standards of Realm Terrestrials - presumably a lot of their 35 points of doom come post-Exaltation - but I like the idea that some of the teaching she was on the fringes of might come back to her with her Exaltation, and riff off her Cult training. Good job! I'm digging other people working on this..  ;) - Hapushet

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