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Martyr's Mantle

Artifact Level ~ 3
Commitment ~ 6

These wonders often take the form of a stole, mantle or robe fashioned from white linen. Such garments will always bear some form of embroidery: litanies of selfless acts, prayers of compassion, or scenes depicting kind acts are the most common examples. The embroidery is always carried out with a rare thread spun from silver and platinum. Powerful blessing and prayers are woven into and cast over a Martyr's Mantle as it is being crafted. At the culmination of its construction, the crafter will ritually spill his blood in symbolic sacrfice. This inflicts an unsoakable level of lethal damage that will not heal for a full season.

The powerful enchantments built into a Martyr's Mantle help to protect its attuned user. Reduce the number of wounds inflicted upon the character from all sources by 1. Character with a compassion of 4 or greater instead roll their compassion and reduce damage taken by the amount of successes or by one, whichever is greater. Take note of how many levels of damage are negated in this fashion for they are absorbed by the Martyr's Mantle. The artifact's true power lies in its ability to help mend the wounds of others. At any time the character may perform a (8/-1) Miscellaneous action that cannot be flurried and expend the absorbed damage to heal the wounds of others: 2 bashing wounds or 1 lethal wound may be healed per spent level. The maximum number of levels the character can spend is equal to his compassion. The attuned user may never heal his own wounds with this effect. In a similar vein, by performing a similar miscellaneous action the character may purify the effects of a disease, poison, or crippling wound from another and take on the effects himself. This requires him to succeed at a compassion check.

A variant form of the Martyr's Mantle exists known as Martyr's Mail. The variant is a chainmail hauberk forged from shining platinum links which profides armor in addition to the above effects. Increase the committment cost by 2.

Martyr's Mail ||Soak BAmbisinister/MartyrsMantle/L||Hardness||Mobility||Fatigue|| ||8/9||3||-0||0||