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I decided to work on these sheets after not having the right kind of sheets for the type of game we decided to do that day. Too many times have I made Lunars on Abyssal sheets, or Heroic mortals on Sidereal sheets. So I made a generic sheet that works for anyone, and it only needs a few expansion pages for a few types of characters.

Core Sheet - used for all types (Original design by Mr Gone and OPS V3)

Extra Charms - a generic extra charms page

Alchemical Charms - an extra page with charms for Alchemicals, including boxes to mark if they are installed currently and places to list the number of Dedicated and General Slots. (credit for this goes primarily to Resplendence )

Lunar Forms - an extra sheet for Lunars Deadly Beastman stats and their Heart's Blood library

Sidereal Colleges - for listing your known Colleges and current Resplendant Destinies

High Stat Sheet - for characters who need dots above five