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Character Sheets

Throughout my time roleplaying, I tried my hand at creating and/or editing character sheets. Currently, I've been staying away from remaking the official sheets; instead creating supplemental sheets that just expand on the original sheets. Fortunately, Alabrax was kind enough to host them on his site, which can be found here. Thanks Alabrax!

Exalted 2nd Page - A generic second page for all character types. It has space for weapons, armor, combos, and equipment.
Lunar Form Sheet - Spots for DBT, The Tell, Heart's Blood Forms, and Gifts.
Charm Sheet - 1 page holds 9 charms, with places for duration, type, reqs, cost, page ref, & description.
Spell Sheet - This is actually a WOD spell sheet with a the Exalted border, but it's still just as useful! It's also what I used as a basis for the above Charm Sheet.
Misc Character Sheet - I created this before the players guide came out, and it's basically the same sheet, although I like mine a tad better. There's another version with Limit, but I haven't had a chance to post that one yet.

I also have a few more sheets that I could post, but they have such minor changes that they may not be worth putting them up. I also could stand to update one or two of them, which I'll probably do sometime soon.

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