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Cauldron Toad (Behemoth ••)

Cauldron toads are brightly colored herbivorous amphibians about a foot long. Although not particularly powerful, they do have an interesting chameleon like reflex. Usually this means that in the bordermarches, a cauldron toad will taste like whatever foliage it’s currently sitting in (and has been eating). When hiding in an environment, cauldron toads will match not only their coloring but their internal chemistry as well. As a peculiar side effect however, a cauldron toad can be trained to reproduce specific chemicals based on surrounding color patterns. Cauldron toad trainers carry large books with colored patterns on the pages. By feeding a particular alchemical mixture to a cauldron toad while placing them on a patterned surface, the creature associates the pattern with the substance. Later, placing the toad on the correctly patterned page will trigger the toad to synthesize the associated substance. Most alchemists prize cauldron toads as portable chemical factories and will often adorn their “cook-book” with toad or frog symbolism.

Mechanics / Statistics

Mutations: Poison Mastery (4), Knife-Hand Dream (1), Armament of Flesh (2), Chameleon (2), Tiny (2)


This artifact is an experiment with using a Behemoth as a mutation platform. The Poison Mastery mutation has quite a bit of utility. In this case it gives a lunar or raksha quick and cheap access to any potion. Other thoughts are using Webbing to create a spider-man style web-shooter symbiote, or the Essence Channler mutation to get Spirit Charms on a stick. - Vaegrim