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Tyrant of Frost and Obsidian

(Deep Wyld Behemoth)

Commitment: 12 motes

Attributes: as owner plus Strength +3 & Stamina +3
Abilities: as owner plus brawl (bite) specialty of 2

Bite: Spd +12, Acc +3, Dam +9L, Def +3, Rate 3; extra damage on charge; cold saps owner’s essence in motes with each attack that causes damage

Soak: 23B/23L (bashing soak += stamina)
Health: as owner, with additional -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2

Special: Immune to normal damage unless empowered with a charm or stunt in which case raise the difficulty to hit by 2; can fly clumsily; cold gives anyone attacking the Frost Tyrant or his rider a penalty to hit equal to the owner’s essence

Mutations: Giant Blight, Gossamer Wing Flight, Thick Skin, Bastion of Self (Valour), World-Angering Elemental Mastery (Air), Surpassing Excellence

Appearance: A great dragon of obsidian, the Frost Tyrant is shrouded in freezing mist like a mountain peak. It’s teeth are wicked icicles which break off in it’s victims’ wounds and burrow to their hearts. It’s scales are as impervious as solid rock and it’s wings are of cloud with a touch that freezes mortal flesh in moments.