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Offline Sheets

Links to sheets intended to be printed out.

Online Sheets

Links to templates intended to represent characters on the wiki.


Someone else had lovely two-page character sheets for Solars and DBs (plus a nifty flowchart for Sidereal astrology). I can't remember which user it is, and the character sheets aren't linked here like they oughta be. Can a helpful Wiki Gnome find it and link it? Thanks! --MF

It was me. All the latest sheets are linked from my webpage: - voidstate
Thanks! BTW, most of the download links from your userpage here are nonfunctional; you might want to clean them up a bit. --MF
They all work for me. Which did you have trouble with? Some are 2-3 megs so may take a while to open if you open them directly rather than right-clicking and doing "save as..." - Voidstate

I like the way the Abyssal cheat is organized, but I sort of question the need for a place to write my character's cup size. -MeiRen

You must've missed the table in the Abyssals book for determining your cup size based on Appearance and Essence. :P Resplendence
Where is this alleged table? - trithne

Finally got to looking through 'em all. I like them except for a couple main factors that make me onder:

  • The Dragon-Blooded, Abyssal, and Sidereal sheets potentially are going to hurt for room for Backgrounds. Especially with Sidereal sand Dragon-Blooded having access to Connections, only ten spaces might nto be enough.
  • Simalerly, only five slots for Collages isn't even enough on the regular Sidereal Sheet. Personally, I think that the whole Astrology stuff prolly should be its own page, so you have somewhere to put Destinies too.
  • Lunars shapeshifting also have a simaller problem. As is, there is no where on this sheet ot actually write things like yoru DBT gifts, your forms, or whatnot.

Other thent hat, pretty nifty stuff 'bouts. Plan do do any of the other PCable stuff, like Dragon Kings, raksha, or Mountain Folk?

Stuff. Blaque

My Lunar sheet is now updated with an additional page for DBT and other forms. I've also tweaked the page with backgrounds. Please tell me what you think. Oh, and I need suggestions on what exactly to put on the Sidereal extra page since I don't know them that well - Colleges, destinies, etc. Resplendence
There should be a section in the Sidereal sheet that just reads "Astrology". Underneath it, a section, probably 5-10 lines long, with "Colleges" at the top and dots to fill in (max 5). Another section for "Resplendant Destinies", with probably a long line for a description of the destiny, plus columns for "College" (which College the Destiny is from) and "Effect Points Remaining." I think that would about cover it. - LiOfOrchid
I'm down with this myself. More space for Colleges in itself makes the sheet a lot nicer. On the Destinies, I would suggest adding a space for Duration too, since that comes into account when rolling, and maybe another are afor noting important traits, like on'es Charisma + Performance and all that good stuff. Those are what I can immediately think of atleast.
Stuff. Blaque

I made a secondary sheet for Lunar Forms. Alabrax has it (and a couple other secondary sheets) on his website if you are interested in them.
-- DarkWolff

Something 'bout your Lunar Form thing I was looking at is Perception can go to 9 dots with DBT. You might want to try to find a way to monkey that in, or maybe just leave it to gifts, who knows.

Stuff. Blaque

Yeah, I thought about that when I was making the sheet, but if I did that I'd probably need to put all the attributes in since I'm sure there will be Lunars who have similar versions of that specific gift for other attributes.

Has anyone ever created a Spirit character creation sheet? It would come in handy when I create believable enemies for my characters.. ranks of spirit with examples would be excellent. (Ex: Incarna-Level: Unconquered Sun. Local Diety: Etc.) Anyway, anyone finding these would be much thanked. - Paincake

Are you asking for a character sheet, or stats spirits, or both? If you need a sheet, what more do you need then the PG sheet? If you need stats, there are some on the wiki in the content section...although not all that many.

Stats for spirits. I said sheet meaning a character creating guideline rather than a sheet proper, forgive the mix-up. A spirit-specific character sheet would, however, be nice to have. Anyone ever seen one? - Paincake