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Lover of Creation

(Samadhi Circle Glamour Sorcery)

Commitment: 12 motes (until cast)
Casting: 2 scenes & 25 motes (not committed)

Casting: When cast, crystal egg full of oily smoke forms, cracking in a tracery of silver lines than exploding in a wash of obsidian-edged silence which flows out in all directions to a distance of 50 miles. For a moment all is still, all is silent. Then the silence fades leaving only an abiding sense of peace and tranquility. For a year and a day, the area is protected by this spell. Anyone entering will notice the peace and clarity that comes over them when they cross into the land as well as the tranquil quiet that pervades the area and its animal and plant life. Most will never want to leave.

Effects: Anyone wishing to attack the land or its native inhabitants must spend a WP for every attack. All attacks or aggressive actions against the land or its native inhabitants receives a penalty equal to the caster’s essence. Defenders of the area receives additional dots of Valour equal to whatever the caster rolls on Conviction + Medicine. This cannot add more dots than the target's essence. The spell is too alien to be harmed by countermagic. Lastly, anyone entering the area must roll Willpower + Temperance against a difficulty of the caster's essence or fall in love with (become addicted to) the land and its native inhabitants.

Mutations: Assumption of the City's Heart, Assumption of Dreams and Passion (Peace), Unwanted Obsession Provocation Technique, Mad God Mien, Compelling Presence, Manacles of Virtue

Appearance: A small obsidian statue of a meditating child. Will spin in the air around its owner if let free.


What a clever idea! I would never have thought of using Manacles of Virtue in a glamour sorcery. I'll have to remember that one.
Using Unwanted Obsession Provocation Technique that way is also very clever, but I'm not sure it's kosher. The Charm just enables you to use the Emotional Hindrance power. Perhaps the caster could invoke the power and pay the motes for it, but I don't think the spell has enough brains to activate the power itself, nor can it pay the activation cost. At the very least, it should drain motes from the caster when activated. --MF

You're right. In that case, replace it with Fearsome Mien. Technically, it gives giving a 2 die penalty to ALL interactions but I don't think it's too much to limit it to only negative ones. - Voidstate
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