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Adornment of the Living Artifact
Artifact: 2-3
Commitment: varies

Although these devices come in a number of variations, they all share the same effect: Lending the qualities of the Magical Materials to the flesh. These wonders are very popular amongst martial artists, the Chosen of Luna, and also to those whose profession makes it difficult to carry obvious accessories of violence.

The first type takes the form of a matched set of bracelets and anklets fashioned from one of the Magical Materials. This subtle variant has no obvious effect once it is worn an attuned for 3 motes. With a moment of concentration (equivalent to a draw weapon action) the device activates and the character's limbs glow faintly with light. So long as the device is active, the bearer's natural attacks all recieve the Magical Material bonus of the artifact's make and he can parry lethal attacks without a stunt. A more overt version of the device costs 5 motes to attune and adds 1 to the accuracy and defense and 2 to the damage on all of an individual's natural attack profiles in addition to its other effects. This variant is always active and the bearer's limbs are encased in violent cascades of essence and streaming light.

The second type takes the form of a torq, a belt, and bands worn about the biceps. When attuned for 5 motes and activated in a fashion similar to the first type, the user may now use his full stamina to soak lethal damage and receives an aggravated soak equal to half that value. In addition, he recieves the appropriate Magical Material armor bonus. When active, the character's entire body glows softly with light. Like its offensive cousin, this type has a more obvious variant. Costing 7 motes to attune, this version increases the character's bashing and lethal soaks by 3, allows him to soak aggravated damage with his full stamina, and adds a hardness equal to his essence. This variant is also active all the time and the character's flesh takes on an unnatrual tint paralleling the construction of the artifact and obvious arcs of essence crackle all along his form. While this type does not count as armor, neither variant is compatible with any other form of armor type soak.

The final type is a combination of the two previous types, and adds a pendant and five piercings to the other acoutrements. The piercings go on the back of each wrist, the ankle, the flesh over the solar plexus, and the base of the skull. This version is a level 3 artifact and costs 10 motes to attune. Attuning to the artifact literally encases the character in a thin layer of Magical Material from head to toe giving them the look of an exquisitely crafted statue. The character benefits from both the offensive and defensive effects of the overt variants and now possesses a hearthstone socket where the pendant was hanging before the artifact was attuned.


Ambi, would Lunars even be able to use these items? They seem like external shapeshifting effects. And does the defensive version count as armor? Does the combined version? I don't think they should or would, but maybe they do. I like the idea. - Telgar

I suppose it really depends on how an ST wants to inerperet the fluff. A case could likely be made either way, although, admittedly, a stronger one exists for the side of not allowing it. Personally, I would allow them to attune Moonsilver variants and no other. Call it a quality of the metal that it merges with the flesh instead of altering it, similar to a prosthetic (which, last I checked, Lunars are permitted to use). Do you think I should add some language to that effect? As for armor, it was my intent that they do not count as armor, and I have clarified the text to reflect this. Incidentally, glad you approve.-A.
Myself, I might alter the wording so that they are clearly not shapeshifting effects. Make it very clear the first two items are Essence-based and do not affect the user physically. The third could be made to clearly be a sort of instant skin-tight armor-clothing or something like a Power Ranger Uniform. This would make them all usable to Lunars. - telgar